Bucharest or Budapest to Eilat, Israel for Just 16 EUR!

Wizz Air currently has a great deal on flights to Eilat in Israel with return tickets from Bucharest or Budapest  to the Red Sea coastal resort costing just 16 EUR.

Flights are available throughout the entire winter. Whether you want to depart in a few weeks in January or later this winter in March, you will have no problems finding a deal. Eilat makes for a perfect winter break as you can expect sunshine and temperatures well above 25 degrees Celsius. Take a dive in the Red Sea, eat some yummy Israeli food, or take a tour inland to hike in some of the spectacular desert canyons. Whatever your preference is, Eilat is surely a great escape from the cold European European winter.

Flight availability

From Bucharest, there are two flights a week to Eilat (on Tuesday and Saturday). From Budapest, there are three flight a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). You can decide yourself whether you want to fly away for just a few days or for a week or longer as prices seem to hover around 8 to 10 EUR for each one-way flight no matter which day you select for travelling. Do note that these prices are only available for members of the Wizz Air discount club. If you are not a member, you pay 10 EUR more for a one-way flight or 20 EUR more for a return flight.

As always, the basic fare only allows you to take a small bag on board. If you want to take a trolley on board of the plane or want to check luggage, you have to manually add this during the booking process for an extra fee.

Bucharest Eilat Wizz Air
Fly from Bucharest to Eilat for just 78 RON (16 EUR) return.
budapest eilat wizz air
Fly from Budapest to Eilat for only 7,180 HUF (21.8 EUR) return.

What is the Wizz Air discount club?

Members of the Wizz Air discount club are entitled to a Guaranteed discount of 10 EUR discount on each (one-way) flight for all Wizz Air flights costing at least 19.99 EUR. The same discount is included for maximum one travel companion. If you purchase group membership, the discount applies for up to five people. Wizz Air club members also profit from a 5 EUR discount on checked baggage purchased online. As a standard membership costs 39.99 EUR per year, it means that you get the costs out of it if you buy at least two return tickets (or four one-way tickets) on Wizz Air each year. A group membership which counts for bookings of up to five people costs 79.99 EUR per year. Check this link if you want to read more about the Wizz Air discount club.

eilat city beach
The main promenade and city beach of Eilat. ©Paliparan
eilat israel sunset palm trees
Sunset over the Red Sea in Eilat. ©Paliparan
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