London or Warsaw to Bergen, Norway for Only 18 GBP/EUR Return!

Fly from London or Warsaw to the the beautiful city of Bergen in Norway for only 18 GBP/EUR return in this amazing Wizz Air flight deal.

Cheap tickets

Low-cost airline Wizz Air currently has cheap tickets from London, United Kingdom and Warsaw, Poland to the Norwegian coastal city of Bergen. Return tickets from London Luton Airport (LTN) start at just 18 GBP (21 EUR), while tickets from Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) are even cheaper at only 78 PLN (18 EUR) return.

london luton bergen norway wizz air
Tickets on Wizz Air from London (Luton) to Bergen, Norway can be booked for just 18 GBP return!
warsaw bergen flight ticket deal
Flights from Warsaw, Poland to Bergen, Norway can be booked for just 78 PLN (18 EUR) return!

Flight availability

Although prices are low throughout the entire winter and spring season, the cheapest tickets seem to available in the month of March. That said, even in February or April you can find similar return tickets for just a tenner or so more. Wizz Air flies from both London and Warsaw to Bergen on multiple days in the week. It is up to you if you just want to go for a quick weekend break, a long weekend or on a longer holiday. All is possible!

Similar prices are also available from other Polish airports such as Gdansk (GDN) and Katowice (KTW).


Do note that these prices are only available for members of the Wizz Air discount club. If you are not a member, you pay 10 EUR more for a one-way flight or have to add 20 EUR more to the ticket price for a return flight. As is usually the case on low-cost airlines, the basic fare only allows you to take a small bag on board. If you want to take a trolley on board of the plane or want to check luggage, you have to manually add this during the booking process for an extra fee.

To book the tickets, it is best to do so directly with Wizz Air and not through any third-party website.

What is the Wizz Air discount club?

Members of the Wizz Air discount club are entitled to a Guaranteed discount of 10 EUR discount on each (one-way) flight for all Wizz Air flights costing at least 19.99 EUR. The same discount is included for maximum one travel companion. If you purchase group membership, the discount applies for up to five people. Wizz Air club members also profit from a 5 EUR discount on checked baggage purchased online. As a standard membership costs 39.99 EUR per year, it means that you get the costs out of it if you buy at least two Wizz Air return tickets (or four one-way tickets) each year. A group membership valid for bookings of up to five people costs 79.99 EUR per year. Check this link if you want to read more about the Wizz Air discount club.

wizz a320
A Wizz Air Airbus A320 at Nuremberg Airport. ©Paliparan

What to see in Bergen

Bergen is one of Norway’s most vibrant and beautiful cities and is definitely worth a weekend break away. The city is most famous for its Bryggen neighbourhood – the Medieval wharf area full of old wooden houses from the days when Bergen was one of the most important trading ports of the Hanseatic League.

If you are a nature lover, Bergen is an excellent destination as well. The city is located right on a beautiful fjord and there are excellent hiking and winter sports opportunities in the surrounding area. It also makes a great base to visit some of Norway’s most spectacular national parks and fjords, which can easily be visited by rental car, train or by boat.

bryggen bergen cheap flight wizz air
The old wharf area of Bryggen in the city of Bergen. ©Paliparan
winter view bergen wizz air cheap deal flight
A winter view over the city of Bergen, Norway. ©Paliparan
funicular bergen norway view fjord
A funicular runs from Bergen to a nearby mountaintop where you have grand views over the city and fjord. ©Paliparan
bergen old town street flight deal wizz air
A beautiful street in the old town of Bergen. ©Paliparan

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