A Short Walk Along the Sights of Graz

In this guide we take a walk through the old town and visit some of the main sights of Graz, the capital of the Austrian state of Styria.

Graz stopover

After a comfortable journey on the Nightjet sleeper train, I found myself on a Sunday morning at the rather empty railway station of Graz.

As it was only 7am and my connecting train to Slovenia would not depart until 10.39am, I had a good three-and-a-half hours to walk around Graz, a city which I never managed to visit before.

Sure, for a historic city such as Graz – the state capital of Styria – it’s certainly not enough time for a proper visit.

However, even a morning in town is better than nothing and if my first impressions were good I could always come back another time and stay around longer.

nightjet review night sleeper train austria
My Nightjet train arrived spot on time in Graz in the early morning. ©Paliparan
graz hbf
Graz Hauptbahnhof (Graz Hbf) is the main station of the city. ©Paliparan

City centre

Having around 330,000 inhabitants, Graz is Austria’s second-largest city.

Although Graz certainly has a sizeable old town and packs in quite some sights, everything is very much walkable if you just remain in the city centre.

From the main railway station it takes around 30 minutes on foot or a few stops by tram to reach the city centre.

On the Sunday morning when I was visiting, there was hardly anyone around on the streets so I had more or less the entire city to myself.

annenstrasse graz
Walking towards the city centre. ©Paliparan
empty streets
The city felt completely deserted at 7am on Sunday. ©Paliparan
city river creek
Crossing a small river on my way to the city centre. ©Paliparan
The baroque Barmherzigenkirche (Church of Mercy). ©Paliparan
graz walk
It’s a rather pleasant walk from the train station to the city centre of Graz. ©Paliparan

The banks of the River Mur

The River Mur streams right through the city centre of Graz and a couple of important sights are located on the riverbanks.

From the banks of the river you have a great view over the Schloßberg (Castle Hill) on which a hilltop fort and clock tower is located.

On the west bank of the river you can find the Kunsthaus (Art House), a modern art museum with a rather unusual architectural design.

hilltop castle graz mur
From the banks of the River Mur you have a great view of the hilltop castle and clock tower. ©Paliparan
love locks mur river
Love locks on the bridge over the River Mur. ©Paliparan
church graz Franziskanerkirche
The Franziskanerkirche (Franciscan Church) is located right across the bridge over the River Mur. ©Paliparan
kunsthaus modern art museum graz
The Kunsthaus, a modern art museum in Graz. ©Paliparan

Old town of Graz

The most appealing part of Graz is the Altstadt (German for ‘old town’, referring to the historical city centre).

The old town centre of Graz is one of the best preserved in all of central Europe and has even been placed by UNESCO on the World Heritage List.

The heart of the old town is the Hauptplatz (German for main square) on which you can find the ornate City Hall and a fountain with statue of Archduke John of Austria.

It makes for a beautiful area to walk around as there are lots of picturesque streets and alleys in the vicinity.

graz altstadt
Walking into the Altstadt (old town) of Graz. ©Paliparan
building old town
Elaborate building decorations in the old town. ©Paliparan
graz old town street
Old town streets of Graz. ©Paliparan
main square graz
The Hauptplatz (Main Square) of Graz. ©Paliparan
graz city hall
Fountain and statue of Archduke John of Austria with behind it the Graz City Hall. ©Paliparan
city hall
Street and tram tracks next to the city hall. ©Paliparan
old town altstadt graz
Street in the old town of Graz. ©Paliparan

Old town churches

There are two important churches in the old town of Graz which are well worth a look.

The most important one is the Saint Giles Church. Built in Gothic style in the 15th Century, this Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of Styria (Diocese of Graz-Seckau).

Right next to the Gothic Cathedral stands the baroque Katharinenkirche (Saint Catherine’s Church), which makes for an interesting contrast.

In a dedicated part of the Saint Catherine’s Church you can find the Mausoleum of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II, who was born in the city of Graz.

graz cathedral
The Cathedral of Graz. ©Paliparan
st catherine's church graz mausoleum ferdinand II
Saint Catherine’s Church and the Mausoleum of Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II. ©Paliparan

Up on the hill

As I still had plenty of time and energy left, I decided to climb up the Castle Hill towards the Clock Tower.

