A Stopover Walk Through the Old Town of Zurich

In this destination report, we take a walk through the old town of Zurich and visit some of the city’s sights during a stopover.

Zurich stopover

The gorgeous arrival views from my LOT Polish Airlines flight into Zurich were quite promising for my stopover in the city.

My flight had landed at 10am and my onward train connection would not depart until 6.40pm, which left me with plenty of time to explore Zurich during this stopover.

As it was a sunny spring day, I decided that I wanted to spend as much time outdoors as possible during my stopover to soak up the sunshine and views.

Fortunately, Zurich is quite compact and has a walkable city centre, making this easily doable.

From the airport, I took one of the frequent suburban trains to Zurich Hauptbahnhof (main station) where I started my walk through town.

zurich airport landing
Zurich Airport arrival view. ©Paliparan
swiss airbus a321 zurich airport
A Swiss Airbus A321 at Zurich Airport. ©Paliparan
zurich hbf hauptbahnhof
Zurich Hauptbahnhof (HB), the city’s main train station. ©Paliparan

Into the city centre

From Zurich’s main railway station it’s a short walk into the old town (called ‘altstadt’ in German).

The shortest route is by exiting the station through its southern entrance and walking down the Bahnhofstrasse (train station street).

The Bahnhofstrasse is one of Zurich’s main shopping streets and quite inviting for a stroll since its almost fully pedestrianised apart from the trams running up and down the street.

About two thirds down the Bahnhofstrasse you find another important Zurich square, the Paradeplatz.

This square is the historic financial heart of Zurich and some major Swiss banks such as UBS and Credit Suisse still have their headquarters here.

On the corner of Bahnhofstrasse and Paradeplatz you can find Confiserie Sprüngli, a luxury confectionery manufacturer which is a Zurich institution.

This area being the heart of banking operations you can find plenty of more luxury shops and restaurants around here.

Although some of these restaurants looked inviting I decided to walk on as the prices are so high that you need to sell a kidney to be able to afford to dine here.

zurich bahnhofstrasse
The Bahnhofstrasse connects the train station with the city centre and the shores of Lake Zurich. ©Paliparan
paradeplatz zurich
Paradeplatz. ©Paliparan
zurich trams
Zurich’s trademark blue-and-white trams running down the Bahnhofstrasse. The café on the right is Confiserie Sprüngli, a luxury Swiss confectioner. ©Paliparan
zentralhof zurich
Around the Paradeplatz you can find plenty of appealing cafés and restaurants such as this outdoor eatery on the Zentralhof square. ©Paliparan

St. Peter’s Church

If you would walk further down the Bahnhofstrasse, you will eventually end up at the Bürkliplatz square on the shores of Lake Zurich.

Instead of walking directly to the lakeshore, I however walked into one of the side streets which led up a hill to the Church of Saint Peter, one of the four main churches of Zurich

The Church of St. Peter, a Protestant church, is famous for having the largest church clock of Europe.

church st peter zurich
Walking up the hill to the Church of St. Peter. ©Paliparan
Zurich houses. ©Paliparan
square zurich
The square in front of the Church of St. Peter. ©Paliparan
church st peter clock
The Church of St. Peter has Europe’s largest church clock face. ©Paliparan
rooftop view
Looking over the rooftops towards the Grossmünster, one of the other main churches of Zurich. ©Paliparan

Along the Limmat

The old town of Zurich is situated on both banks of the River Limmat.

The River Limmat has its source at Lake Zurich and streams right through the centre of Switzerland’s largest city, eventually flowing into the River Aare (itself a tributary of the Rhine) after 35 kilometres.

There is a promenade along both sides of the River Limmat and with its fine views over Zurich’s old town it’s a great place for a stroll.

