Review: Aeroflot Domestic Business Class Moscow to Irkutsk (Boeing 737-800)

In this review, we will take an domestic Aeroflot flight from Moscow Sheremetyevo to Irkutsk in business class on a Boeing 737-800.

Chaotic boarding

After a dismal experience in Aeroflot’s domestic business lounge I was happy to finally fly onward to Irkutsk after what has already been a long day of travelling. As I had a great experience on board of my previous Aeroflot flight from Paris to Moscow, I was curious if the Russian state airline could keep up its good work on this overnight segment as well.

The experience did not start well as we had a bus gate and were all crammed into two freezing cold buses, with no priority boarding being enforced, let alone there being a separate bus for business class.

The drive to our plane seemed to take eternally. The driver was not doing faster than 10mph due to the snow and ice on the tarmac. It seemed that our plane itself was parked all the way in Omsk instead of a far-flung corner of Sheremetyevo Airport.

After a half hour (!) drive in the sardine can we finally arrived at the aeroplane. There was a huge scrum between the passengers to get out of the bus and to board first, which meant more time waiting in the freezing cold outside the aeroplane. Not a real business class-like experience here, that’s for sure!

Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO) to Irkutsk (IKT) on Aeroflot
Flight SU1562 (booked as AF4616) – Boeing 737-800 – Business class, seat 3F
Departure: 1.05a
m – Arrival: 11.45am
Flight time: 5h40m – Distance: 2,625 miles
Costs: 800 EUR, as part of a ticket including 12 flights in business class

moscow irkutsk flight route
It takes almost six hours to fly the 2,625 miles between Moscow Sheremetyevo (SVO) and Irkutsk (IKT) in Siberia. ©Great Circle Mapper

Comfy recliner seats

Fortunately, all these first world problems were over by the time I stepped foot inside the plane which would operate today’s flight to Irkutsk. It was a new-looking Boeing 737-800 with comfortable leather recliner seats in a 2-2 configuration fitted with in-flight entertainment screens. Even though there were both plug sockets and USB ports, there was no WiFi on this plane.

While I settled down in my seat 3F, a lovely flight-attendant introduced herself and offered to hang up my coat in a closet in front of the plane. She asked if I would like a pre-departure drink and handed out today’s menu. Naturally, I opted for a glass of champagne which seemed to be the right choice to relax after the boarding madness.

Decent headphones were distributed as well on this flight, and I also received a nice amenity kit (the same as on my Paris-Moscow flight). Each seat also contained a blanket and a pillow. Business class was about 75 percent full on this flight but I was lucky again and did not have a seatmate next to me.

recliner seat business class boeing 737 aeroflot
Recliner seats on the Boeing 737-800 used by Aeroflot. ©Paliparan
pdb aeroflot champagne domestic business class
A pre-departure drink of Lanson Black Label champagne. ©Paliparan
headphones aeroflot business class
Some headphones of decent enough quality were distributed as well. ©Paliparan
aeroflot amenity kit
The Aeroflot amenity kit I received on my Paris-Moscow flight. I would get the same amenity kit again on my Moscow to Irkutsk flight. ©Paliparan


I was a bit puzzled about the food menu handed out for this flight. With a red-eye departure this late (1am), it seems like most passengers should have already had dinner hours ago and just want to try to go to sleep straight away, catching as much of a rest as possible on this flight of almost six hours in length.

I would therefore expect there to be breakfast served shortly before arrival as the sole meal on the flight, with perhaps a quick snack for those who want just after takeoff.

The menu however was one titled “lunch” and featured such dishes as pastrami beef and cabbage stew, fried salmon and a vegetarian dish of baked veggies. That doesn’t really sound like typical food for breakfast shortly before landing? Nor as something for a 1am snack?

menu aeroflot domestic business class
The menu for this late night flight between Moscow and Irkutsk. ©Paliparan

Food choices

When the FA came by to write down our preferred food choices, I asked her when the meal would be served. To my surprise, she replied they would immediately start the full meal service after take-off. As I wasn’t hungry at all at this late hour, I asked if I could reserve my preferred choice and have it served instead about one-and-a-half hours before landing in Irkutsk. The lovely FA gladly obliged.

It seemed however that almost every other passenger in business class decided to eat their meal straight away. Not many people chose to go to sleep, which was a bit of a surprise, which was a bit of a surprise to me.

