Slovenia Declares Corona Virus Victory, Will Reopen Country for Tourism

The government of Slovenia has declared victory over the corona (COVID-19) virus and will reopen its borders again for tourism this summer.

Corona virus

The national government of Slovenia has made headlines after it declared the corona virus epidemic to be officially over. According to the government, the corona virus is under control in the mountainous country wedged between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

The EU nation state said that no special measures are needed anymore to contain the virus and that life can slowly resume back to normal.


According to Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa, the borders with neighbouring countries will reopen again for EU citizens. Non-EU nationals however still have to undergo a 14-day quarantine following EU rules limiting non-essential traffic to the continent.

It makes Slovenia one of the first EU countries to open fully again for tourists, although a number of other European countries have declared they are preparing similar steps in an attempt to rescue the summer tourism season.

ljubljana slovenia corona tourism
The Slovenian capital of Ljubljana is one of Europe’s most laid-back cities. ©Paliparan


The reopening of Slovenia’s borders will so far mostly count for its predetermined checkpoints with neighbouring countries. As international railway transport to and from Slovenia is currently still halted as far as I know, it makes the car the best option to visit Slovenia from other European countries for the time being.

However, flight traffic to Ljubljana Airport will slowly be resumed this summer. The Lufthansa group (Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian and SN Brussels) will be the first to restart in early June, connecting Ljubljana to Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich and Brussels.

Air Serbia is likely to follow in mid-June as well, with Turkish Airlines and Easyjet likely to do the same. If your home airport does not have a direct flight to Slovenia, it means that you will likely have to take a connecting flight with Air Serbia, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, Turkish or Swiss.

slovenia countryside
The Slovenian countryside. ©Paliparan

Visit Slovenia

Slovenia is an exciting country to visit as a tourism as the country packs in a lot of different sights. The nation’s capital of Ljubljana is a lovely little city and there is even a small coastline to explore, centred around the resort town of Portorož and the beautiful historic coastal city of Piran.

Of course, Slovenia’s most impressive feature is the sheer natural beauty. This can mostly be found in the Julian Alps, for example in Triglav National Park.

There are some great hiking opportunities in Slovenia and extreme sports junkies will love wild water rafting on the emerald-coloured Soča River.

Lake Bled with its famous island church is perhaps the best known sight internationally and also makes for a great destination. As Slovenia is rather small in size, it is easy to travel around the country by car or the excellent public transport network.

slovenia lake bled corona tourism
Lake Bled and its famous island church is perhaps the best known sight in Slovenia. ©Paliparan
lake bled castle
Bled Castle standing high above a rock on the lake of the same name. ©Paliparan
julian alps mount triglav national park slovenia
Mount Triglav in the Julian Alps. ©Paliparan
skocjan cave caves slovenia
The Škocjan Caves are surely Europe’s most impressive caves. ©Paliparan
piran slovenia
The historic coastal town of Piran. ©Paliparan
sunset piran slovenia
Sunset in Piran. ©Paliparan

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