Switzerland – Cape Verde Flights on Sale for Just 159 Euro Return!

TAP Air Portugal has some cheap flights available from Geneva or Zurich in Switzerland to the sunny Cape Verde islands off the coast of Africa for just 159 euro return!

TAP Air Portugal

With this flight deal, you can escape the cold Swiss winter and autumn winter and head for the sunny beaches of the exotic Cape Verde islands.

You can choose between Geneva or Zurich as your departure airport and fly to Cape Verde with TAP Air Portugal with an easy connection in Lisbon.


The cheapest flights can be booked from Zurich, with return ticket prices to Cape Verde starting at just 159 euro (173 CHF).

You will first fly with TAP Air Portugal to Lisbon, where you change planes for your second flight to the sunny island of Sal, the most popular destination in the Cape Verdean archipelago.

On the way back to Switzerland, there is a similar smooth flight connection in Lisbon of just over two hours in duration.

zurich switzerland cape verde
Flights from Zurich to the island of Sal can now be booked for just 159 euro. ©Screenshot
tap air portugal
The TAP Air Portugal flights involve an easy connection in Lisbon. ©Screenshot


From Geneva, the flights are only a bit more expensive, costing you 161 euro (175 Swiss francs). Of course, these flights are also highly suitable for those people living across the border in France.

Flight times from Geneva are similar to those from Zurich.

geneva flights
You can travel as well from Geneva for just 2 euro more. ©Screenshot


Flights for these prices are widely available in the months of March and April, which are perfect for a trip to Cape Verde.

Do however note that these fares are hand-luggage only. If you want to add a checked bag to your booking, you need to pay a surcharge.

Flights can be booked directly at TAP Air Portugal or through a third party website such as Kayak.

sal santa maria beach sunset cape verde
Sunset over Santa Maria beach, Island of Sal, Cape Verde. ©Paliparan

Cape Verde

The Cape Verde islands (called Cabo Verde in Portuguese) are wonderful to visit and have sunny weather with temperatures hovering around 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

If you are looking for a perfect beach destination or want to relax in a beautiful holiday resort, then the islands of Sal and Boavista are the most suitable for you.

With these cheap TAP Air Portugal flights from Switzerland to Cape Verde, you can now book your spot in the sun as well!

sal beach cape verde cheap flight deal
One of the beaches on the island of Sal. ©Paliparan


More adventurous souls however might want to explore some other islands as well. Praia, the capital of Cape Verde, is located on the island of Santiago, the largest in the archipelago.

The city of Mindelo on the island of São Vicente is however considered as the cultural capital of Cape Verde and makes for a festive destination.

From Mindelo, you can take the ferry to the rugged island of Santo Antão, which is widely considered as the most beautiful of all the Cape Verde islands.

It mixes mountainous volcanic landscapes with lush green valleys in the island’s interior and somewhat feels like an African version of Hawaii.

santo antao cape verde rainforest
The island of Santo Antão is famous for its wild volcanic landscapes. ©Paliparan

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