Business Class: Moscow to Marrakech Flights From 157 EUR One-Way!

Business class flights from the Russian capital of Moscow to the exotic city of Marrakech in Morocco are now on sale for just 157 EUR one-way or 358 EUR return!

TAP Air Portugal

The flights from Russia to Morocco are operated by TAP Air Portugal and involve a quick and convenient change of flights in Lisbon. The flights can be booked for just 157 euro for a one-way flight down to Marrakech or 358 euro for a return ticket.

Flights for these great prices are available up to the end of March and can be booked through TAP Air Portugal’s own website or through a third-party website like Kayak.

It is easy to puzzle together an itinerary which would give you an ideal weekend break to Marrakech or a holiday of a week or even longer.

moscow marrakech flights
Fly from Moscow to Marrakech for just 157 euro one-way!
flights tap air portugal business class
Return tickets can be booked for 358 euro – which means 15 hours of business class flying.

Business class

Given it’s almost six hour flying from Moscow to Lisbon and another one-and-a-half hour to Marrakech, you get a lot of business class flying for a low price.

However, do note that TAP Air Portugal does use normal “euro-business” seats on narrow-body aircraft on both the Moscow and Marrakech routes. Instead of a fully flat bed or comfortable recliner seat, you just get a standard economy class seat in the front of the cabin with the middle seat being blocked for your comfort.

What you get is basically some more shoulder room, less people being seated around you in the business class cabin and wee bit of extra legroom compared to those flying economy. You can however expect full business class meal and drinks service.


Of course, if you collect miles with any Star Alliance frequent flyer programme this could definitely make up for the relatively sub-par business class experience.

Flying Moscow-Lisbon-Marrakech one-way is approximately 2,935 miles. If you would fly this itinerary as a return trip, that would make 5,870 miles. In many frequent flyer programmes, TAP Air Portugal’s business class will give you 200% of the miles flown.

This is for example the case if you collect miles with Aegean Airlines’ Miles+Bonus programme – which means that for just 358 euro these flights will net you 11,740 miles in total! There are plenty of other programs with similar earnings, so check what you could earn with your favourite programme!


Do note that corona entry restrictions may apply to both Russia and Morocco and that in both countries COVID-19 is making a strong resurgence.

In March and April, thousands of holidaymakers found themselves stranded in Morocco after the North African country suddenly suspended all passenger flights.

Although this is a great fare, I would urge some caution booking this. Make sure you understand the entry rules and are fully aware of potential risks.

marrakech morocco
Marrakech, Morocco. ©Video screenshot

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