Winter Flights to Egypt: Amsterdam or Berlin to Hurghada for 70 EUR!

EasyJet has put their flights from Amsterdam and Berlin to the coastal resort of Hurghada in Egypt on sale with prices starting at just 70 euro return!

Winter sun

People living in Germany or the Netherlands who are in for some winter sun can now book cheap easyJet flights to Hurghada.

The Red Sea coastal resort is a popular destination for sunshine lovers thanks to the sunny winter climate, warm sea and some affordable, quality hotel resorts.


The cheapest flights can be booked out of Amsterdam and cost just 70 euro return. Flights out of Berlin are a bit more expensive with prices starting at 85 euro for a return ticket.

Flight availability seems to be pretty decent, with low-cost flights available in December 2020 as well as in the winter months of January and February 2021.

The flights can be best booked directly at the website of easyJet. Note that the prices mentioned above are for flights with hand luggage only. Checking in a bag will be subject to a surcharge.

amsterdam hurghada flights egypt
Flights from Amsterdam to Hurghada start at just 70 euro return. ©Paliparan
berlin easyjet
EasyJet flights from Berlin aren’t much more expensive. ©Paliparan

Swiss travellers

More cheap flights to Hurghada are available from the Swiss airports of Geneva and Basel, which might not only be great for those living in Switzerland but also those living across the border in France or the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.


It is of course impossible to predict how the world looks like in six months from now, so booking a ticket this far in advance might still pose some risks in these uncertain times of the corona virus.

Currently, Egypt requires all foreign travellers to show a negative corona (PCR) test not older than 72 hours at the moment of arrival into Egypt. Egyptian nationals are however exempt from this demand.

egypt hurghada flights
Snorkelling between the Red Sea coral reefs is a popular activity in Hurghada. ©Screenshot


Interestingly, foreign tourists who travel on a direct flight to Hurghada seem to be exempt as well from this demand according to the British Foreign Office.

Although you are allowed to travel freely within the Hurghada area, you cannot enter other parts of Egypt without showing a negative COVID-19 test, making excursions to places such as Luxor and its famous temple complex impossible.

Of course, all of the above entry requirements and restrictions could easily change between now and the winter of 2020, but it’s worth to take notice of if you are intending to travel to Egypt.

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