KLM: Barcelona, Bucharest or Zurich to Panama for 441 EUR!

Fly with KLM from European airports such as Barcelona, Berlin, Bucharest, Vienna or Zurich to exotic Panama City with prices starting at just 441 EUR for a return ticket!

Cheap flights

The cheap flights are available from a good number of European cities. You can fly for under 500 EUR return when departing from Barcelona (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Bucharest (Romania), Vienna (Austria) and Zurich (Switzerland).

Cheapest is Zurich with a return flights to Panama City starting from 441 EUR if booked directly at KLM. At respectively 460 and 469 EUR return, Barcelona and Bucharest follow as close second and third.

By all means check other departure points in Europe as well. I would not be surprised if similar deals can be found from other European cities too.

zurich panama
At 441 EUR, flights out of Zurich, Switzerland, seem to be the cheapest.
barcelona panama
Also flights from Barcelona are well-priced. Note that you can often choose if you want to fly Air France, KLM or both airlines.

KLM/Air France

The flights are operated by KLM or by partner airline Air France. Sometimes you can even select which airline you prefer to fly.

By all means, you can also select Air France on the outbound journey and KLM on the inbound journey, if you like to try out both.


There are lots of cheap flights available in the spring months of March and April, which is an excellent season to visit Panama as it coincides with the dry season.

Note that according to the fare rules of this ticket deal, you must stay at least six days or a Sunday night in Panama. Although a carry-on bag is included in the fare, checked baggage is not and will incur extra charges.


Panama is a fantastic country to visit and an easy country to get around thanks to a modern transportation system and tourist infrastructure.

Highlights of Panama are the colonial charms of Panama City’s Casco Viejo, nearby Isla Taboga (which is known as the ‘Island of Flowers’) and the Panama Canal Zone. If you have time, by all means explore places further away such as the exotic San Blas archipelago and its famous beaches.

panama city street casco viejo
Casco Viejo – the old town of Panama City. ©Paliparan
taboga flower
A beautiful wild flower on Taboga, an island in the Pacific Ocean a few miles out of Panama City. ©Paliparan

Local tours

If you want to hop on a local tour, whether it is for a day trip or a multi-day itinerary, I can highly recommend the services of Panama Travel Unlimited.

I went on a day trip with them to the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Portobelo forts and tropical Isla Mamay – and absolutely loved the experience.

isla mamay beach
The lovely beach of tiny Isla Mamay. ©Paliparan

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