Wizz Air Outlines Abu Dhabi Base and Announces Flight Routes

Low-cost airline Wizz Air has gone ahead with its plan to open a base in Abu Dhabi and announced flights from the Emirate to Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Poland,

Abu Dhabi base

In December last year, Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air announced its plans to open a new base in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

It said it would work together with Abu Dhabi Development Holding (ADDH) in the launch of the new aviation company to connect the Emirate with cities across Eastern and Central Europe, although at the time no further details were given.

wizz a320
A Wizz Air Airbus A320 at Nuremberg Airport. ©Paliparan

Route launch

Despite the ongoing corona virus (COVID-19) crisis, Wizz Air has decided to go full speed ahead with its expansion plan and has now announced new routes to Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Poland from its soon-to-be-opened base.

According to local media, Wizz Air will start flying from Abu Dhabi to Budapest (Hungary) and Bucharest (Romania) starting June. In September, routes to Cluj-Napova (Romania), Katowice (Poland) and Sofia (Bulgaria) will follow as well.

The routes are still pending regulatory approval, but this should normally be a formality.

wizz air abu dhabi
The five new routes from Abu Dhabi: Sofia (SOF), Bucharest (OTP), Cluj-Napoca (CLJ), Budapest (BUD) and Katowice (KTW). ©Great Circle Mapper


Tickets can already be booked on the Wizz Air website. Flights from Bucharest to Abu Dhabi start at 234 RON (48.35 EUR) one-way for Wizz discount club members. Budapest to Abu Dhabi starts at 16,240 HUF (46 EUR) one-way for Wizz discount club members.

The flights from both Budapest and Bucharest to Abu Dhabi will be operated twice a week on Wednesday and Sunday.

bucharest abu dhabi wizz
Bucharest to Abu Dhabi flights can already be booked from June onward.
budapest wizz
A one-way flight from Budapest to Abu Dhabi will cost you 16,240 HUF (46 EUR) if you are a Wizz discount club member.

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