Denmark, Israel Lift Quarantine Restrictions for Vaccinated Tourists

Denmark and Israel have announced that they will reopen their borders and lift all quarantine restrictions for vaccinated tourists.


The Danish Government announced that it will reopen its borders for travellers from other European Union (EU) countries.

Starting on 1st May, fully vaccinated people will be allowed to travel to Denmark without the need to show a negative PCR test. These travellers are also exempt from any home isolation or quarantine upon arrival in Denmark.

copenhagen denmark reopening corona
A canal in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. ©Screenshot

Other tourists

EU tourists who didn’t receive their corona virus vaccine yet will also be able to visit Denmark from 1st May.

If they come from a country with low infection numbers they will be exempt from a PCR test and quarantine measures as well. However, tourists from EU countries with a high COVID-19 incidence would still face PCR test and quarantine requirements.

It is not yet known when Denmark will reopen for non-EU tourists as this will most likely be coordinated with other European Union countries at a later stage.

Bars and restaurants

Just like the UK, also Denmark is slowly reopening its society. Starting on 21st April, restaurants and cafés will be allowed to serve customers outside.

From 5th May, restaurants, pubs and cafés in Denmark will be allowed to welcome guests indoors as well.

denmark corona reopen copenhagen vaccinated tourists
From 21st May, it is again possible in Denmark to enjoy a beer or a meal on an open-air terrace. ©Screenshot


Another country which outlined its path to a full reopening is Israel, which is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to its vaccination pace.

However, despite Israel’s successful vaccination campaign the country is taking a much more cautious approach towards reopening its tourism sector.

Starting on 23rd May, Israel will welcome vaccinated tourists again into the country. At this first stage, only travellers who are part of a pre-approved tour group will be allowed into the country.

Despite being fully vaccinated, these tourists must still take a PCR test prior to travel and on arrival in Israel. They also need to take an antibody test to prove they indeed received their corona virus vaccination.

jerusalem israel vaccinated tourism travel
Jerusalem. ©Paliparan

Gradual reopening

Tourism Minister Orit Farkash-Hacohen explained that Israel chose for this gradual reopening as tourist groups are easier to monitor than individual travellers, allowing the authorities to review whether or not foreign tourist arrivals have an impact on infection rates.

Only at a later stage will Israel reopen for individual travellers as well.

Ms Farkash-Hacohen said: “I will continue to push to open the country to tourism, which will help the economy considerably and create sorely-needed jobs for so many Israelis today.”

haifa israel
The Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa. ©Paliparan

Green pass

Israel works with so-called “green pass” certificates which are given to vaccinated people as well as to those who have recovered from COVID-19.

By showing this green pass certificate, locals can now enjoy cafés, pubs, restaurants and even music concerts.

tel aviv tourism israel vaccinated vaccination
The lively food scene of Tel Aviv. ©Paliparan

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