Aegean Airlines Flash Sale: 50% Off All Flights

Aegean Airlines has a 24-hour flash sale in which the Greek national airline is discounting all its flights to and from Greece by a whopping 50 percent!

Autumn discount deal

The 50 percent discount deal is valid on all direct flights in the entire route network of Aegean Airlines.

However, to make use of the Aegean Airlines flash sale you have to be fast as the deal expires tomorrow (Wednesday 27th October) at 11.59am Greek time.

Despite the short period in which you have to decide whether or not you may want to book a flight, it’s an excellent deal.

aegean airlines flash sale
Get 50% off your flight ticket in this Aegean Airlines flash sale. ©Aegean Airlines


The 50% discount applies to all flights operated by Aegean Airlines and its subsidiary Olympic Air, although your flight must take place this autumn.

Only flights between 1st November 2021 and 30th November 2021 are eligible for the 50% discount. The discount applies not only to the base fare, but also to the full surcharges.

Do note that the deal is only valid for travel in Aegean’s economy class.

If you want to profit from this flash sale, you have to book your ticket on the website of Aegean Airlines.

aegean airlines flash sale
An Aegean Airlines Airbus A320 at Athens Airport. ©Paliparan

Trip ideas

Although for many travellers November might sound a bit too late in the season for a trip to Greece, it’s certainly not a bad time to travel to the Hellenic Republic.

With pleasant temperatures and off-season hotel deals, November is an excellent time to make a city trip to Athens or Thessaloniki.

If you are looking for autumn colours, there is perhaps no better area to visit than the mountains of the Zagorohoria.

To visit this underrated area of Greece, you can either fly to Ioannina or make a road trip from Athens or Thessaloniki.

Even though life on some of the smaller islands will have come to a standstill by November with many hotels and restaurants having closed for the winter, late autumn is still a great time of the year to visit some of the larger islands such as Crete, Rhodes or Corfu.

syntagma parliament athens greece
Presidential Guards in traditional Evzones uniforms guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in front of the parliament building in Athens. ©Paliparan
zagorohoria greece
The Zagorohoria is famous for its old stone bridges, deep canyons, wild rivers and gorgeous autumn foliage. ©Paliparan
rhodes old town
Larger islands such as Rhodes and Crete will still have plenty of local life in November. ©Paliparan

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