Star Alliance: Madrid to New York for Just 240 EUR

Fly on Star Alliance airlines (Swiss, Lufthansa, United) from Madrid, Spain to New York City for for just 240 euro return!

Winter is a great time to make a city trip to New York with flights and hotel prices being at their cheapest. This amazing deal takes you on legacy carriers with great connections to any of the New York airports to start your American adventure.

Different airline options

This deal takes you from the Spanish capital of Madrid to the great American city of New York. Flights are operated by airlines belonging to Star Alliance – the world’s largest airline alliance – so you can pick either your favourite airline or simply the option which offers the best connections. Most routings have a change of flights at a major European hub. If you select Lufthansa for your flights this will be either Munich or Frankfurt, for Swiss it will be Zurich, and for Brussels Airlines it will be… Brussels! Even if you select Lufthansa, Swiss or Brussels Airlines it may be the case that the transatlantic flight is operated by United Airlines.

Do note that some of the connections offered are a bit tight – perhaps most so in the case of flying on Swiss via Zurich where the layover is only 40 minutes. Even though Zurich is an extremely fast and efficient airport to change flights and the airline is responsible for rebooking you on the next available flight if you happen to miss your connection, you might want to opt for a flight with a longer layover.

swiss madrid new york
Fly with Swiss from Madrid to New York (via Zurich) for just 240 EUR.
lufthansa madrid new york
You can also opt for Lufthansa for your Madrid to New York flights, with a change of planes in either Munich or Frankfurt.
united madrid new york
Other options involve flights on United Airlines or Brussels Airlines.

What to expect on board?

Arguably, there is not too much difference between Swiss, United and Lufthansa when it comes to the flights. All of these airlines are full-service airlines. On short hops in Europe you can expect a small snack and a drink (with the exception of Brussels Airlines where it is buy-on-board), while on the transatlantic flight you can expect two meals and drinks service. The aeroplanes being used are comparable too – you can expect modern planes with in-flight entertainment screens in the seat in front of you. Personally, I prefer Swiss overall, followed by United in second, Lufthansa in third and Brussels Airlines in fourth, although the next person might have equally good arguments why he or she would prefer another airline.

If you collect frequent flyer miles we would however advise to check the booking classes carefully for mileage earning. While Swiss and United economy fares are known to earn pretty decently among most frequent flyer programmes, this is not the case with Lufthansa’s cheapest fares, which might even earn nothing at all if you collect miles at any other programme other than Lufthansa’s own Miles&More.

new york brooklyn bridge
You can walk across New York’s Brooklyn Bridge for some fabulous views of the city’s skyline. ©Paliparan

How to find and book these flights?

To search for flights, I would recommend to use the ITA Matrix as its easy and fast to use. For booking the tickets, use your favourite online travel agency or check a website such as Kayak which will link you to several websites where to buy the flights.

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