Vienna to Dubrovnik or Zadar in Croatia for Only 23 EUR Return!

Book a cheap flight ticket with Laudamotion from Vienna, Austria to Dubrovnik or Zadar on Croatia’s beautiful Adriatic coast for only 23 EUR return!

Cheap tickets

The cheap flight tickets to Croatia are available on Laudamotion, which is Ryanair’s subsidiary named after the late Formula 1 champion and aviation entrepreneur Niki Lauda. The airline is Ryanair in all but in name, so the usual low-cost flight rules apply.

Fly to Zadar!

Cheapest are flights to Zadar which start at just 23 EUR for a return ticket. For example, you can fly out of Vienna on Friday 24th April and return on Monday 27th April, spending a long weekend in this fashionable Croatian coastal city.

The city of Zadar has long been a personal favourite of mine as it has a lively bar and restaurant scene, some beautiful sights and beaches in the vicinity (such as Nin) but at the same time isn’t as overrun by tourists such as Split and Dubrovnik in high season.

laudamotion zadar croatia cheap ticket
Fly from Vienna, Austria to Zadar, Croatia for just 23 EUR return.
zadar croatia sunset
Alfred Hitchcock described Zadar as the city with the most beautiful sunsets in the world. He was absolutely right. ©Paliparan
zadar croatia coast
Zadar is a beautiful city on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. ©Paliparan


Another option is to fly to Dubrovnik – which lately has become a popular destination thanks to the success of the Game of Thrones TV series in which Dubrovnik featured as the backdrop of the fictional city of King’s Landing. Even though the city is nowadays so overcrowded at the height of summer that the city has taken drastic measures to keep tourists out of the old town, it is admittedly still a beautiful destination.

Because of the summer crowds it makes sense to visit in the shoulder season. You can for example take a long weekend away to Dubrovnik in spring, flying out of Vienna on Thursday 16th April and returning on Sunday 19th April.

dubrovnik cheap flight laudamotion
Flights from Vienna to Dubrovnik start at 30 EUR return.
dubrovnik cheap flight ticket game of thrones croatia
Dubrovnik has become a popular tourist destination after it featured as the fictional city of King’s Landing in the popular series of Game of Thrones. ©Paliparan
dubrovnik cheap flight ticket croatia
The walled old town of Dubrovnik. ©Paliparan


All prices which we quote here are for flights with a small piece of hand luggage such as a rucksack included. If you want to bring a trolley on board, check a bag into the hold of the plane, or reserve a seat in advance, you have to pay extra. Adhere strictly to all rules and online check-in deadlines as otherwise you will pay the price for it (literally) at the airport.

If all these rules are taken into account, Laudamotion/Ryanair makes for a perfectly adequate way to fly, especially as the flight time to Croatia is relatively short.

Flight availability

Seasonal flights from the Austrian capital of Vienna to Australia start at the end of March. There is widespread availability of cheap tickets in the months of April and May – but expect high season ticket prices to be much higher.

It is best to book tickets directly on the website of Laudamotion.

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