Aegean Airlines Sale: Flights to Greece With 50% Discount!

Greek flag carrier Aegean Airlines has a nifty discount sale allowing you to book late summer and autumn flights to Greece with a 50% discount!

Endless sunshine

In their ‘Endless Sunshine’ campaign, all flights to and from Greece in the late summer and autumn months of September and October are discounted by 50 percent.

This makes an excellent time of the year to visit Greece as the weather will still be sunny, the sea water warm and pleasant for a swim and crowds smaller in size than they generally are in the high season months of July and August.

aegean airlines sale
Aegean Airlines has a 50% discount sale on flights to and from Greece.


Only international flights in the period from 1st September until 31st October are discounted. The offer is valid for both one-way and return flights to Greece, or originating in Greece to anywhere else.

For example, a return journey Frankfurt-Athens-Frankfurt or a one-way journey Athens-Cairo will be eligible for a 50% discount, but a Frankfurt-Athens-Cairo flight will not be.

Domestic flights are excluded from the discount offer unless they are part of an international journey such as for example a London-Athens-Rhodes flight connection.

The offer is valid until 30th July. You can book your tickets at the website of Aegean Airlines.

aegean airlines discount rhodes
Boarding an Aegean Airlines plane at the airport of Rhodes. ©Paliparan

Corona virus

Do note that certain corona (COVID-19) restrictions do apply when visiting Greece. Check carefully what the entry restrictions are, especially as most people living outside of Europe are still banned from visiting Greece.

Some European tourists, most notably Bulgarians and Romanians, now require a negative COVID-19 test done no later than 72 hours before arrival at your Greek destination airport.

Most European nationalities are however able to fly to Greece without having to do a COVID-19 test before they embark on their journey. All passengers do however need to submit a PLF to the Greek authorities before they fly and can be subject to random on-the-spot testing on arrival.

kastellorizo greece
Hiking on the gorgeous island of Kastellorizo. ©Paliparan

Greek holiday

Once in Greece, you will find that life is pretty much the same like normal. I just returned from a Greek holiday myself and was impressed by the smart, non-invasive corona measures and overall Greek handling of the corona crisis.

Most people I spoke to in the tourist industry said that for August they expect only to hit 25% of normal visitor numbers. This means that you will not only be able to score some great accommodation deals, but also that you do not have to worry about going shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of other tourists as even on the popular islands social distancing is rather easy.

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