Fly Ryanair’s Exotic Germany to Armenia Route for Only 39 EUR!

Ryanair currently has cheap tickets available on its new route from Memmingen in Germany’s southern state of Bavaria to Gyumri in Armenia with prices starting at just 39 EUR.

New Route

Ryanair will start operating the new Memmingen to Gyumri route on 30th March. If you travel in the months of April or May, you can still find plenty of cheap tickets costing 38.98 EUR for the return journey to Armenia. Considering that tickets to Armenia on legacy airlines can easily cost well above 250 EUR, this is a great deal.

ryanair memmingen germany armenia gyumri
Fly from Memmingen (Germany) to Gyumri (Armenia) with prices starting at just 39 EUR!

Hand luggage only

Just like most other low-cost airlines, the low fare only allows for a small carry-on bag to be brought into the cabin. If you want to bring a trolley bag into the cabin, or check a bag into the hold of the aircraft, you will have to pay an additional fee. The same counts of course for such things as advance seat reservation and priority boarding.

Memmingen Airport

Even though the airport might seemingly be tucked in a faraway corner of Bavaria, it is actually quite conveniently located to many cities in the area. Bavarian cities like Munich and Augsburg are only a small distance away. Even those living in the next-doors state of Baden-Württemberg or in the Austrian states of Vorarlberg and Tyrol can easily reach the airport.

Armenian tourists who use the route to visit Germany might appreciate the proximity of the Alps and famous German sights such as Neuschwanstein Castle in nearby Füssen. To travel around Bavaria, it is recommended to buy a Bavaria Ticket which allows for free use of most trains and buses in the state. With prices starting at 26 EUR, it is a pretty sweet deal – and it gets even cheaper if you are travelling with more people in a group.

neuschwanstein castle germany
Neuschwanstein Castle is easily reachable from Memmingen Airport. ©Paliparan

Gyumri Airport

Gyumri’s is Armenia’s second biggest city but not one of its prettiest sights for tourists. Most tourists are better of jumping on a bus or train to the capital of Yerevan, which is well worth a day of two or three on any Armenian itinerary.

From Yerevan, you can make easy day trips to such places as the Temple of Garni, Geghard Monastery and Khor Virap Monastery. If you love the outdoors, you can head to beautiful Lake Sevan or to the mountains at Dilijan. Do not forget to taste Armenia’s famous brandy while in the country! Winston Churchill reportedly even preferred it to French cognac and asked Stalin for a few kegs when the two met during World War II.

republic square yerevan armenia
Walking on Republic Square in downtown Yerevan. ©Paliparan
garni temple armenia
The Temple of Garni in winter fog. ©Paliparan
geghard monastery armenia
Geghard Monastery. ©Paliparan

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