Singapore Airlines: Istanbul to Various Destinations in Asia from 280 EUR!

Fly now with world-class Singapore Airlines from Istanbul to multiple destinations in Asia such as Manila, Bangkok or Bali with return ticket prices starting at just 280 EUR return!

Asian sale

Due to the Corona virus crisis, Singapore Airlines has drastically lowered fares to destinations in Asia. If you fly out of Istanbul, Turkey, you can find flights to multiple destinations in Asia for as little as 280 EUR return.

Cheapest is Manila in the Philippines which can be booked for just 280 EUR return. Bangkok (Thailand) as well as Jakarta and Denpasar-Bali (Indonesia) are just slightly more expensive, hovering around 300 EUR return.

singapore manila
An example of an Istanbul to Manila flight on Singapore Airlines for 280 EUR return.


Tickets are widely available in the months of March to June. You must stay a minimum of one night at your destination. The maximum stay duration is a month according to the fare rules. One checked bag is included in the fare as well.

Note however that the tickets are issued in ‘K’ class – which in many frequent flyer programmes is not earning any miles. That said, the fare is so low that the lack of mileage earning might not necessarily be a deal breaker.

The fare rules however allow to plan in a single stopover in Singapore if you want to visit the small city state.

singapore skyline
It is possible to book a free stopover in Singapore on your ticket to other Asian destinations. ©Paliparan

Where to book?

As prices are a few dozen euros higher on the website of Singapore Airlines, I would recommend to search for the best ticket on Kayak and use one of the online travel agencies listed there to book it.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines, a Star Alliance member, is known for being one of the best airliners in the world with top-notch service. Even in economy class you can expect good overall service with tasty meals and multiple drinks rounds with free-flowing booze.

Flights from Istanbul to Singapore are on the brand new Airbus A350, while for Singapore to Manila, Bangkok or Bali you should try to select a flight on the new Boeing 787 instead of those operated by the older Boeing 777s.

surabaya airport boeing 777 singapore airlines
A Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 at Surabaya Airport, Indonesia. ©Paliparan

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