Wizz Air to Expand Low-Cost Flight Services From St. Petersburg

Wizz Air has launched four new low cost flights from St. Petersburg to Bratislava, Bucharest, Sofia and Vilnius as tourists can now visit the city without needing a Russian visa.

New routes

The new St. Petersburg low cost flights will connect St. Petersburg Airport (LED) with four cities in Central and Eastern Europe. These cities are Bratislava (BTS) in Slovakia, Bucharest (OTP) in Romania, Sofia (SOF) in Bulgaria and Vilnius (VNO) in Lithuania.

Given the close proximity of Bratislava Airport to Vienna (just 44 miles), the new service might also be of interest for those living in the Austrian capital. Wizz Air already operates flights from St. Petersburg to both London (LTN) and Budapest (BUD).

wizz air st petersburg russia new flights service
Wizz Air will soon connect St. Petersburg with Bratislava, Bucharest, Sofia and Vilnius. ©Wizz Air

Route launch

The route from Bucharest to St. Petersburg starts on 1st July, with prices for a one-way journey currently costing between 284 RON (59 EUR) and 374 RON (78 EUR) if you are a member of the Wizz Air discount club. If you are not a member, add 10 EUR to the one-way ticket price.

Bratislava to St. Petersburg starts on 1st June, with prices currently ranging between just 20 EUR and 60 EUR for a one-way journey. Sofia to St. Petersburg debuts on 2nd July, with the cheapest tickets costing 76 BGN (39 EUR). Vilnius to St. Petersburg will commence on 3rd June, with one-way tickets starting at 20 EUR. Check ticket prices and book your flights at the website of Wizz Air.

wizz a320
A Wizz Air Airbus A320 at Nuremberg Airport. ©Paliparan


Many nationalities, including those from the four EU countries which now see a new direct service to St. Petersburg, can visit the city without needing a Russian visa! Even better, the e-visa is completely free.

You need to apply online at least four days before your journey. The issued electronic visa will then be valid for 30 days for a maximum period of stay of eight days.

E-visa restrictions

Do note that the visa is only valid if you arrive in St. Petersburg by air from an airport outside of Russia. If you book a flight to St. Petersburg with a connection in Moscow, you would require a full Russian visa. The same counts for any travel through one of the land borders by train, bus or car. The e-visa will of course suffice if you are booked on one of these new Wizz Air flights. Do however make sure that you print out your confirmation as the airline may ask for proof of this.

With the e-visa, you can only stay in St. Petersburg and the surrounding Leningrad Oblast. You can therefore also visit the magnificent palace of the old Russian Czars at Tsarskoye Selo outside of the St. Petersburg city limits, or travel to such towns as Vyborg. You cannot however use a St. Petersburg e-visa to hop on a train to Moscow or anywhere else in Russia!

hermitage st petersburg russia
The world famous Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg. ©Paliparan

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