United Airlines Passenger Stung By Scorpion on Flight

A passenger on an United Airlines flight has been stung by scorpion and had to be brought to hospital for treatment.

The incident happened on board an United Airlines flight from San Francisco, California, to Atlanta Georgia. According to the passenger, a woman whose name and age were not publicly shared, she suddenly felt a stinging pain on her leg. When the women went to the plane’s lavatory to have a closer look at her leg, she saw a scorpion drop down her trousers onto the floor.

United Airlines has confirmed the incident on board their flight. An United spokesperson said in a short statement that the flight crew “responded immediately”. The flight attendants consulted a medical specialist on the ground. A flight attendant was able to capture the the arachnid in a box. Upon landing, the passenger was escorted by medical personnel to a nearby hospital, where she underwent treatment for the sting.

united airlines plane
United Airlines plane at Amsterdam Airport. ©Paliparan

It has not been reported what the exact scorpion species was which bit the woman and whether or not the arachnid might have been venomous. According to the United spokesperson, the airline has been in touch with the passenger after the incident “to ensure her well being” without specifying her current medical condition.

Bizarelly, it is not the first time that a passenger was stung by a scorpion on board an United Airlines flight. In 2017, a Canadian passenger claimed he was stung by a scorpion while flying from Houston, Texas to the Calgary, Canada.

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