Airline Will Pay 7,850 EUR If You Fly Them and Catch Corona Virus

A low-cost airline has said it will pay passengers up to 7,850 EUR if they decide to fly with them but end up catching the corona virus in a bizarre insurance deal.


The bizarre deal was launched by Vietnamese low-cost airline Vietjet, which like other airlines has seen a slump in bookings due to the corona virus (COVID-19) crisis.

To convince passengers that they can safely step on board a Vietjet flight, the company has launched a complimentary insurance policy.


The insurance, which is given for free to all passengers taking a domestic flight on Vietjet, will automatically be insured against the corona virus.

If passengers end up contracting the virus, the airline will give each infected passenger up to 200 million Vietnamese Dong (7,850 EUR).

The insurance is valid for 30 days starting at the day of your flight and counts regardless of how passengers are infected with the disease, so even getting infected at your destination instead of the plane will trigger the insurance policies.

vietjet airplane vietnam
A Vietjet aeroplane. ©Screenshot

Vietjet statement

In a statement, the company said that the purpose of the insurance is “to bring passengers assurance when flying on [our] modern and comfortable aircraft with young and professional cabin crews”, adding that “the health safety of passengers and cabin crews are protected at the highest level against all risks of disease”.

The statement read: “To be eligible for insurance coverage, passengers need to provide all information in accordance with Vietjet’s “Terms and conditions” when purchasing tickets and using aviation services; and comply with all regulations on disease prevention and control of Vietjet, the Ministry of Health and authorities.”


If passengers end up getting the corona virus, they need to submit proof that they have tested positive for the corona virus, as well proof of doctoral treatment.

Note that Vietjet’s complimentary insurance does not replace your health and travel insurance – which you definitely should always have when you’re travelling.


It is not the first time that Vietjet has caused a worldwide outrage. The Vietnamese budget airline has previously hit the news when it decided to host a ‘bikini show‘ on board their flights.

The airline was fined by the local aviation authorities for parading the scantily-clad girls through the aisle as they did not ask for formal approval.

Stay at home

Even though the Vietjet deal might sound intriguing we really have to emphasize that this is not the time for travel – not even if you are already based in Vietnam and want to take a domestic trip.

Stay at home as much as you can, avoid groups and other people (keeping a distance of at least 6 feet if possible) and follow the recommendations given by your local government. Only then will the COVID-19 crisis pass as quickly as possible with the least amount of victims.

The only people who in our opinion may still travel are those who need to do so for vital work (lorry drivers, doctors, nurses etc.) – as well as perhaps those who find themselves stuck somewhere in the world who desperately want to return home.


Even though we are all sympathetic with Vietjet and all the other airlines who face extremely difficult times – we have to say that the time to support them is not now but later when the crisis has passed.

Vietnam is a wonderful country with lots of cultural and natural wonders – so it could be a great destination for your first travel after the current crisis!

mui ne beach vietnam
Mui Ne is one of the best beach destinations in Vietnam. ©Paliparan
ha long bay vietnam cheap ticket flight deal
Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam consists out of hundreds of limestone islands. ©Paliparan

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