Fly From Amsterdam to Muscat, Oman, for Only 170 EUR Return!

Fly with Pegasus from Amsterdam to Muscat in Oman with prices starting at just 170 EUR for a return flight – a great opportunity to get some winter sun!

Cheap flights

Those living in the Netherlands who are in dire need of an escape from the gloomy winter and rainy spring weather can now hop on this flight deal and head to Oman!

Flights from Amsterdam to Muscat, the capital of Oman, currently run at an extremely affordable 170 EUR for are return ticket, with plenty of possible departure dates in the month of March.

pegasus amsterdam muscat flight
Fly with Pegasus from Amsterdam to Muscat, Oman, for just 170 EUR return!


You will fly to Oman with Pegasus, a Turkish low-cost airline based in Istanbul. You will need to change planes at Istanbul’s second airport of Sabiha Gökçen. On the outbound journey you have a 2 hour 30 minute layover at the airport, while on the way back you have 1 hour and 35 minutes to change flights.

Note that the 170 EUR fare only allows you to bring along 8kg of hand luggage. If you want to check a bag into the hold of the plane, you need to pay an additional sum.


Oman is a fabulous country to visit and one of my personal favourites in the Middle East. It is known as the ‘Switzerland of the Middle East’ due to its mountainous, rugged landscape and its peaceful and neutral politics in a region unfortunately too often plagued by conflict.

Even though infrastructure is well-developed, the country feels much more authentically Arab and traditional (in a good way!) than next-doors United Arab Emirates and its glitzy cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Omani people are therefore among the most friendly and hospitable bunch you will encounter in the entire Arab Gulf region.

oman omani people traditional clothes
Omani people are the most traditional of the entire Arab Gulf region – and also among the most friendly and hospitable people you’ll encounter on your travels in the region. ©Paliparan

Sea and sun

Most tourists come to Oman to spend their days in the warm winter sun in one of the country’s hotel resorts on the sea. If you are in need for a swim and relaxation in quality hotels with good food, it makes for a fabulous destination.

Culture and nature

Also those seeking out culture or nature will not be disappointed with Oman. The capital of Muscat and the oasis town of Nizwa are well-worth seeing.

With a rental car you can also head to one of the many hidden desert wadis – small rivers and pools inside rocky desert valleys. It is perfect for a refreshing dip or for some gorgeous nature hikes.

boat muscat oman
A traditional boat in the low-key Omani capital of Muscat. ©Paliparan
nizwa oman
A view over the palm oasis of Nizwa as seen from the ramparts of the city’s fort. ©Paliparan

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