The Münster Bridge is perhaps the most famous of all the River Limmat bridges as it connects the Fraumünster Church on the western bank with the Grossmünster Church on the eastern bank.

limmat river zurich stopover
The River Limmat streams right through the city centre of Zurich. In the background you can see the Grossmünster Church. ©Paliparan
zurich altstadt
The old town (altstadt) of Zurich can be found on both banks of the rivers. ©Paliparan
limmat promenade
The banks of the River Limmat. ©Paliparan
limmat zurich old town
The banks of the River Limmat. ©Paliparan
Münster Bridge zurich
The Münster Bridge with the Fraumünster Church visible at its end. ©Paliparan
fraumunter church
The Fraumünster Church. ©Paliparan
limmat river
Limmat River. ©Paliparan
limmat zurich
Boats docked at some jetties in the River Limmat. ©Paliparan
koen zurich switzerland
I was certainly enjoying my sunny walk through Zurich so far. ©Paliparan

Squares and markets

Directly behind the riverside Fraumünster Church you can find Münsterhof, the largest of the old town squares in Zurich.

This square is surrounded by several magnificent Medieval guild houses.

Just to the south of the Münsterhof is the lakeside Bürkliplatz square, which is home to a farmers’ market on most weekdays (Tuesday to Friday).

Each Saturday a flea market is held on Bürkliplatz and on this sunny weekend day the market was full of Zurich locals taking a stroll between the stalls.

zurich city centre
Zurich city centre. ©Paliparan
munsterhof zurich old town
The Münsterhof is the largest old town square and surrounded by fine Medieval buildings. ©Paliparan
burkliplatz flea market
Bürkliplatz flea market. ©Paliparan
burkliplatz flea market
Bürkliplatz flea market. ©Paliparan

Lake Zurich

One of the main attractions of Zurich is the city’s picturesque setting at the far northern tip of Lake Zurich.

Across the street from Bürkliplatz you can find a large observation deck from where you have some panoramic views over the lake.

This is also the place from where Lake Zurich passenger shuttle boats and cruises depart.

On this spring day the weather and visibility was so good that you could easily see the mountain peaks of the Alps across Lake Zurich.

burkliplatz zurich lake
The Bürkliplatz lakeshore. ©Paliparan
burkliplatz observation desk
Sculpture at the Bürkliplatz observation desk. ©Paliparan
burkliplatz lake boat
The Bürkliplatz lakeshore is the departure point for lake cruises and shuttle ferries. ©Paliparan
burkliplatz ferry boat terminal
The Bürkliplatz ferry terminal. ©Paliparan
lake zurich cruise
Going on a lake cruise is a popular tourist activity in Zurich. ©Paliparan
zurich lakeshore
The Zurich lakeshore. ©Paliparan
lake zurich view
Great views over Lake Zurich from the Bürkliplatz observation deck. ©Paliparan
alps lake zurich stopover
The Alps are clearly visible on the other side of Lake Zurich. ©Paliparan

A walk along the lakeshore

On a sunny day, it is a pleasure to walk along the western shores of Lake Zurich.

There is a footpath along this side of the lake and it leads you through some lovely parks far away from the traffic and street noises of Zurich.

When you start your walk at Bürkliplatz, you will first come across a large park and botanical garden called the Zurich Arboretum.

Further down the lake you will find several yacht clubs and swimming beaches.

There are pleasant picnic and swimming spots all along the western shore of Lake Zurich and on this weekend day there were plenty of people locals around in the parks enjoying the sun.

lakeshore walk
Walking along the lakeshore. ©Paliparan
yacht club
Lake Zurich yacht club. ©Paliparan
lake zurich walk
It’s a lovely walk along the western shore of Lake Zurich. ©Paliparan
Yachts on Lake Zurich. ©Paliparan
yacht boats
Yachts on Lake Zurich. ©Paliparan
lake sunny spring day
On this sunny spring day it was an absolute pleasure to walk along the lake. ©Paliparan
lake zurich fountain stopover
Lake Zurich fountain. ©Paliparan
lake zurich path shore
The path along the western shore of Lake Zurich. ©Paliparan
lakeshore park
Walking through the lakeshore park. ©Paliparan
lake zurich walk
Walking along Lake Zurich. ©Paliparan
burkliplatz lake observation deck zurich
Back at the Bürkliplatz lake observation deck after a nice walk along the eastern lakeshore. ©Paliparan


If you are after some fine views of both the city and Lake Zurich, you should definitely take a stroll over the Quaibrücke, which translated from German simply means Quay Bridge.

