Air France/KLM Business Class: Budapest to Hawaii for Only 496 EUR Return!

Air France and KLM currently have a great business class sale out of Budapest with flights to Honolulu, Hawaii being bookable for just 496 EUR return in business class!


Flights from Budapest, Hungary to Honolulu, the capital of the US state of Hawaii, can be booked starting at 496 EUR. Flights are routed through Amsterdam or Paris to Vancouver in Canada, where you need to change on your third and final flight (operated by Canadian airline WestJet) to Hawaii.

You can decide yourself whether you want your flights to Vancouver to be on Air France via Paris Charles de Gaulle or on KLM via Amsterdam. By all means, you can also combine both airlines, flying for example Air France on the outbound and KLM on the inbound back to Europe.

afkl bud hnl
Fly from Budapest to Hawaii on Air France or KLM for just 496 EUR in business class!

Other US destinations

The Air France/KLM business class sale is also valid to other destinations in the United States. It is for example possible to get flights to cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Salt Lake City for around 770 EUR.

Although not as great as the deal to Hawaii, this is still terrific value for a business class return flight to the US West Coast!

Alitalia also currently offers similarly priced business class flights to San Francisco and Los Angeles around the 730 EUR mark.

afkl bud sfo
Flights to San Francisco are slightly more expensive but still a great deal for business class!


Availability seems to be wide open, with there being especially many available routes to Hawaii in autumn. Most of the tickets seem to allow for free cancellation or date changes, which is another nice extra benefit, especially in these uncertain times we live in.

It is best to book tickets directly on the website of Air France, although the lowest fares (slight difference only) are available if you book through an online travel agency by searching through Kayak.

maui hawaii
Volcanic rocks, palm trees, sunny weather, tropical beaches.. the Hawaiian island of Maui has it all!

Corona ban

Do note that the United States has currently closed its borders for travellers from the Schengen Area of the EU. It is therefore not advisable to book this deal for the next weeks as chances are big you will not be allowed to board your flight as a national from an EU nation state.

It is however safer to book for travel in summer or autumn. You are however well-advised to book by credit card, to have valid travel insurance, or to ensure that you have indeed booked a ticket which allows for free cancellation in the fare rules.

Also note any entry and travel requirements by the Hungarian and French governments, as well as travel advisories from your own home country. We advise you to have a look at our latest article on these corona regulations to ensure you are up to date with any closed borders or possible quarantine measures.

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