United: Amsterdam to Hawaii for 480 EUR!

United Airlines and its Star Alliance partners Air Canada, Lufthansa and Swiss have a great sale to the island of Maui in Hawaii. Flights can now be booked for just 480 euro!

Flying for 480 EUR from Europe all across the Atlantic, the American continent and half the pacific for just 480 euro is a real steal, especially when you consider that flights from the Western seaboard of the United States (Los Angeles, San Francisco) to Hawaii can easily cost a similar amount.

Many available routes

Starting point of this cheap ticket deal is Amsterdam Airport, while the final destination is Kahului Airport on the lush volcanic island of Maui. Even though these two points are fixed, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred route and airline to travel. For example, you can fly on an all-United Airlines flying first from Amsterdam to Washington DC, then onwards to Los Angeles, with the final flight connection from LA to Kahului. On the way back you fly via San Francisco and Chicago. Do note that in this example all flights have a Lufthansa codeshare number, but are in fact operated by United Airlines.

lufthansa amsterdam hawaii
A Lufthansa flight ticket from Amsterdam to Hawaii for just 477 EUR! Do note that even though flights are ticketed by Lufthansa, the actual flights will all be operated by partner airline United.
air canada amsterdam hawaii
There are lot of routings possible on this ticket deal. You can for example also fly to Hawaii via Toronto on Air Canada.

For similar prices, you can also throw in a mix of different airlines. In the example below, we changed the outbound journey to flights on Air Canada. You fly first from Amsterdam to Toronto, then to Los Angeles, and finally on United Airlines (under an Air Canada codeshare number) to Maui.

Other routings and general availability

There are literally endless possibilities to create your own favourite itinerary. If you prefer to connect in Europe above connecting twice in the US, this is possible as well. There are for example options where you first fly Amsterdam to Zurich on Swiss, then again on Swiss to Los Angeles, followed by an United flight to Hawaii. In a similar way you can select an option via Frankfurt or Munich as your first connection stop. By all means, feel free to build in a stopover somewhere on the mainland United States if you feel like! Why not combine a week in Hawaii with a few days in California?

Flight dates are wide open. We have seen available dates from January to the beginning of June, and again in autumn as well. Note that there seems to be a blackout in the summer months as in high season the fare is not available and ticket prices rise dramatically. Given the tropical climate and nice weather year-round, there should however not be any problem at all with visiting Hawaii in winter, spring or autumn! Do also note that there is a minimum one-week stay requirement to get this fare (or at least a Saturday night on your destination). Any duration which is shorter and which does not include at least one Saturday night will shoot up the ticket price.

maui hawaii
Volcanic rocks, palm trees, sunny weather, tropical beaches.. Maui has it all!

Where to book?

This fare is only available at online booking websites and not with the airlines directly. We advice you to search for tickets on Kayak and book through one of the booking websites listed by Kayak.

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