As the main lakeside road as well as plenty of trams go over the Quaibrücke this bridge can be full of traffic but the views on both sides are worth it.

Especially the view towards the old town is great as it takes in all of Zurich’s big churches.

The Quaibrücke. ©Paliparan
old town zurich stopover
View from the Quaibrücke towards the old town of Zurich. ©Paliparan
Grossmünster Quaibrücke
The Grossmünster Church as seen from the Quaibrücke. ©Paliparan
lake zurich
View from the Quaibrücke over the eastern shore of Lake Zurich. ©Paliparan
lake zurich
Lake Zurich as seen from the bridge. ©Paliparan

Eastern shore

Although it’s different in character, the eastern shore of Lake Zurich is just as pleasant as the western shore.

Where you find parks and grassland at the western shore, you can find a wide lakeside promenade here.

It’s a perfect place to sit down for a while on the quays and to enjoy the views, which was exactly what I did.

With a quartet playing some traditional Swiss music, it certainly made for a wonderful atmosphere.

There is a Migros supermarket just behind Zurich’s neo-baroque Opera House which stocks cold beer and wine in the fridge.

Plenty of locals seemed to have the same idea as me, buying a drink and a snack in the supermarket and enjoying it at the lakeshore.

Migros supermarkets are anyway a lifesaver as they have a good selection of relatively cheap ready made meals and drinks, ideal for those who are on a budget in expensive Switzerland!

zurich opera house
Zurich Opera House. ©Paliparan
Sechseläutenplatz, the square in front of the Opera House. ©Paliparan
Flowers on Stadelhoferplatz, another square on the eastern shore of Lake Zurich. ©Paliparan
Stadelhofen station
The Santiago Calatrava-designed Stadelhofen railway station is just one stop away from Zurich’s main station by suburban train. From this station, the eastern lake shore is just a few hundred metres away. ©Paliparan
Quaianlagen zurich
The Quaianlagen – the quays on the eastern lakeshore in the city centre of Zurich. ©Paliparan
quays zurich
Locals enjoying the sunshine on the quays. ©Paliparan
zurich lakeview
Fabulous view from the quays on the eastern lakeshore. ©Paliparan
passenger boat lake
Passenger boat on Lake Zurich. ©Paliparan
The Quaibrücke as seen from the quays. ©Paliparan
feldschlösschen beer
Enjoying a cold Feldschlösschen beer at the quays. ©Paliparan
lake zurich swans
Swans in Lake Zurich. ©Paliparan


After relaxing a bit in the sun with a beer it was time to slowly head back in the direction of the train station, this time walking on the eastern (right) bank of the River Limmat.

The main sight here is arguably the Grossmünster (Great Minster) Church, which is clearly recognisable by its twin towers making it one of the most iconic landmarks in the Zurich skyline.

The Romanesque Grossmünster Church was founded by Charlemagne according to legend and used to be a Catholic monastery church.

Pastor Huldrych Zwingli initiated the Swiss Reformation from the Grossmünster in the early 16th Century and the church has been Protestant since.

Underneath the Quaibrücke at the point where the River Limmat flows out of Lake Zurich. ©Paliparan
zurich old town stopover
Zurich’s old town as seen from the right bank of the River Limmat. ©Paliparan
Street on the right bank of the River Limmat. ©Paliparan
Grossmünster zurich
The eastern bank of the River Limmat is dominated by the Grossmünster Church. ©Paliparan
Grossmünster Church. ©Paliparan
zwingliplatz zurich
Zwingliplatz, the courtyard in front of the Grossmünster Church. ©Paliparan
zwingliplatz view
From the Zwingliplatz you have a fine view over the River Limmat and the Fraumünster Church at the other side,. ©Paliparan

Old town streets

Personally, I much prefer the old town streets on the eastern side of the River Limmat over those at the other side.

