Hiking on Kastellorizo: Two Sunset Hikes Detailed

In this hiking guide to the Greek island of Kastellorizo (Megisti), we detail two easy late afternoon hikes which offer great sunset views.


As you might have read in the previous chapter, I was tremendously enjoying my time on the beautiful island of Kastellorizo.

Kastellorizo, which is sometimes called Megisti or Meyisti as well, is the easternmost island of both the Dodecanese archipelago and Greece as a whole.

Measuring only 12 square kilometres, remote Kastellorizo is the perfect small island to relax and to get away from it all.

Although I certainly did spend a lot of time doing exactly that, I also managed to be a bit more active, going on two late afternoon hikes across the island.

Kastellorizo Town as seen from the castle. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo castle
Kastellorizo Town. ©Paliparan
swim kastellorizo koen
Although Kastellorizo lacks beaches, there are some stone platforms offering excellent swimming possibilities. ©Paliparan

Hiking on Kastellorizo

Due to its small size and lack of roads (basically there is only one linking the town to the airport) there are two ways to explore Kastellorizo: by boat or by foot.

There are some great hiking paths on the islands and although these tracks can get rocky at times, the relatively short distances involved mean that not a single hike is too strenuous if you don’t have mobility problems.

If you are visiting Kastellorizo in late spring, summer or early autumn like most other people do, it is best to go hiking in the early morning or late afternoon when the temperatures are a bit lower and the sun is not at its strongest.

Even though many hikes can be done in three hours there and back, it’s still wise to bring along some sunscreen and plenty of water. Although hiking shoes are not a must, some decent shoes are needed.

You will regret it if you start hiking on flip flops or the flimsiest of sandals as some of the paths are made out of rather sharp rocks.

To the monastery

One of the most popular hikes goes from Kastellorizo Town to the Monastery of St. George-of-the-Mountain, located on the mountain plateau in the centre of the island.

From Kastellorizo Town you can already see the steps hewn into the cliffside running all the way up to the top of the mountain.

Needless to say, the views during the climb up alone are absolutely worth it. Once you are on the plateau, you will also find the scenery and vegetation to be entirely different than down the mountain at sea level.

It takes about one hour to hike from Kastellorizo Town to the St. George-of-the-Mountain Monastery, which allows you a pause or two on the way up.

According to Google Maps, the walk is 1.6 kilometres or exactly 1 mile long (one-way) and sees you climbing up from 2 metres (7ft) to 174 metres (571ft) above sea level.

monastery map
The hike from Kastellorizo Town to the mountaintop monastery can easily be done in one hour (one-way) at leisurely pace. ©Google Maps

Mountain stairs

You can’t really miss the cliffside stairs of Kastellorizo, as these can be seen from both Kastellorizo Town as well as from the satellite neighbourhood of Mandraki.

If for some reason you cannot find the start of the path going to the mountain stairway, it is best to use Google Maps to map the route.

kastellorizo mountain
You can already see from a distance that there is a stairway running up the mountain. ©Paliparan
The cliffside stairway can also be clearly seen from the port of Kastellorizo as well. That’s your path up the monastery! ©Paliparan
kastellorizo town street
The first part of the walk will lead you through some of the streets of Kastellorizo Town. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo town
The views from the upper part of Kastellorizo Town are already nice – but they will get even better higher up. ©Paliparan
hiking path kastellorizo hike
Once you reached the actual path up the mountain, the hike to the monastery is straightforward. ©Paliparan

Climbing up the cliff

Once you reached the bottom of the stairway, you do not really need a map or GPS anymore as from here it’s just up the mountain and straight ahead to the monastery.

However, that is of course easier said than done as you still need to climb all the steps up!

The steps are hewn directly out of the red cliffs which dominate the centre of the island. In fact, the island of Kastellorizo was named after these red cliffs.

When the Knights of St. John arrived on the island they thought the towering red cliffs resembled some kind of a castle and thus named it ‘Castelrosso’.

Needless to say, the views from the stairway down over Kastellorizo Town are absolutely fantastic.

kastellorizo town view hike
View over Kastellorizo Town from the stairway up the mountain. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo town hiking hike hikes path
The first part of the hike runs through a small pine forest. ©Paliparan
megisti hikes hike hiking
As you climb higher, you will find yourself looking back all the time to admire the beautiful views. ©Paliparan
megisti island
Looking towards the interior of the island. ©Paliparan
megisti meyisti
The path up the mountain. ©Paliparan
mountain path
Climbing up higher and higher. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo town view
View over Kastellorizo Town. ©Paliparan
island panorama
Island panorama. The Turkish coast can be seen all the way in the far distance. ©Paliparan
megisti greece
With views like this, what is not to like about hiking on Kastellorizo? ©Paliparan
kastellorizo town
Due to the cloud cover and the setting sun, it wasn’t too hot for hiking in the late afternoon. ©Paliparan
cliff megisti
The last bits are the steepest, as the steps here are directly hewn out of the cliff. ©Paliparan

On the plateau

Once you reach the plateau, you will find the scenery and vegetation to be entirely different. There are lots of shrubs and rocks while there are few trees in this barren landscape.