I did not take a picture of the drinks list as it was exactly the same as on my Paris to Moscow flight – with the sole difference that on this flight Aeroflot served Lanson Black Label as champagne instead of Ayala. The rest of the wine list was the exact same.

The two pictures below are examples from the Paris-Moscow flight. If you are interested in the full wine list, click on the link above to the review of my previous Aeroflot flight.

aeroflot menu cdg-svo
The Aeroflot menu. ©Paliparan
drinks list aeroflot
Other beverages being served in Aeroflot business class. ©Paliparan


Take-off was smooth and I immediately went to sleep once we reached cruising altitude. I was so tired at this point that I was not disturbed at all by the meal service in the cabin.

aeroflot mood lighting boeing 737
Mood lighting on the Boeing 737-800. ©Paliparan

Siberian airspace

I woke up again when we were some two hours out of Irkutsk flying somewhere in between Tomsk and Krasnoyarsk in Siberia. And boy, did the scenery look different already! There were some absolutely amazing sunrise views over the frozen Siberian wastelands. Even from the air Siberia looked spectacular with its rivers, mountains and endless taiga forests.

As I was still a bit tired I could have perhaps slept more but I was so fixated by the amazing views that I quickly forgot about any tiredness as my excitement levels started to rise.

aeroflot sunrise view siberia
Sunrise somewhere over Siberia. ©Paliparan
aeroflot siberia flight map ife
When I woke up, we were flying somewhere between Tomsk and Krasnoyarsk in Siberia. ©Paliparan
aeroflot view siberia
View somewhere over Siberia. ©Paliparan

Meal service

One of the flight attendants spotted that I was awake and immediately came over to inquire if I still wanted to have my meal served and whether I wanted something to drink. Before the meal was served I quickly went to the toilet to freshen up a bit.

Business class on the Boeing 737 has one toilet in the front of the cabin which is exclusively reserved for business class passengers only. It was kept immaculately clean throughout the flight, with FAs regularly checking it after passengers used it.

aeroflot boeing 737 toilet
If I press this button, will the flight attendant come and bring me a drink at the toilet? ©Paliparan

Beef stew

My meal was served soon afterwards. Weirdly enough, the appetiser which was listed on the menu was not offered at all. Instead, I was served the cold starter straight away. My choice of starter was the baked beef with white bean hummus, which was served with cream cheese with honey and mint.

The flight attendant also passed by with a bread basket. The baked beef was quite good. I found it a bit rich and heavy – but I liked the taste of it.

As my main course I had selected another heavy-hitting dish: the pastrami beef with cabbage stew in a port wine jus sauce. It was again a hearty meal and a big portion of food – but it turned out to be a great choice. The beef was not cooked to death and absolutely tender, while the port wine sauce was wonderfully rich in taste.

Sure, it is not your typical breakfast meal and it might not be the most beautifully presented meal ever served in the sky, but damn tasty it was. Again thumbs up to Aeroflot so far for consistently serving good food.

starter aeroflot domestic business class meal
The baked beef and hummus starter on my domestic Aeroflot flight. ©Paliparan
aeroflot domestic business class meal dinner lunch
The beef and cabbage stew with port sauce was excellent. ©Paliparan

Fantastic views

The views from the window were again drop-dead gorgeous during the meal service. Between every bite I was glued to the window, snapping dozens of pictures with my smartphone.

Slowly did the realisation set in that soon I would be standing in faraway Irkutsk, where the outside temperatures would be a balmy -30 degrees Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit).

siberia window view aeroflot domestic business class
Window view over the frozen Siberian wastelands. ©Paliparan
window view aeroflot siberia river russia
A river somewhere in Siberia. ©Paliparan
aeroflot siberia view
It sure looked cold down there – and I was happy to sit in a warm plane! ©Paliparan
aeroflot siberia window view mountains
Flying over some Siberian mountains. ©Paliparan


After the meal, the FA asked me if I wanted to have coffee or tea. She did forget to offer the ice cream dessert which was listed on the menu, but frankly I wasn’t feeling like eating ice cream after ‘breakfast’ while on my way to Siberia, so I didn’t actually mind!

I did take up her offer for a coffee and asked if I could have a bottle of still water as well, which was promptly delivered to my seat.

 aeroflot domestic business class
The coffee was presented with a tiny chocolate. ©Paliparan
view window siberia aeroflot
Views from the window were great throughout the flight. ©Paliparan
boeing 737 engine wing tip winglet aeroflot domestic business class
The engine and winglet of the Aeroflot Boeing 737-800.

