Star Alliance: Berlin or Hamburg to New York City for 258 EUR!

Fly on Star Alliance carriers such as United, Brussels Airlines and Lufthansa from Berlin or Hamburg in Germany to New York City in this amazing flight deal.

Visit the Big Apple

If you have always wanted to visit the Big Apple – or are looking forward to return to one of the greatest city’s on earth this is your chance. Flights from the German airports of Hamburg (HAM) and Berlin (TXL) to New York can be booked for just 258 EUR.

hamburg new york flight germany deal
Fly on Brussels Airlines from Hamburg to New York for only 259 EUR!

Possible routings

You have the choice out of different airlines and possible routes. For example, you can fly with Brussels Airlines out of Hamburg or Berlin – making an easy change of planes in Brussels on your way to the United States. Another alternative is flying on a Lufthansa-United ticket on which you will fly first on Lufthansa to one of its hubs in Frankfurt or Munich, where you will connect to an United Airlines flight to New York.

It is also possible to book a ticket with Air Canada, although this will most likely leave you with a two-stop route, flying first to Frankfurt or Munich, then on to either Montreal or Toronto, where you will connect to your third and final flight to New York.

Direct flights

If you depart from Berlin you can even book yourself on a direct flight to New York’s Newark Airport (EWR) on United Airlines. As it is generally quite rare to find direct flights this cheap, this constitutes a very good deal!

united airlines berlin new york germany flight deal
Direct flights on United from Berlin to New York can be booked for only 258 EUR.


You can only get this deal if you fly out (and return) before 14th June – after which the more expensive summer season prices will kick in. To get this cheap fare, you must stay a minimum of six days and maximum of three months in the States – any shorter or longer period will jack up the price.

Where to book these flights?

It is easiest to search for flights on Kayak. After you found some suitable flights, you can book with the airline of choice directly, or click on one of the links on Kayak to any online travel agency (OTA). Do note that some of the multi-airline options might not be available on the airlines’ websites directly, but only through an OTA.


Citizens of most European countries (including Germans) are part of the so-called Visa Waiver Program of the United States. This means that you can visit the country without the need for a visa, although you do need to seek out permission to do so beforehand.

You must do this by completing an ESTA application (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) no later than 72 hours before departure! Arriving at the airport without a previously approved ESTA (or valid US visa) will likely result in being denied boarding. Applying for ESTA costs 14 USD.

Do note that if you are a citizen from a country which has a Visa Waiver agreement with the US, but have travelled  to Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen on or after 1st March 2011, or hold dual nationality with one of these countries, you can no longer apply for ESTA. You will have to get a tourist visa through an American consulate instead.

new york brooklyn bridge
You can walk across New York’s Brooklyn Bridge for some fabulous views of the city’s skyline. ©Paliparan

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