International Night Train to Return to Amsterdam by the End of the Year

Austrian railway company Nightjet will start a night train service from Amsterdam to Munich, Innsbruck and Vienna by the end of the year.


In December 2016, the overnight service between Amsterdam and Zurich (Switzerland) and Munich (Germany) was discontinued as Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) announced it would stop with all their night trains under the City Night Line brand.

After a four year hiatus, a new international night train service will once again connect Amsterdam and a few other Dutch cities with Central Europe.

At the annual time table change on December 13th, a new night train service will connect Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem to Munich, Vienna and Innsbruck.

vienna schoenbrunn palace austria
The new night train will link Amsterdam with Vienna. ©Paliparan


The new train will be operated under the Nightjet brand, the night train division of the Austrian Railways (OeBB).

These Nightjet trains have been already running for a while from Vienna, Innsbruck and Munich to Cologne and Dusseldorf. When the new timetable comes into effect, this train service will simply be extended to Holland.

The night train is basically one long train which will pick up passengers on major stations such as Amsterdam, Utrecht, Dusseldorf, Cologne and Frankfurt.

When it arrives in Nuremberg in the middle of the night, the carriages will be split, with one portion continuing towards Munich, Kufstein and Innsbruck, while the other portion of the train will run onward to Passau, Linz and Vienna.

nightjet night train amsterdam
Passengers getting off a Nightjet train. ©Screenshot


According to Nightjet, prices will start from as low as 29 euro for a seat and 89 euro for a berth in a sleeping car, which is the recommended option.

If you are curious what the train is like and what kind of comfort you can expect on board, I can highly recommend taking a look at the special Nightjet page of the Man in Seat 61 – a highly informative website which any rail travel aficionado should bookmark.

Especially when travelling in a deluxe sleeper (with en-suite bathroom and shower) it makes for a perfect way to travel between Amsterdam, Germany and Austria!

night train amsterdam
I have always loved to travel by overnight train as they are comfortable, save a night’s hotel and make for an efficient way to cover large distances. ©Paliparan

Daytime trains

Of course, it is also possible to travel from Amsterdam to Innsbruck or Vienna taking day time trains.

If you book your ticket in advance on the website of the German Railways you might be able to snatch a ‘Super Sparpreis Europa’ (super saver ticket Europe) for just 49.90 euro in 2nd class!

train dining car austria
Taking a daytime train to Austria is also a real treat – especially when your train has a proper dining car! ©Paliparan

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