A Multiple Country Train Tour Across Europe

As you might have noticed there have been scarce website updates on Paliparan in the last few weeks, as I was not only extremely busy with work but also embarked on a cool trip across Europe by train.


After a couple of intensive working weeks – in which I unfortunately had little time to update the website with new content and to finish some of the trip reports – I was in for a holiday abroad.

Being fully vaccinated and eager to travel again, I decided to try out a fun experiment: how easy is it these days to make a multi-country trip across Europe?

zagreb croatia
Zagreb was one of the stops on my multi-country tour of Europe. ©Paliparan

Train trip

Although I will go into much more detail in a separate post how easy and tricky (both at the same time!) planning such a multi-country trip is, I can say that fortunately all went well.

Despite the fact that my itinerary was rather complicated and at some points had little room for error I had zero issues during the trip.

In total I crossed 8 different countries in a week, taking 5 flights and 10 trains. Most of the focus during the trip has been on some of Europe’s most scenic train lines in countries such as Switzerland, Austria and Croatia.

semmering railway austria train europe
The famous Semmering Railway in Austria. ©Paliparan
romanian night train cfr budapest keleti pu
A Romanian sleeper train at Budapest’s wonderful Keleti station. ©Paliparan


However, also the flights I took were quite noteworthy from an avgeek point of view. This trip marked my first time on a Boeing 737 MAX, as well as my first time flying on the (much rarer) Let L-140 Turbolet.

Especially the flights on the Let L-140 turboprop (three of them!) across were Croatia were great fun.

let l-140 turbolet pula airport trade air croatia
A Let L-140 Turbolet at Pula Airport (PUY) in Croatia. ©Paliparan


The trip mostly focussed on Croatia, spending some time in Zagreb, Trogir and Split – all three lovely cities which I can highly recommend.

I also spent a full day in Zurich, Switzerland. Although it’s a highly expensive city without any real blockbuster sights, it is certainly a very peaceful, scenic and easy-going place.

As the weather was absolutely great, I spent most of my time relaxing at the lake. In fact, during my entire trip I only had great weather – apart from the last day of train travel on the way home.

zurich switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland. ©Paliparan
trogir croatia monastery
An abandoned monastery high above the sea just a few miles out of Trogir, Croatia. ©Paliparan

Website activity

In the coming weeks, I might post about some parts of this trip if I have time – especially a few reviews of some of the trains and flights involved as those are probably of the most interest to people. Besides, they are much quicker to write for me than destination guides.

Although I still plan to make a few (short) trips in the coming weeks and months, the travel pace will for sure be a bit lower which will hopefully allow me to finish up on some other trip reports and articles as well.

So stay tuned, as there will plenty to follow on the website in the next couple of weeks!

zidani most train slovenia dining car
The dining car of a Slovenian EuroCity (EC) train at the station of Zidani Most. ©Paliparan

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Koen works as a freelance journalist covering south-eastern Europe and is the founding father and editor-in-chief of Paliparan. As a contributor to some major Fleet Street newspapers and some lesser known publications in the Balkans, he travels thousands of miles each year for work as well as on his personal holidays. Whether it is horse riding in Kyrgyzstan’s Tian Shan mountains, exploring the backstreets of Bogotá, or sipping a glass of moschofilero in a Greek beachside taverna, Koen loves to immerse himself into the local culture, explore new places and eat and drink himself around the world.

2 thoughts on “A Multiple Country Train Tour Across Europe

  • May 19, 2021 at 1:37 am


    Just dropping by to let you know that I very much look forward to your posts every time you add something new. The way you enjoy travel resonates with me, and your site allows me to live vicariously through your experiences.


    • Avatar photo
      May 19, 2021 at 12:43 pm

      Thanks for the compliment, Kevin! Hope to see you back many times on the website, got a couple of interesting posts planned for the next few days which I’m working on now.

      Hope you manage to have some great travels as well or can look forward to them in the near future!


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