Review: Wizz Air Podgorica to Memmingen (Airbus A320)

In this review, we will fly with low-cost airline Wizz Air from Podgorica to Memmingen on the Airbus A320-200.

To the airport

After an interesting day in Podgorica and a good night of sleep, I woke up relatively early in the morning for another day of flying. There is no public bus connection between downtown Podgorica in the airport, so I had to take a taxi which set me back just under 10 euro.

Podgorica Airport (IATA code TGD, after Podgorica’s former name of Titograd) is one of only two international airports in Montenegro, the other being Tivat Airport on the coast.

Both airports are of similar size and see comparable air traffic in passenger numbers, with Podgorica having pretty much year-round connections and Tivat seeing mostly seasonal charter flights.

As Podgorica Airport is rather small, it is best not to show up too early before your flight. Even though the check-in counters might be open a bit longer before, the security staff is rather strict of not letting anyone through unless your flight departure is less than two hours out.

podgorica airport
The exterior of Podgorica Airport. ©Paliparan
podgorica airport
Check-in desks at Podgorica Airport. ©Paliparan
podgorica airport
There is one cafe landside (before security) at Podgorica Airport. ©Paliparan
montenegro map
Decoration on the airport walls. Yeap, that small red dot is the territory of Montenegro! ©Paliparan
podgorica airport security
Security control at Podgorica is rather strict as they will not let you through earlier than two hours before the departure of your flight. ©Paliparan


At T-2 until departure, I was allowed to clear security and passport control and found myself airside at the airport. There isn’t much to do at Podgorica Airport, so I would really recommend not to arrive too early before your flight.

There is one small duty free shop and one café in the departures area. There is also a business lounge at Podgorica Airport (to which some lounge pass programmes give access to), although it didn’t look too appealing.

Online reviews describe it as a “walled box with a few seats inside” in which you are reportedly only given a free drink from the nearby café, so paying for access is unlikely to be worth it.

Instead, I just waited for departure at my departure gate doing some work on my laptop. Free WiFi is available, although power sockets (as well as seats!) are lacking in the small departures hall.

departure area podgorica airport airside
The departures area of Podgorica Airport. ©Paliparan
podgorica airport duty free
Podgorica Airport duty free shop. ©Paliparan
podgorica airport cafe
Podgorica Airport café. ©Paliparan
podgorica airport business lounge
The Podgorica Airport business lounge. is basically a walled box with a few seats inside ©Paliparan


Time went by fast and before I knew it the gate agents announced that boarding would commence soon. Wizz Air has priority boarding as an add-on during the booking process, and it’s widely popular among passengers as it also allows you to bring a trolley bag on board.

Judging by the queue I would estimate that around 70 percent of all passengers had bought “priority boarding”. Sure, it isn’t really priority boarding anymore if two thirds of all passengers have it, but it is understandable from the luggage point of view.

You can for example take a trolley bag and a small rucksack of laptop bag on board this way, which would otherwise not be allowed. Sure, you can try to bring two (small) bags on board if you haven’t bought priority boarding, but most of the time Wizz Air gate agents are well-trained to pick out these travellers from the queue and make them pay for it by charging an inflated penalty to gate-check the second bag.

As I was travelling with a small rucksack only this entire trip, I didn’t bother adding priority boarding to my booking as I knew I could always easily fit my rucksack under the seat in front of me.

Podgorica Airport doesn’t have any jetbridges, so you either walk to your plane or take a bus if your aircraft is parked further down the apron. In my case, I could just walk to my Wizz Air plane as it was parked just a few feet away from the terminal.

wizz air airbus a320 podgorica
My Wizz Air Airbus A320 at Podgorica Airport. ©Paliparan
montenegro airlines podgorica
A Montenegro Airlines Embraer 195 parked further down on the tarmac of Podgorica Airport. ©Paliparan

Podgorica (TGD) to Memmingen (FMM) on Wizz Air
Flight W6 4903 – Airbus A320-200 – Economy class, seat 6A
Departure: 10.35am
– Arrival: 12.25pm
Flight time: 1h50m – Distance: 587 miles
Costs: 10 EUR, plus 8.50 EUR for advance seat reservation

podgorica memmingen tgd fmm
It takes just under two hours to fly between Podgorica and Memmingen. ©Great Circle Mapper

Wizz Air seat assignment

Having lived myself for many years in Central and Eastern Europe, I have flown Wizz Air many times before and started to really appreciate their operations.