Although there are no signs pointing you the way to the monastery, the path can be clearly seen between the shrubs. If in doubt, just check Google Maps and the GPS on your phone to ensure you are still walking in the right direction.

mountain kastellorizo hike hiking
Up on the mountaintop plateau. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo hiking path
Although there are no signs, the hiking path to the monastery is almost impossible to miss. ©Paliparan
megisti plateau
The barren shrubland on top of the plateau. ©Paliparan
island plateau
I loved the wild beauty of the plateau. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo goat
As you get closer to the monastery, you will most likely spot some goats. ©Paliparan
island scenery
Scenery on top of the plateau. ©Paliparan
st george of the mountain monastery kastellorizo megisti
The St. George-of-the-Mountain Monastery comes in sight! ©Paliparan


The Monastery of Saint George of the Mountain (Agios Georgios) was built in the location of an early Christian basilica from which the original mosaic floor is preserved.

Like so many other monasteries on Greek islands, Saint George of the Mountain is a fortified building complex.

The highlight is apparently the Katholikon (major church) of the monastery, which features a domed basilica and an underground carved crypt.

Unfortunately, the monastery had its doors firmly shut by the time I arrived, so I could only admire it from the outside.

st george of the mountain monastery kastellorizo
On the mountain plateau you will find the monastery of St. George-of-the-Mountain. ©Paliparan


From the monastery, it is possible to make a big loop of Kastellorizo’s interior by continuing the hike to Saint Panteleimon Monastery and the nearby ruins of the Paleokastro Fortress on the highest point of the island.

As the sun was already setting, I unfortunately didn’t have enough time for this so I decided to hike the same way back.

If you don’t have the time to hike all the way to Paleokastro (from where I’d say you have the best sunset view of the entire island) there is however a good alternative for sunset watchers.

Just before you arrive back at the stairway back down the cliff, you will see a flagpole with a large Greek flag in the shrubland. As this is positioned towards the west of the hiking path, there are some great sunset views from here towards the sea on Kastellorizo’s western shore.

Having brought a cold beer with me, I sat down on a rock to enjoy the great views and the well-earned refreshment.

megisti sunset
When I turned back, the sun was almost setting down. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo hiking greece
Hiking back towards the stairway. ©Paliparan
sunset kastellorizo
Kastellorizo sunset view. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo sunset
The Greek flag made for a great spot to drink a beer and to watch the sunset over the island of Kastellorizo. ©Paliparan
megisti sunset
A gorgeous Kastellorizo sunset. ©Paliparan
sunset kastellorizo
Kastellorizo sunset view. ©Paliparan

The way back down

The hike back down the mountain to Kastellorizo town was straightforward and fast.

It’s probably best to go back before darkness falls completely as there are no lights up the mountain and the at times uneven surface means that you can easily sprain your ankle if you don’t watch where you put your foot down.

If you leave right after the sunset, you will be back in Kastellorizo Town from the hiking trip well before darkness falls.

stairway stairs steps kastellorizo town
Walking down the stairway back to Kastellorizo Town. ©Paliparan
View over Kastellorizo Town. ©Paliparan
steps cliff kastellorizo megisti
Hiking down the mountain back to Kastellorizo Town ©Paliparan
sunset colour kastellorizo
The last bits of sunset colours in the skies over Kastellorizo. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo town
I arrived back in Kastellorizo Town well before total darkness. ©Paliparan

Hiking to Saint Stephen Church

On my last day on Kastellorizo, I went hiking to Saint Stephen’s Church (Agios Stefanos) on the northernmost point of Kastellorizo.

At around 2.6 kilometres (1.6 miles) one-way distance, this hike is a bit longer than the one to the mountaintop monastery.

Although this hike only reaches an altitude about half as high (91 metres or 299 feet above sea level at most) as the one to St. George-of-the-Mountain, it is certainly more strenuous due to the rocky, uneven path. Wear good shoes, preferably with a firm and thick enough sole.

island map
The second hike took me to the northernmost point of Kastellorizo, where you will find the church of Saint Stephen. ©Google Maps

Post office

To reach the start of the hiking path to St. Stephen’s Church, you have to walk all along the harbour of Kastellorizo Town to the western side of the bay.

You will find the beginning of the hiking path right behind the building the Hellenic Post.

kastellorizo waterfront megisti
Just like my first hike, I started the second hike from the Kastellorizo waterfront. ©Paliparan
saint george pigadi church
The Saint George at Pigadi Orthodox Church at the Kastellorizo waterfront. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo town
To reach the starting point of the hiking path, you have to walk all the way along the waterfront to the post office. ©Paliparan
megisti meyisti
Kastellorizo Town. ©Paliparan
Kastellorizo Town. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo mansion
The beautiful old mansions of Kastellorizo Town. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo swimming
To reach the post office and the start of the hiking path, you will walk past a swimming platform. ©Paliparan
post office kastellorizo
The building of the Hellenic Post. The hiking path starts right behind this post office. ©Paliparan


The hiking path towards St. Stephen’s Church basically runs along the entire length of the peninsula on the western side of Kastellorizo harbour.