Where the streets to the west of the river are mostly commercial and dominated by shops, those on the eastern bank are full of attractive cafés and restaurants.

The eastern part of Zurich’s old town is a nice area to explore and the further away from the river you get, the more picturesque the cobbled streets become.

If you are looking for a nice terrace to have a drink or a meal, this certainly is the area to look for it.

zurich old town street
The picturesque streets of the old town of Zurich. ©Paliparan
old town fountain zurich
Old town fountain. ©Paliparan
cafes restaurants old town
The eastern half of the old town is full of appealing cafés and restaurants. ©Paliparan
old town terrace
On a sunny and warm day, the terraces in the old town quickly fill up. ©Paliparan
zurich old town
Zurich old town. ©Paliparan
old town street
Old town street. ©Paliparan
old town zurich terraces
Full terraces in the old town of Zurich. ©Paliparan


There was one main sight remaining which I wanted to see in the old town of Zurich – and fortunately it was right on my way back to the train station.

From the Lindenhof, located on the west bank of the River Limmat, you have perhaps the best views over the old town of Zurich.

The Lindenhof used to be the site of a Roman castle as well as a Carolingian imperial palace (‘Kaiserpfalz’), not a surprise given the strategic hilltop position.

Throughout history, the leafy tree-lined squared was commonly used as an assembly place for the local population, including in 1798 when the inhabitants of Zurich swore an oath of loyalty here to the newly created Helvetic Republic.

lindenhof zurich
The Lindenhof as seen from the other bank of the river. ©Paliparan
lindenhof zurich
The Lindenhof is a leafy hilltop square from where you have some stunning views over the old town of Zurich. ©Paliparan
lindenhof view grossmunster church
The Grossmünster Church as seen from the Lindenhof. ©Paliparan
lindenhof view
View from the Lindenhof. ©Paliparan
zurich view
Looking out over the east bank of the River Limmat. ©Paliparan
zurich old town
View over Zurich’s old town centre from the Lindenhof. ©Paliparan

Back to the station

Having walked around almost the entire city centre of Zurich, it was time to head back to the station as my feet pretty much had enough of it despite the fabulous views and glorious weather on this day.

To turn back, I simply walked along the picturesque right bank of the River Limmat until the station building appeared on the other side.

Still having some time left until the departure of my onward train to Austria, I searched for a quiet corner in the station to sit down and do some work on my laptop.

lindenhof zurich old town street
Walking back down from the Lindenhof. ©Paliparan
river view city
Heading back to the east bank of the river. ©Paliparan
zurich old town
Catching some last glimpses of Zurich’s old town from the picturesque eastern bank of the River Limmat. ©Paliparan
limmat zurich
River Limmat view. ©Paliparan
river limmat
View towards the left river bank. ©Paliparan
zurich old town
Old town houses on the River Limmat. ©Paliparan
river limmat
View over the River Limmat. ©Paliparan


I had a fabulous day walking through the old town of Zurich on my city stopover.

Although the gorgeous spring weather certainly played a big role, Zurich’s old town is generally a very pleasant and highly picturesque place to visit.

The picture-perfect old town of Zurich has a couple of interesting sights to see, among which the four main churches and the Lindenhof with its panoramic views are perhaps the most important ones.

However, most of the attraction of Zurich lies in the fact that the city is so walkable and just has a calm and relaxed vibe to it.

Even though Zurich is an important financial and business centre, you will easily forget about this when you walk along the quaint shores of Lake Zurich.

If you happen to visit on a sunny day, nothing beats sitting at the lakeshore with a cold beer and admiring the lovely views – with the Alps as a stunning backdrop.

Given that the city centre is just a short train ride away from the airport – and that the train station is located right at the edge of the old town – you’d be mad not to go for a walk through Zurich if you have a few hours to kill during your stopover or layover.

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