Great Berlin Easyjet Sale: Canary Islands from 4.50 EUR One-Way!

Easyjet has a great sale from Berlin with flights to Majorca starting at just 3 EUR and those to the faraway Canary Islands being sold for just 4.50 EUR!

Easyjet early bird sale

The Easyjet sale concerns flights from September 2020 all the way up to March 2021. The biggest discounts can be had on flights between Berlin, Germany and several destinations in Spain.

For example, you can fly between Palma de Mallorca and Berlin with prices starting at just 3 EUR for a one-way flight!

majorca palma mallorca berlin easyjet
Flights between Berlin and Mallorca can be booked for just 3 EUR!

Canary Islands

Also flights to the exotic Canary Islands are highly discounted as these can be booked starting at just 4.50 EUR for a one-way flight! Considering that even in the midst of winter the climate of the Canary Islands is still warm and sunny, this makes an especially sweet deal.

Among the Canary Islands which can be reached cheaply from Berlin are Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and La Palma.

fuerteventura berlin easyjet canary islands
Fuerteventura to Berlin for 4.50 EUR is an absolute steal.
lanzarote berlin canary islands easyjet
Also Lanzarote can be booked for under 5 EUR for a one-way flight.
santa cruz la palma berlin easyjet
At 11 EUR, the flight from the exotic (and normally hard to reach!) Canary Island to Berlin is also dirt-cheap.

Other destinations

Another interesting destination in the Easyjet sale is Marrakech in Morocco, which can be booked for 35 EUR return.

Although Berlin is the main focus of the Easyjet sale, there are also other cities in Germany with cheap flights. For example, flying between Hamburg and Basel in Switzerland can be bought for just 5.70 CHF (5.4 EUR).

easyjet marrakech morocco
Berlin to Marrakech, Morocco, can be booked for under 35 EUR return on Easyjet.
basel hamburg easyjet
At around 5 EUR, flying between Basel and Hamburg isn’t too shabby either.

Where to book?

It is best to search and book your flight directly on the website of Easyjet. Easyjet has a great tool which allows you to look at flight prices within a three week range. With this, you can scroll real fast through all available options.

Note that in order to get some of these cheap flights you must search for a minimum of two persons. That said, even if you plan to travel alone there is nothing stopping you from adding a fictitious second person to your booking and just showing up alone for your flight if that turns out to be cheaper than just searching for a flight for just one person.

We advise you to compare both prices for a single passenger and for two passengers when your intention is to travel alone and go for whatever is cheapest.

easyjet amsterdam airport schiphol plane
An Easyjet aeroplane arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. ©Paliparan

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