On my way up I passed along the Freiheitsplatz (Freedom Square) with its statue of Holy Roman Emperor Francis II and the Karmeliterplatz (Carmelite Square) with its Trinity Column.

If you are not in the mood to climb up, there is also a funicular (Schlossbergbahn) as well as an elevator (Schlossberg lift) built into the rock which can take you to the top of Castle Hill.

freiheitsplatz graz
Freiheitsplatz (Freedom Square) features a statue of Francis II, the last Holy Roman Emperor. ©Paliparan
karmeliterplatz graz trinity column
Karmeliterplatz (Carmelite Square) with its Trinity Column. ©Paliparan
hill view
View over Graz and the surrounding area during my walk up the hill. ©Paliparan

Clock Tower

Halfway up Castle Hill you can find what is arguably the most famous landmark of Graz: The city’s iconic Clock Tower (Uhrturm).

From the Clock Tower and the surrounding casemates you have some sweeping views over the old town of Graz at the foot of the hill as well as the city suburbs further beyond.

graz uhrturm
The beautiful Clock Tower (Uhrturm) is the most famous sight of Graz and is the symbol of the city. ©Paliparan
graz clock tower
The Clock Tower of Graz. ©Paliparan
clock tower
The impressive Clock Tower. ©Paliparan
graz view
From the casemates below the clock tower you have an excellent view over the old town of Graz. ©Paliparan
graz view
The views on this sunny spring day were gorgeous. ©Paliparan
casemates view
Panoramic view over Graz from the casemates on Castle Hill. ©Paliparan

Back down again

Although it was tempting to climb further up on Castle Hill and visit some more sights, I slowly had to turn back again to the railway station of Graz as I didn’t want to risk missing my train.

I took the stairs down the hill towards the Schlossbergplatz (Castle Hill Square), another small but picturesque square in the old town of Graz.

Schlossbergplatz graz
Schlossbergplatz as seen from above. ©Paliparan
Schlossbergplatz graz
From Schlossbergplatz you can either take the stairs or the underground passage towards the elevator if you want to go up on Castle Hill and visit the Clock Tower. ©Paliparan
Schlossbergplatz. ©Paliparan


On my way back towards the train station there were however some other iconic sights of Graz which I passed by.

One of the most striking one is the Murinsel (‘Mur Island’), a floating glass structure in the middle of the River Mur which is connected to the banks by a pedestrian bridge.

graz murinsel
Murinsel. ©Paliparan
mariahilferkirche graz
The Mariahilfer Church. ©Paliparan
walk city
The walk back towards the train station as equally lovely. ©Paliparan
volksgarten graz
On my way back, I opted for a different route through the Volksgarten (Public Garden) park. ©Paliparan
Volksgarten. ©Paliparan
church park
Walking back to the train station through quiet parks and neighbourhoods. ©Paliparan

Graz Hbf

The walk back to the main railway station of Graz Hauptbahnhof (Hbf) went faster than I thought.

Still having some time to spare before the departure of my train into neighbouring Slovenia, I spent some time drinking coffee and watching some interesting train departures from the modern station.

These included the ‘Transalpin’ EuroCity train which links Graz with Zurich, as well as a Railjet operated by the Czech Railways which links Graz with Vienna and Prague.

However, my upcoming train would certainly be as interesting as these two!

graz hbf
Back at Graz Hauptbahnhof (main station). ©Paliparan
graz hbf
Inside Graz Hbf you can find plenty of shops, a supermarket and some cafés. ©Paliparan
graz hbf
The central hall of Graz Hbf, with an underground passage leading to the platforms. ©Paliparan
transalpin graz
The EuroCity (EC) train ‘Transalpin’ which links Graz with Zurich in Switzerland. ©Paliparan
transalpin train
The Transalpin train features a SBB (Swiss Railways) first class panorama wagon. ©Paliparan
railjet czech railways
A Czech Railways Railjet train which links Graz with Vienna and Prague. ©Paliparan


Although I only had a couple of hours in Graz, I still managed to see quite some sights in and around the old town.

Graz certainly seemed like a well-kept, interesting city with enough sights and museums to keep you occupied for a day or two.

The highlight on my walk was the famous Clock Tower and the sweeping views over Graz on this lovely sunny morning.

If I have the chance, I would certainly love to come back to Graz and see more of the Austrian state of Styria.

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