It’s hands down my favourite low-cost airline as it combines the two aspects which I value most in a budget airline: a low ticket price and reliability.

This flight to Memmingen was no different as it was only 10 euro for a ticket. This low price is not uncommon as I think four of my last five Wizz Air flights were around the 10-15 euro limit. When it comes to reliability, I can’t even remember a single flight of the 57 I’ve taken with the airline to date which arrived more than ten minutes late, let alone having a flight cancelled!

Like any other low-cost airline, you have to pay for seat assignment with Wizz Air, with front row and exit row seats of course being the most expensive. For this flight, I paid 8.5 EUR for a window seat in row 6 (seats more to the middle of the plane are slightly cheaper).

If you do not want to pay for seat assignment, it is best to check in online as late as possible if you want to score the best possible seat. If you haven’t paid for a seat, you are selected a seat for free randomly, and the most undesirable seats as far away from the exits as possible are of course the one which they give away first.

On a full flight, it is not uncommon to be given the front row seats for free if they haven’t been bought in advance if you manage to check-in last.

wizz air airbus a320 podgorica
Podgorica Airport as seen from the window of my Wizz Air plane. ©Paliparan

Wizz Air Airbus A320 cabin and seat

Wizz Air operates a fleet which exists solely out of Airbus aircraft, namely the A320 and larger A321. The older A320s are the ones with the most comfortable seats which have a wee bit more space and are better padded, while the more modern A320s and all A321 have more cramped seats typical of low-cost airlines.

For a flight of under two hours, these seats are perfectly fine, although if you fly longer distances you might start to feel a bit uncomfortable in them!

Being 6’1 tall (1.85 metres) my knees just about reached the seat in front of me. If you are taller, you will probably be better off with an aisle seat if you want to stretch your legs and save your knees.

One thing to note on these planes is the extremely small tray table. Given that also your shoulder room is rather narrow, it will definitely not make for a suitable place to take out your laptop and do some work while in the air!

wizz air airbus a320 cabin seat
The cabin of the Wizz Air Airbus A320-200. ©Paliparan
wizz air airbus a320 seat
Seats are rather typical for a low-cost airline. Although it’s perfectly fine for a short flight, you shouldn’t expect a great amount of seat pitch and shoulder room! ©Paliparan
wizz air airbus a320 seat pitch
Seat pitch on the Wizz Air Airbus A320. ©Paliparan
tray table wizz air airbus a320
The tray table on the Wizz Air Airbus A320. is rather small. ©Paliparan


The plane load was relatively light this day as I don’t think that more than 70 percent of the seats were occupied. I was lucky enough to have empty seats next to me, allowing me to stretch out during the flight.

Even though I always prefer a window seat above an aisle seat (bar a few exceptions) I think it is even more important on flights to and from a country like Montenegro, as the mountainous scenery of this Balkan country is an almost full guarantee of some fantastic views from the window.

Although today was rather cloudy, there were still some great views upon departure of the surrounding mountains and Lake Shkoder.

podgorica airport runway
Taxiing towards the runway of Podgorica Airport. ©Paliparan
departure podgorica
All set for an on-time departure. ©Paliparan
runway podgorica departure wizz air airbus a320
Accelerating down the runway. ©Paliparan
podgorica plain departure
There was still some fog visible on the Podgorica plain this morning. ©Paliparan
wing engine wizz air airbus a320
View of the wing and engine of the Wizz Air Airbus A320. ©Paliparan
lake shkoder view
There were lovely views over Lake Shkoder from the window. ©Paliparan
lake shkoder air view
Lake Shkoder as seen from the air. ©Paliparan
cruising altitude wizz air airbus a320 wing
Reaching cruising altitude high above the clouds. ©Paliparan

In-flight service

There isn’t too much to tell about the actual flight itself. Like other low-cost airlines, Wizz Air has a buy-on-board menu. Prices are actually quite decent compared to many other airlines.

You can buy a baguette sandwich for 5 euro, a bottle (0.5L) of water for 2.50 EUR or a soft drink for 3 EUR. Only a beer (5 euro) or small bottle of wine (5.5 euro) are a bit more expensive.

