No More UK Quarantine for Vaccinated Tourists From EU, US

The United Kingdom (UK) has decided to abolish quarantine for vaccinated tourists from the United States (US) and European Union (EU) countries and to slowly reopen for travel.

UK travel

According to British local media, vaccinated tourists from the US and the EU will be able to travel to the United Kingdom without the need to quarantine.

Travellers who were vaccinated in the UK were already exempt from quarantine, but until now both British nationals vaccinated abroad as well as foreign citizens were not exempted.

With the new change, travellers from across Europe and the United States will finally be able to travel to the UK in a relatively hassle-free way.

london uk quarantine vaccinated tourists
Vaccinated travellers from the EU and US can now travel more easily to the UK. ©Paliparan

PCR test

Exact guidelines of how travel to the UK will look like for US and EU citizens will be communicated at a later point this week.

According to local media, vaccinated travellers would however need to show a negative PCR test before travel. They would also be required to take a follow-up test on day two of their stay in the UK.

Whether such a test needs to be pre-booked or not is not yet known.

It is believed that non-vaccinated travellers from the US and EU will likely still need to quarantine if they want to travel to the UK.

british airways boeing 747
Vaccinated travellers flying or travelling by other means to the UK are still required to show a negative PCR test result. ©Screenshot


The decision to allow vaccinated travellers from the US and EU into the country will be a great boost for the British tourism industry.

British expats who are vaccinated abroad and those with family in the UK will benefit from the new regulations as well, as many have not been able to travel to the UK since the outbreak of the corona pandemic.


On 19th July, British PM Boris Johnson had already eased most internal COVID-19 restrictions in the UK, allowing pubs, restaurants and nightclubs to fully reopen without any restrictions whatsoever.

Face coverings are still recommended in some indoor spaces, although these are not required by law.


It’s great to see that the UK is starting to allow US and EU residents to travel back to Blighty, as the country has so far been one of the most restrictive countries in Europe when it came to reopening the borders.

I always found it quite bizarre how the country with one of the highest vaccination grades in Europe was also the one with the most stringent travel restrictions.

Given that corona infection rates are declining in the UK and the number of hospitalised patients is relatively low, easing border restrictions is a logical and welcome step if you ask me.

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