Right after the post office, you will leave Kastellorizo Town behind as the trail sneaks higher up the hill. There are some great views back over Kastellorizo Town and its harbour.

hiking path kastellorizo
The hiking path behind the post office. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo town
View over Kastellorizo Town from the hiking path. ©Paliparan
hiking kastellorizo
At some points, there is a steep drop down at one side of the path. You better watch your steps! ©Paliparan
Looking back over Kastellorizo Town. ©Paliparan

Stones and rocks

As you might have already seen on the previous picture, the hiking path changes a bit in character a few hundred metres or so out of Kastellorizo Town.

What started as a well-kept walking path now turns into a much more uneven hiking trail made out of rocks and stones.

Some of these smaller stones are quite sharp, so make sure you are wearing sturdy shoes. Walking this hiking trail on flip flops is out of the question as it is not only dangerous but highly uncomfortable as well!

Even though the path may be a bit rough, the views do make up for it. About halfway the hike you will encounter a large Greek flag painted on the side of a mountain.

megisti hiking trail
Climbing higher and higher up on the hill. ©Paliparan
Apart from the occasional goat or ship out in the sea, you will not encounter much life. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo hiking trail
At some points, the hiking trail gets a bit more rough. ©Paliparan
greek flag mountain
Greek flag painted on the side of the mountain. ©Paliparan
greek flag kastellorizo greece
Greek flag painted on the side of the mountain. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo view hike
If you look back over your shoulder, the views over Kastellorizo Town and the island are amazing. ©Paliparan

Downhill again

The last part of the hike is mostly downhill. The rocky path will eventually join a gravel road which runs down all the way to Saint Stephen Church.

This road is occasionally used by Greek Army jeeps as well, as they have a small lookout post right next to the church.

From here, the distance to Turkey across the sea is only three kilometres, making it an obvious strategic point on the island of Kastellorizo.

It will therefore not be a surprise that you will also come across several bunkers here as well, some of which are quite well camouflaged and hidden!

hiking trail
The hiking trail towards St. Stephen’s Church. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo hike
As you near the northern shore, the quality of the path improves a bit. ©Paliparan
megisti road
Eventually, the path joins a gravel road down to St. Stephen’s Church. ©Paliparan
greek army jeep
A Greek army jeep near St. Stephen Church. ©Paliparan
saint stephen church megisti
Saint Stephen’s Church. ©Paliparan
turkey coast
From Saint Stephen’s Church, it is only three kilometres to Turkey across the straight. ©Paliparan

Hiking back

Having reached the northern tip of Kastellorizo and getting as close to Turkey as I could possibly get, it was time to hike back.

Just like my previous hike, I had packed a cold beer, planning to stop somewhere to watch the sunset.

As the hiking trail to St. Stephen’s Church is located on the eastern side of the peninsula, you don’t have a direct sunset view towards the west. That said, you will have some fabulous views back over Kastellorizo Town with some lovely orange and purple sunset colours in the skies.

hike kastellorizo
Hiking back to Kastellorizo Town. ©Paliparan
Some cool-looking shrubs at the side of the road. ©Paliparan
fix beer kastellorizo
After a while, I found a good spot for a beer with some great views back over Kastellorizo Town. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo sunset view
Gorgeous sunset colours over Kastellorizo Town and the rest of the island. ©Paliparan

Arriving ferry

I perhaps stayed a bit too long admiring the great views over Kastellorizo Town as by the time I finally got up and embarked on the last stretch back to town the skies were already getting dark.

Given how rocky and this hiking trail is (and at times, close to the edge of the slope as well) you may want to pack a flashlight or at least make sure you got enough battery left on your smartphone to use its torch function to shine ahead on the path.

One cool sight on the way back to town was the arrival of the SAOS Ferries ship from Rhodes into the Port of Kastellorizo.

By the time I finally arrived back at the waterfront of Kastellorizo Town, it was already pitch dark outside. The second hike ended up quite a bit more strenuous and longer than I had anticipated, but it was certainly well worth it!

kastellorizo hike
Hiking back to Kastellorizo Town. ©Paliparan
saos ferries
SAOS Ferries from Rhodes arriving into the Port of Kastellorizo. ©Paliparan
saos ferries kastellorizo
The SAOS Ferries ship sailing into the harbour. ©Paliparan
megisti night
By the time I arrived back at the post office, it was already dark. ©Paliparan
cat turtle
Cat watching a turtle in the harbour. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo night
The Kastellorizo waterfront at night. ©Paliparan
kastellorizo restaurant
The Kastellorizo waterfront at night. ©Paliparan
saos ferries megisti
The SAOS Ferries ship docked in the Port of Kastellorizo. ©Paliparan


Although Kastellorizo is primarily an island to relax in all quietness and to get away from it all, it also offers some excellent hiking opportunities.

As the island is only 12 square kilometres in size, these hikes will not be the longest and most arduous ever. In fact, it is easy to set out a hike taking you between two and three hours, easily fitting it into your morning or late afternoon plans.

It is especially worth it to go hiking in the late afternoon or early evening as you can make it coincide with some beautiful sunset views over the island of Kastellorizo.

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