Review: Dorothea Apartments, Halki, Greece

In this review, we will stay at Dorothea Apartments on the island of Halki (Chalki) in Greece.


After a short hop on the ferry from Rhodes, I found myself in the harbour of Halki Town. For the next three nights I had booked an apartment at Dorothea Apartments, which set me back a reasonable 72 euro per night.

Before I arrived in port, I was sent a message that I should call a phone number of the owner in order to be picked up, which was what I did.

Some ten minutes later, a middle-aged Greek man in a run-down pick-up truck arrived to transport me uphill to the apartment. Especially if you are travelling with lots of baggage, this harbour pick-up comes in handy.

The apartments are actually just a few minutes away from the quay, but as the walk uphill involves lots of stairs and the way can be difficult to find when you arrive for the first time it is actually useful for everyone.

halki chalki arrival
View of Halki Town from the deck of the ferry. ©Paliparan
pick-up truck ride
Complimentary pick-up from the port. ©Paliparan

Dorothea Apartments

Dorothea Apartments is located in a beautiful stone house a few steps down from the road. My apartment was on the second floor of the building.

Light blue is the dominant colour both in the corridor as well as in my apartment. Although I thought the apartment was a bit oddly furnished, with seats standing at the side of the wall and a large dining table in the corner, it still had its charms thanks to the high ceiling, chandelier and curtains.

The room had two single beds put together and made for a comfortable sleep at night.

The apartment also featured a desk, plenty of storage space in the large closet and air-conditioning. There were plenty of power sockets throughout the room and the WiFi connection was fast and reliable.

dorothea apartments halki chalki
Dorothea Apartments is located in a beautiful stone building. ©Paliparan
dorothea apartments
Dorothea Apartments. ©Paliparan
dorothea apartments
The hallway on the 2nd floor. My apartment was located through the doors on the left. ©Paliparan
dorothea apartments chalki halki
The combined bed and living room of my apartment. ©Paliparan
dorothea apartments
Dorothea Apartments. ©Paliparan
Dorothea Apartments, with the door to the kitchen and bathroom being visible in the back. ©Paliparan


By far the best aspect of my apartment was the view from the windows. If you opened the curtains and the shutters, you are treated to some marvellous views over Halki Town, its small port and the sea. From another side, you have some great views over a church tower and the barren interior.

The windows in the room all have a large windowsill on which you can comfortably sit and enjoy the view.

The doors on the corridor open to a balcony which can be used as well. I found it an excellent place to sit during the afternoon with a glass of wine, some fruits and a book.

view window
View from the window over Halki Town. ©Paliparan
view window
View from the window over Halki Town. ©Paliparan
balcony greece
The balcony was an excellent place to sit down with a glass of wine and a book. ©Paliparan
halki town island greece
Looking back from the balcony towards the barren interior of Halki. ©Paliparan
balcony view
Balcony view over Halki Town. ©Paliparan
anek lines halki
Watching an ANEK Lines ferry depart from the port of Halki. ©Paliparan
sea view halki
Wonderful sea view from the balcony of Dorothea Apartments. ©Paliparan
dusk view sea
View from the apartment at dusk. ©Paliparan
dusk view sea
View from the apartment at dusk. ©Paliparan
halki town
Also at night, you have a wonderful over Halki Town from Dorothea Apartments. ©Paliparan

Kitchen and bathroom

My apartment also had its own kitchen and bathroom. Although I didn’t make use of it apart from the fridge, the kitchen was fairly well-equipped and had a cooktop, kettle and enough plates and cutlery.

The bathroom is exactly what you can expect from your average Greek apartment. Even though it was a bit basic and you had to be careful not to flood the floor when taking a shower, it was certainly spacious and clean.

kitchen dorothea apartments
The kitchen in my apartment. ©Paliparan
bathroom dorothea apartments
The bathroom in my apartment. ©Paliparan


Dorothea Apartments has an excellent location in Halki Town. It might take you a few minutes to get orientated, but if you know the shortcut through a small alley and some steps you can reach the waterfront in five minutes time.

That means that Halki Town’s cafés, restaurants, as well as a supermarket and bakery, are all just a short walk away from the apartment.

breakfast halki
It takes just ten minutes to walk from the apartment to the bakery and back for some tasty breakfast. ©Paliparan


Dorothea Apartments made for a wonderful base from where to explore Halki Town and the rest of the island. Although the apartment itself is fairly basic, it was clean and comfortable and I didn’t encounter any major drawbacks.

The apartment is centrally located in Halki Town, with all shops and restaurants being reachable on foot within just five minutes.

Best of all were the wonderful views over Halki from the windows and balcony, making the apartment a great place to linger for a while with a coffee or glass of wine.

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