Review: Palazzo Drusko Deluxe Rooms, Kotor, Montenegro

In this review, we will stay at the Palazzo Drusko Deluxe Rooms, a boutique hotel in the city of Kotor in Montenegro.


After a beautiful bus ride from Dubrovnik, I found myself at the bus station of Kotor, located just a short five minute walk away from the old town gates.

For my stay in Kotor I had reserved a room at the Palazzo Drusko, a boutique hotel smack in the middle of Kotor’s old town.

I’ve visited Kotor before on two occasions and it was therefore rather easy for me to find the hotel with a wee bit of help from Google Maps and GPS.

Palazzo Drusko is a 600-years-old stone house which was formerly owned by Montenegrin nobility, with the entrance to the building being located in a cul-de-sac.

Before my arrival, I received an email from the hotel that it is best to give a call shortly before my arrival as there might not always be a staff member on site.

Alternatively, I could just walk to the building and ring the interphone, which is connected to the mobile phone of the manager.

This was exactly what I did, and within three minutes the welcoming and cheerful manager arrived in the street to open the door and handle check-in.

It was an extremely easy and straightforward process.

kotor montenegro bus dubrovnik
From the bus station of Kotor it was a short walk to the marina and the the old town walls. ©Paliparan
kotor palazzo drusko entrance
The entrance to Palazzo Drusko is located in a cul-de-sac. ©Paliparan


After check-in I was brought to my room, which was called the ‘Merchant’s Room’.

Every room at the Palazzo Drusko is different from the other when it comes to size, facilities and decor, although all of them are styled in the same traditional Montenegrin fashion matching the building’s rich historic tradition.

The history is nowhere more visible than in the public spaces of the building, as the corridors and stairwell were adorned with historical artefacts such as paintings, old weapons and documents.

Although from the outside Palazzo Drusko might have seemed like every other stone building in Kotor’s old town, the rich palatial style was for sure on full view on the inside.

palazzo drusko stairs review
Staircase at Palazzo Drusko. ©Paliparan
palazzo drusko stairs
Climbing up to my room. ©Paliparan
drusko painting weapon
The walls at Palazzo Drusko are adorned with old artefacts, paintings and weapons. ©Paliparan
drusko painting weapon
The walls at Palazzo Drusko are adorned with old artefacts, paintings and weapons. ©Paliparan
merchants room
I had booked a night in the so-called Merchant’s Room. ©Paliparan

Merchant’s Room

As I already wrote before, there are several attractive-looking rooms available at Palazzo Drusko and you can select which rooms best fits your wishes during the booking process at third-party booking websites where this boutique hotel is listed.

I booked my stay at and paid just 34 euro for a one-night stay in March.

Even though Montenegro is a lot cheaper than Croatia when it comes to prices for both accommodation and food, I thought it was even for Montenegrin standards quite a steal given just how wonderful my room was.

Walking into my room, I was immediately impressed with the warm interior and decor.

The room was decorated in traditional style with 150-years-old furniture and wooden elements, such as the large double bed and closet painted in striking green colours.

The old stone wall on which the flat-screen TV was mounted made a stunning contrast with the whitewashed walls with ornamental patterns painted on them.

The room had plenty of storage space available and featured power sockets throughout the room.

There were two windows looking out over the small cobblestoned streets and courtyard below.

Given it was still March, the heating was fully on when I entered the room.

Of course, there is air-conditioning as well in the room for those visiting in the hotter summer months.

The room also features a small minibar.

merchant's room palazzo drusko review
The Merchant’s Room at Palazzo Drusko. ©Paliparan
merchant's room palazzo drusko
Most of the furniture in the room such as the bed and closet are at least a century old. ©Paliparan
merchant's room palazzo drusko review
The Merchant’s Room at Palazzo Drusko. ©Paliparan
merchants room palazzo drusko review
Bedside table. ©Paliparan
fridge minibar
More modern pieces of furniture such as the fridge were neatly concealed in some small corners. ©Paliparan
coat hangers
At the room entrance door there are coat hangers. ©Paliparan
window view merchants room palazzo drusko
View from the window of the Merchant’s Room. ©Paliparan


What I loved perhaps most about my room were some of the small little details, such as those around the lovely desk and small seating corner with its red velvet curtains.

