Train Travel in Italy: 30% Discount on Trenitalia Tickets

If you plan to travel through Italy by train you can book your Trenitalia railway tickets this weekend with a 30 percent discount!

Summer deal

By using the special discount code ‘GOSUMMER2021’ on the website of Trenitalia, the state railway company of Italy, you can get a 30% discount on train tickets.

The discount code is valid on high speed trains (all ‘frecce’ trains such as the Frecciarossa, Frecciargento and Frecciabianca services), InterCity (IC) trains, and night trains (IC Notte).

trenitalia italy train discount
If you book your Italian train ticket this weekend you can get a 30% discount. ©Trenitalia screenshot

Super Economy

The 30% discount is only valid on so-called ‘Super Economy’ fares, which are tickets which cannot be rebooked or refunded.

Super Economy has nothing to do with travel class, as you can find these fares both for 2nd and 1st class, as well as private sleeper compartments on overnight trains.

For example, you could travel in 2nd class on a ‘Freciarossa’ train – Trenitalia’s fastest, most premium high-speed train – between Milan and Rome.

In our example, a ticket which would normally cost you 76.90 EUR can now be booked for 53.80 EUR using the discount code by simply entering ‘GOSUMMER2021’ under ‘discount coupon’ at the booking page.

train booking
A high speed train ticket between Milan and Rome in super economy costs 76.90 EUR… ©Paliparan
train booking
Using the 30% discount code, we can however bring the price down to 53.80 euro! ©Paliparan


Similar savings can be had on overnight trains. What about taking the train from Milano Centrale or Roma Termini all the way to Sicily?

A 84.90 EUR super economy ticket for a private compartment (‘posto singolo’) on the overnight train (InterCity Notte) between Milan and Catania can be brought back in price to just 59.40 EUR using the discount code!

That’s certainly an amazing deal for a train journey of well over 18 hour!

night train trenitalia
Travel 18+ hours by night train in a private compartment for just under 60 euro! ©Paliparan
italy train ferry
If you take a train from the Italian mainland to Sicily, your train carriage will be placed on a special train ferry between Villa San Giovanni and Messina in order to cross the Strait of Messina. ©Paliparan
catania centrale train italy
A Trenitalia train arriving at Catania Centrale. ©Paliparan

Terms and conditions

In order to receive the 30% discount, you must book your ticket on the Trenitalia website before 3pm CEST on 23rd August using the ‘GOSUMMER2021’ voucher code.

The discount code is only available on trains departing between 2nd September and 27th October 2021.

As the website of Trenitalia can be a bit quirky to use for those uninitiated to rail travel in Italy, I recommend you to read the great Italian railway guide at Seat61.

milano centrale trenitalia train italy railway discount
A Trenitalia high speed train at Milano Centrale station. ©Paliparan
train travel italy railway
Train travel in Italy can be a real joy. ©Paliparan

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