I would however stay well clear from the coffee, as for the grand price of 3 euro all you get is a small bag of powdered coffee and a half-full cup of hot water.

On a general note, I find Wizz Air staff generally to be an agreeable, friendly bunch of people. They certainly seem less rushed and stressed compared to their colleagues of a certain Irish low-cost competitor.

On this flight, I just dozed off for a bit, only to wake up when we were flying over the Alps. Before I knew it, the fasten seatbelt sign went on again as we were ready to start our descent towards Memmingen Airport.

alps wizz air airbus a320
Flying over the Alps. ©Paliparan
alps view engine wizz air airbus a320
Flying over the Alps. ©Paliparan


The weather in Bavaria was equally cloudy as in Montenegro on this March day, which meant the views over the Bavarian plateau were rather bleak.

We landed on time at Memmingen Airport, a former military airfield. If you look carefully out of the window you can still see the reinforced fighter jet shelters.

Fun fact: Wizz Air (and other low-cost airlines) bizarrely call Memmingen Airport “Munich West” despite the airport being located 70 miles (112 kilometres) away from the Bavarian capital.

Memmingen Airport felt even smaller (and older) than Podgorica Airport, although being one of the first off the plane did at least help beating the rest of the passengers to German immigration. Within minutes I found after disembarking I found myself in the arrivals hall, ready to explore as much of Bavaria as I could in only one-and-a-half day.

bavaria landing wizz air airbus a320
The weather in Bavaria was equally dreary. ©Paliparan
wizz air airbus a320
View over the engine, wing and sharklet of the Wizz Air Airbus A320. ©Paliparan
memmingen bavaria
Memmingen arrival view. ©Paliparan
final descent memmingen
View from the window during final descent into Memmingen Airport. ©Paliparan
bavarian plateau
One of the many towns on the Bavarian plateau. ©Paliparan
final descent memmingen
Flying over some forests on our final descent into Memmingen Airport. ©Paliparan
memmingen airport runway
We arrived safely and on time in Memmingen after a smooth flight. You can clearly see the old reinforced and camouflaged jet bunkers at the airport, which until 2003 was still home to a German Air Force fighter wing. ©Paliparan
memmingen airport terminal
The small passenger terminal at Memmingen Airport. ©Paliparan
wizz air airbus a320 memmingen
At Memmingen Airport, you disembark your plane by stairs and simply walk to the terminal. ©Paliparan

In short

Flying Wizz Air is never really eventful – which is actually a good thing for a low-cost airline. Wizz Air brings you where you need to go safely, reliably and for a dirt cheap price, which is all what it is about in the low-cost airline world.

You should not expect any comfort on board, although for a flight of around two hours in length the seats are certainly bearable enough.

Service on this flight was friendly and efficient, which normally is the case on Wizz Air flights. Of course, being a low-cost airline Wizz Air will nickle-and-dime you for everything, including advance seat assignment, checked baggage and taking a trolley bag on board.

If you however play by the rules and book what you need in advance, the costs are certainly affordable. Even the buy-on-board menu has some decently priced snacks and drinks in it if you want to eat or drink something in the air.

It says quite something that I have flown nearly 60 times with Wizz Air to date, as the cheap prices, on-time record and reliability are strong selling points. Given that I only paid 10 euro for this flight, I’m not really in the position to complain really!

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  • January 16, 2021 at 10:00 am

    Hi Koen, decent review. Enjoyed the pictures. I am a retired air traffic controller in Malaysia. Your article and pictures are exactly what I would like to read and see. Pity you are 6ft tall😂 I know those cramped seats in the low cost airlines. We have one here, AirAsia. Enjoyed the costs you paid. I recently signed in as a member with WizzAir. I am planning to visit Bucharest, Sofia, Istanbul and back to Abu Dhabi once the Covid restrictions are done with. Looking forward to your write ups.👍🇲🇾

    • January 16, 2021 at 12:06 pm

      Thanks Cornelius! I hope to post more write-ups in the coming days, I have a bit of a backlog of articles to post, but work has been keeping me from it.

      I love Air Asia as a budget airline – especially the fact that for just 1-2 USD you can add a full meal which for economy class food is actually very delicious.

      Don’t hesitate to write a message when visiting Romania. I’m based at OTP and always willing to provide tips/advice if you might need it!


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