Red berries

Shortly before arrival, one flight attendant made a round through the cabin with a tray full of glasses containing some red drink. It turned out to be a sort of red berries juice – which tasted quite good and was refreshing.

The captain announced some moments later that we would soon start our descent into Irkutsk airport, after which the flight attendants cleared all our glasses, headphones and rubbish from the cabin.

red berries juice aeroflot domestic business class
A glass of red berries juice. ©Paliparan

Great arrival views

As we started to descend I could spot the first houses in the snow – basically small villages in the middle of nowhere. I could also see a straight railway line, most likely the famous Trans-Siberian Railway, which is still on my bucket list to ride from Moscow all the way east to Vladivostok.

irkutsk arrival view siberia winter
A village and a railway track – finally some civilisation! ©Paliparan
arrival view irkutsk
Views on final descent into Irkutsk. ©Paliparan

Landing in Irkutsk

Like my previous Paris to Moscow flight, this team of flight attendants also came buy shortly before landing to distribute packages of Japanese green tea again as a ‘thank you’ gift for flying Aeroflot, which is of course a nice touch.

Views on approach to Irkutsk were getting better by the minute. Everything was covered in snow, and apart from the odd small town, road or railway line, the land was completely empty. It was just snow-covered fields and endless taiga forests.

At one point, the forests and winter fog looked so spooky that I could even imagine some white walkers about to walk out of the forest. The landscape did really look that cold and Game of Thrones-like! It reminded me again why I so much prefer a window seat above an aisle seat when I fly. Moments like these are just magical.

fog siberia forest mist
The misty Siberian forests as seen from the plane window. ©Paliparan
fog forest mist game of thrones siberia
I mean, seriously. You would almost expect white walkers coming out of the forest fog! ©Paliparan
misty forest siberia taiga fog
The foggy Siberian taiga forests. ©Paliparan
final approach irkutsk airport landing aeroflot domestic business class
Final approach into Irkutsk Airport. ©Paliparan
view approach irkutsk landing
View shortly before landing at Irkutsk Airport. ©Paliparan
landing irkutsk airport aeroflot domestic business class
Landing at Irkutsk Airport. ©Paliparan
irkutsk airport landing runway
Landing at Irkutsk Airport. ©Paliparan

On-time arrival

We landed on time at a snowy Irkutsk Airport. After a short taxi ride, we arrived at our parking spot on the tarmac. After the fasten seat belt sign went off again, one of the flight attendants returned our jackets from the closet.

Another flight attendant quickly closed the curtain between business and economy class again to prevent economy passengers walking forward. This allowed all business class passengers to disembark at ease and to get on board a special VIP bus which would drive us straight away to the terminal.

business class bus irkutsk vip
Business class passengers can take a VIP bus after disembarking the airplane to get straight to the arrival hall. ©Paliparan
aeroflot plane aeroplane boeing 737-800 irkutsk airport domestic business class
The Aeroflot Boeing 737-800 at Irkutsk Airport as seen from the bus. ©Paliparan
Angara Airlines hangar Irkutsk Airport
Angara Airlines hangar at Irkutsk Airport. ©Paliparan
Irkutsk airport terminal building
The terminal buildings of Irkutsk Airport. ©Paliparan

In short

I had again a great flight on Aeroflot which I enjoyed tremendously. There are not many better flying moments than eating a great meal while watching some truly amazing scenery down below.

The seats on the Boeing 737-800 were comfortable and I managed to doze off for quite a while on them. As there are no planes with lie-flat seats flying the Moscow to Irkutsk route, this is as good as you can get for most Russian domestic flights. The late departure hour of this red-eye flight is however quite brutal – and the next time I might hop on a morning departure instead, even though that basically means writing off an entire day.

My only real negative point is the strange meal service. In my opinion, such a late red-eye departure is all about maximising sleep. It would be much better to only serve a quick snack (or even nothing) after departure and to serve a full breakfast shortly before arrival. That said, the quality of the food was great!

Another minor negative was the fact that I was not offered the appetiser and the dessert, even though they were listed on the menu. Apart from these minor inconsistencies, the friendly crew did an overall great job. They came by proactively to inquire about refills and kept the cabin and toilet clean.

All together, it kinda confirmed my thoughts I already had on my previous Aeroflot flight: great hard product, friendly and eager to please crews, great food, but some minor points and inconsistencies on which the airline can still work.

Would I fly Aeroflot again? Absolutely! It’s an airline well-worth seeking out.

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