Aegean Airlines: 30% Discount on Summer Flights to Greece, Children Fly for Free

Greek flag carrier Aegean Airlines has a great 30% discount offer on all flights to Greece in all summer months and even lets children fly for free!


In a boost to increase the number of tourist coming to Greece for their summer holiday, Greek flag carrier Aegean Airlines has launched a 30% discount offer on all flights to the Mediterranean country.

Flights to all of Aegean’s 31 Greek destinations are being discounted by 30%. This counts for tickets issued in both the ‘Go Light’ and ‘Flex’ categories.

This means that for example London to Athens or Brussels-Athens-Chania flights are eligible for a 30% discount, although flights with a final destination outside of Greece (eg. Milan-Athens-Tel Aviv) are not.

aegean airlines discount sale
Aegean Airlines flights to Greece are discounted by 30 percent.


The offer is valid on all international flights to Greece from 15th July until 30th September. To get the discount, you must however book your flight before the end of June (until 30th June).

Children fly for free

In a separate action, Aegean Airlines generously offers to fly children and infants to Greece for free, showcasing the generous Greek attitude towards kids which makes this country such a child-friendly holiday destination.

If you buy your tickets in the ‘family flex’ fare, children and infants below the age of 12 fly for free. You also receive an additional checked bag for free and a 50 percent discount on upfront seats. Even taking your pet along on holiday to Greece is eligible for a 50% discount!

Check the Aegean Airlines website for more information about their Family Flex fares. If you are looking for a holiday destination with your entire family, you can easily combine this offer with the 30% discount deal.

aegean airlines airplanes athens
Aegean Airlines planes at Athens Airport. ©Paliparan

Where to fly?

There are lots of destinations in Greece which are worth visiting. Of course, flying to Athens might make sense for many people as it is not only an interesting city but also a major hub for onward ferries to do some island hopping as well as an excellent starting point for journeys into the Peloponnese.

You could for example hop on a ferry to the Cyclades and visit such wonderful islands as Serifos and Naxos. Or why not head to the island of Crete – which feels as a country on its own due to its large size and varied landscapes. Then there are the Dodecanese, the Ionian Islands or the Halkidiki beaches just south of Thessaloniki.

Of course, you can also use the offer to book a flight to the more famous destinations such as Santorini or the hedonistic party hotspot of Mykonos.

panagia skopiani serifos guide church greece cyclades
The lovely Cycladic-style church of Panagia Skopiani is located on the north-western side of Serifos. ©Paliparan
hydra greece aegean airlines discount
The car-free island of Hydra is just a short ferry ride away from Athens. ©Paliparan
paros greece beach
A quiet beach on the island of Paros. ©Paliparan

Open for tourism

Greece has opened up for tourists from most EU countries, as well as a select few other nations outside of Europe such as Israel, China and Japan.

Americans, Russians and Brazilians should however take extreme caution as it is unlikely that they will be welcome in Greece this summer.

In any case, we strongly advise you to double check the entry requirements of not only Greece, but every country you might transit through on your journey. Also note that some countries force their citizens into quarantine if they return from a holiday abroad.

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