Europe by Train: 20% Discount on Interrail Global Pass

Interrail has a great 20% discount on all its rail passes for unlimited train travel in 33 countries in Europe!


The 20% discount is valid for all train passes, whether you are going for an Interrail Global pass valid in all 33 participating European countries, or pick one of the Interrail One Country passes which valid for just a single country.

You can buy an Interrail Pass now, and commence your travel any time in the next 11 months.

Prices vary according not only to the exact pass you choose, but also according to age group as there are discounts for children (4-11 years old), youths (12 to 27 years) and seniors (60+). Railway passes can be bought for both second class and first class.

The discount is only valid until Sunday 23:59PM Central European Time (CET).

interrail discount
A German regional train (far left), a Czech EuroCity (EC) train (left), and a German high speed ICE train (right) at Hamburg Hbf. ©Paliparan


The Interrail programme has evolved quite a bit in the last decades, as nowadays there are a huge number of passes available giving you more flexibility. This means that there is always a pass available which is best suitable for your travel needs.

Of course, the classical Interrail passes giving unlimited travel during an entire period are still available. You can buy these for 15 days, 22 days, 1 month, 2 months and even 3 months. These are great for those travellers who want full flexibility or those who do not plan to stay long in one place.

Cheaper are the passes which only gives you unlimited train travel of a certain amount of days per period. For example, there is a train pass giving you 4 days of travel within 1 month, 7 days within one month, 15 days within two months, and many more options.

Note that although Interrail passes give you unlimited free train travel during the pass duration, surcharges for seat reservations, high speed trains and night train couchettes and sleeper compartments may still apply.

Check the above link to the Interrail website for all available passes and their prices. The world’s best railway website – The Man in Seat 61 – has an excellent guide on how Interrail passes work exactly.

train dining car czech railways
Rail travel allows you to slow down, absorb the landscapes of Europe, and even go for a great sit-down meal and drink in the train’s dining car. ©Paliparan


A great detail of the Interrail sale is that when you upgrade to the ‘Plus’ category upon buying your pass, it will be 100% refundable. Without the upgrade, passes are for 85% refundable if you cancel before you commence your travels.

This works out great of course for those who aren’t yet sure about their travel plans due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic.

Combined with the general flexibility of Interrail global passes, you can buy the pass now with this nice 20% discount, and leave the decision which places and countries to visit until later this year.

train douro valley portugal interrail discount
Travelling by train through Portugal’s Douro River valley. ©Paliparan

Who can buy an Interrail pass?

Do note that only European citizens and non-Europeans who are official residents of the participating countries can buy an Interrail pass.

Also note that Interrail passes don’t give unlimited train travel in your country of residence, although they nowadays do allow you one free journey to leave your country at the beginning of the travel period, and one trip at the end to return home.

If you do not qualify for an Interrail pass, you can always by a Eurail pass.

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