Review: Ibis Irkutsk Center Hotel, Irkutsk

In this review, we will stay at the ibis Irkutsk Center Hotel in Irkutsk, a city in the vast Russian region of Siberia.

Returning to Irkutsk

After a great stay in the town of Listvyanka on Lake Baikal it was time to return to Irkutsk. Conveniently, the marshrutka (minibus) service back departs from the road right in front of my Listvyanka hotel. One marshrutka was already waiting at the stop for passengers to arrive.

After 10 or so minutes we departed without the vehicle being even a quarter full – which it would remain for the rest of the drive as contrary to the ride from Irkutsk to Listvyanka nobody really got in or out when we passed through villages along the route.

Irkutsk taxi

The minibus dropped us off in front of the open-air market in Irkutsk, from where I hailed a taxi (2-3 EUR only) to cover the last bit of distance to my hotel.

On my first two nights in Irkutsk I had stayed at the Matreshka Hotel. Even though I was generally satisfied by the experience, I had booked a different hotel beforehand for my last night in Irkutsk: the ibis Irkutsk Center Hotel.

At 2,890 RUB (42 EUR) per night it was a bit more expensive than the Matreshka and did not include any breakfast. On paper, the ibis however looked to be a step up from the Matreshka and gave me a chance to review a second hotel in Irkutsk.

Ibis hotel location

The ibis Irkutsk Center is located close to the Angara River and the bridge linking the centre of Irkutsk with the train station across the river. Even though the location was great, the immediate surroundings of the hotel were however a bit less attractive as it was surrounded by construction yards and warehouses.

The city centre was however a short walk away and the area very safe, making it a great base to explore Irkutsk.

ibis irkutsk center hotel review
The ibis Irkutsk Center hotel. ©Paliparan

Ibis room

Check-in by the (fluent) English-speaking receptionist was swift and I was handed my key card for my room. I had booked a standard double room, which was located a few levels up by elevator from the reception area.

It is quite easy to recognise the typical ibis design elements in the room. Even though the room had much in common with other ibises around the world, I found the finishing touches of the ibis Irkutsk Center to be much prettier and warm than I expected from a hotel of this chain. The red-and-grey colours, lights and carpet definitely gave it a bit of style.

ibis room irkutsk center review
A standard double room at the ibis Irkutsk Center Hotel. ©Paliparan

Room amenities

The room had a comfortable double bed, plenty of sockets to keep your electronics charged, fast WiFi internet, a large flatscreen TV mounted on the wall and a proper desk to work on.

The room also had a window, although views weren’t too much to write home about. The only thing which I personally found missing was a kettle/coffee-making facilities, although for a quick fix you could also head to the on-site cafe/restaurant in the lobby.

ibis view
View from the window of a standard double room. ©Paliparan


The private bathroom was quite good. It had a good quality shower with high water pressure – definitely three steps up compared to the cramped bathroom at the Matreshka where I stayed before! The bathroom was also spotlessly clean.

ibis irkutsk bathroom
The en-suite bathroom of a double room of the ibis in Irkutsk. ©Paliparan

On-site restaurant

The ibis Irkutsk Center has an on-site restaurant and bar in the lobby. Even though I had excellent meals in some Irkutsk restaurants, I opted to have my last evening meal at the hotel as I was simply too lazy to get out again into the cold to find a place to eat.

For dinner, I went with the house specialty of beef Stroganoff which was recommended on the relatively small menu. The food was beautifully presented and include a small side salad and some potato pancakes. The taste of the meal was excellent. If you want a quick meal for lunch or dinner, I can highly recommend the on-site restaurant.

beef stroganoff irkutsk ibis
The beef Stroganoff at the ibis Irkutsk Center Hotel was excellent. ©Paliparan

After the meal I retired to my room to do some work and to relax a bit on the comfortable bed reading a book and drinking a glass of wine. Especially when the weather outside is freezing cold, you do not need much to have a relaxing, enjoyable evening.

book irkutsk
Reading a book in bed at the ibis hotel in Irkutsk. ©Paliparan

In short

The ibis Irkutsk Center was definitely a great choice to stay at. The room looked modern and fresh, the bed was comfortable, the bathroom spotlessly clean and the service was constantly warm and friendly.

The on-site lobby restaurant and bar is a nice addition too if you want to grab a quick quality meal, a coffee or a beer. To conclude my review, I would definitely consider staying again at the ibis Irkutsk Center the next time I would visit this magnificent Siberian city.

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