Fly From Copenhagen to Sal, Cape Verde for Only 53 EUR Return!

Fly with Danish charter airline Spies from Copenhagen, Denmark, to the Island of Sal in the Cape Verde archipelago for just 53 EUR return!

Cheap flights

The cheap tickets can be booked on Danish charter airline Spies Rejser at the beginning of the tourist season in March.

You will fly on 5th March from Copenhagen to the tropical beaches and warm sea of the island of Sal in Cape Verde. The return back to Copenhagen is a week later on 12th March.


Tickets can be booked directly with the tour agency Spies which operates the flights. Prices start at 399 DKK (53 EUR) for a return ticket. If you want, you can add such things as extra legroom seats or meals during your booking for an extra fee.

If you want, you can also opt for a later departure date in March for slightly higher prices of around 150 EUR. Note that the website of Spies is in Danish only, although booking the ticket should be relatively straightforward when using Google Translate for some help.

cph sid spies
Flights from Copenhagen to Sal, Cape Verde can be booked for 399 DKK (53 EUR) return!

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is an archipelago in front of the coast of Senegal. The island group combines an exotic African culture with a dash of Portugal, as the island group is a former Portuguese colony.

With long sandy beaches, great hotels and resorts as well as temperatures well over 25 degrees Celsius, Cape Verde is an excellent winter and spring destination for those in dire need of some sun and sea.

sal beach cape verde cheap flight deal
One of the beaches on the island of Sal. ©Paliparan

The island of Sal

As the name already gives away, the island of Sal (Portuguese for ‘salt’) was used for salt mining by the old Portuguese colonial overlords. The sparsely populated island nowadays is mostly focused on tourism as it receives countless of daily flights full of sunbirds from all over Europe.

It is an excellent destination if you want to laze away the day at the beach or drink a caipirinha or rum or two. You can still visit the old salt mines as well if you want to make a cultural day trip.

During your booking, you can add a room in one of the island’s tourist resorts. It is however also possible to book accommodation yourself, either in one of the mega-resorts, or in one of the main towns such as Santa Maria.

salt mine sal cape verde
The old salt mine in the island’s interior. You can swim in some of the salt lakes! ©Paliparan
sal santa maria beach sunset cape verde
Sunset over Santa Maria beach, Island of Sal, Cape Verde. ©Paliparan

Explore the rest of the archipelago

Even though Sal is the main tourist hub of Cape Verde, it is not the most important island. Praia, the capital of Cape Verde, is located further south on Santiago island.

Praia is however not the most interesting destination for tourists to explore. If you want to do some island hopping and see more of the country besides Sal, we would recommend to hop on an inter-island flight to the island of São Vicente to visit the city of Mindelo, which is by far the most vibrant and culturally interesting destination of the island group. From Mindelo, you can then hop on a ferry to nearby Santo Antão island.

Santo Antão is by far the most unique of all of Cape Verde’s islands. The wild northern coast of the island has steep cliffs and lush tropical forests thanks to its volcanic origins. It basically feels like the African version of Hawaii!

mindelo sao vicente cape verde cabo verde
Mindelo is considered to be the cultural capital of Cape Verde. ©Paliparan
santo antao cape verde rainforest
The volcanic island of Santo Antão is famous for its lush rainforests. ©Paliparan
mountain road santo antao cape verde
A spectacular mountain road on the island of Santo Antão. ©Paliparan
santo antao wild coast cliff cape verde
Wherever you drive on the island of Santo Antão you will encounter great views. ©Paliparan

How to book domestic flights in Cape Verde?

Both Binter Cabo Verde and Cabo Verde Airlines fly from Sal to Santiago. Ferry tickets from Mindelo to Porto Novo on Santo Antão can easily be bought on arrival in the port.

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