British Airways: Germany to Las Vegas for 258 EUR

Fly with British Airways from multiple German airports to the American casino city of Las Vegas with flights starting at just 258 euro return!

Always wanted to wage a bet in one of the top casinos of Las Vegas such as the Venetian, Bellagio or MGM Grand? Then this deal might be perfect for you! British Airways takes you from different German airports to Nevada’s biggest city on itineraries with an easy change of planes and short layover in London Heathrow.

Valid from different cities in Germany

We have found flights to Las Vegas from cities all across Germany. The cheapest flights seem to be out of Berlin, although flights from Hamburg and Dusseldorf are just slightly more expensive. You first take a short hop across the North Sea to the British Airways hub of London Heathrow, where you change flights to Las Vegas. If you live in Bavaria, you might want to opt for flights from Munich. The cheapest tickets from Munich are on American Airlines – a full partner of British Airways – and bring you straight across the Atlantic to Charlotte, where you change on another flight to Las Vegas. There is widespread availability in the winter months of January, February and March.

berlin las vegas british airways
Fly from Berlin Tegel (TXL) to Las Vegas (LAS) with British Airways.
hamburg las vegas ba
British Airways also offers cheap flights from Hamburg to Las Vegas.
dusseldorf vegas
You can also depart from Dusseldorf to Las Vegas on British Airways for a similar great price.
american las vegas munich
When departing from Munich, the cheapest flights are on American Airlines with a change of flights in Charlotte.

Even cheaper connections

There are some cheaper connections available from all these German airports. The cheapest deals we could find are 230 EUR for a return ticket. We however did not include these as these deals involve a change of airports in London (eg. flying into London Heathrow, but having to go on your own dime across London to Gatwick Airport to catch a flight to Vegas from there). As the costs of such a transfer outweigh the savings on your flight ticket and given the major inconvenience of changing airports, we would recommend against these itineraries. Make sure that your flights all operate out of London Heathrow when searching for a ticket online.

What to expect on board of British Airways?

As the flag carrier of the United Kingdom, British Airways is one of Europe’s most renowned airlines. Do note that checked luggage is not included in the ticket price and must be bought separately. On the short hop to London Heathrow, British Airways does not offer any food or drinks but solely have a buy-on-board menu. On the long flight across the pond to Vegas, you can however expect full service (two meals, drinks).

las vegas
An aerial view over Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Where to book these flights?

You can book flights directly at British Airways or using a third party searching and booking website such as Kayak.

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