On the desk, a complimentary jar of lemon-infused water was placed.

Despite the room being comfortably warm, the water was perfectly chilled and made for a welcome refreshment.

Above the desk was an old radio player modified by the room designers to only play traditional Montenegrin music of decades ago.

Just every single detail in the room seemed to perfectly match the old Palazzo Drusko style, making it ooze tons of charm.

merchant's room palazzo drusko
Small desk in the Merchant’s Room. ©Paliparan
water lemon
A complimentary jar of lemon-infused water was placed on the desk. ©Paliparan
palazzo drusko review
An old radio player was tweaked to only play traditional Montenegrin music. ©Paliparan


Compared to the room, the bathroom was decidedly more modern in style.

It was certainly large and well-appointed, featuring all amenities you might need such as a hairdryer, soap and small bottles of shampoo and shower gel.

The Merchant’s Room has a large spa bath with Jacuzzi function, which certainly made for a relaxing evening back in my hotel room after a long day exploring every nook and cranny of Kotor.

merchant's room palazzo drusko
The bathroom of the Merchant’s Room at Palazzo Drusko. ©Paliparan
merchant's room palazzo drusko bathroom
The bathroom featured a large spa bath. ©Paliparan
bathroom detail palazzo drusko
Bathroom detail. ©Paliparan
spa bath palazzo drusko
Chilling with a glass of wine in the spa bath. ©Paliparan


After a great night of sleep in the comfortable bed I woke up relatively early in the morning.

Palazzo Drusko unfortunately does not serve breakfast, although guests can use a communal kitchen on the ground level of the building.

Instead, I just walked the short distance out of the nearest old town gate to a local bakery to get some breakfast, buying a typical Balkan breakfast of cream cheese-filled burek (filo dough pastry) and some yoghurt.

As the weather was absolutely gorgeous this winter morning, there was no better place to eat the breakfast than sitting on an old stone wall overlooking the bridge over the river to one of the old town gates.

palazzo drusko kotor
From Palazzo Drusko, it was just a short five-minute walk out of one of the old town gates to the nearest bakery. ©Paliparan
burek yoghurt
Burek and yoghurt for a typical Balkan breakfast. ©Paliparan


To conclude the Palazzo Drusko review I do have to highlight the great service as well of this boutique hotel.

Although I had few interactions with any of the staff apart from check-in and check-out, they were at all times hospitable and friendly.

For questions about Kotor or for local sightseeing arrangements, the Palazzo Drusko staff is extremely knowledgeable and can be of great help.

I certainly appreciated the welcome email they sent to me right after I had checked in, as it contained numerous of tips for my stay in Kotor, including some recommended local restaurants and bars.

In short

Palazzo Drusko must be Montenegro’s finest boutique hotel, perhaps even one of Europe’s best.

It has everything which you might look for in a boutique hotel, from tons of local charm, a rich history to modern-day room facilities to ensure a comfortable stay.

I loved the little details in the public spaces of the hotel and in my room.

The old furniture, paintings and artefacts surely help to create a charming, cosy and homely environment throughout the entire building.

The attention to detail is also visible in the service, whether it are the helpful local sightseeing tips or the little extras such as the complimentary jar of lemon-infused water.

Just to think of it that I only paid 34 euro for the night makes it an even more mind-blowing experience.

Admittedly, that is the low-season price and visiting in the high-season month of August will for sure see higher room rates.

But given the quality of the rooms, the Palazzo Drusko is certainly extremely great value for money.

I had such a lovely stay at Palazzo Drusko that just this little gem of a boutique hotel is already reason enough for me to consider travelling back to Kotor, which by itself is already a wonderful destination.

If I would find myself back in the area, I wouldn’t even consider staying somewhere else but the Palazzo Drusko, which I just cannot recommend enough.

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