Review: M/S Princess Sarah Nile River Cruise Ship

This review details a Nile river cruise on board the ship M/S Princess Sarah.

Nile river cruise

Planning a Nile river cruise might seem like a daunting task as there are quite a lot of choices you need to make an information can be scarce at times.

The previous chapter in this trip report therefore addressed all the general information you need to know about a Nile river cruise, such as the possible itineraries, differences between ships, costs and how you can book your river cruise itinerary.

If you haven’t followed this trip report from the beginning, you are well-advised to read it so you are up-to-date about the basics behind a Nile cruise regardless of the exact ship you plan to take.

In this chapter I will review my actual river cruise experience as well as the facilities and service on board the Nile cruise ship I selected for my journey, the M/S Princess Sarah.

m/s princess nile cruise river boat aswan
The M/S Princess Sarah anchored in Aswan, where I would start my Nile cruise. ©Paliparan
princess sarah aswan
The M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan

Reasons why I chose the Princess Sarah

As I wrote in the previous chapter, there can be huge differences between Nile river boats in terms of luxury, size, style, design and budget.

Therefore, choosing the vessel you want to cruise on will be a highly personal choice as other people might make completely different decisions than I did.

Luxor & Aswan Travel Agency, the tour outfit which I used to book my Nile river cruise, had a clear overview on its website of about a couple of dozen ships from which you can choose.

Although it was easy enough for me to narrow all the options down to three ships, making my final choice was a bit more difficult.

In the end, these were the reasons why I ended up deciding on the Princess Sarah:

– Public areas full of old world charm.
– Modern-looking cabin.
– Sitting corner with sliding glass doors in cabin for perfect open-air Nile views.
– Swimming pool.

aswan river boat
View over Aswan and the Nile from the upper deck swimming pool of the M/S Princess Sarah ©Paliparan

Lobby and check-in

I embarked on the M/S Princess Sarah while it was anchored along the quay in Aswan.

The first thing you will notice on board the Princess Sarah is the striking lobby of the ship with its magnificent staircase and glass ceiling.

Check-in was a smooth process and I got assigned a cabin on the port side of the ship on its first floor.

lobby nile cruise
The lobby of the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan
ship lobby m/s princess sarah
Lobby of the ship as seen from the first floor balustrade. ©Paliparan
staircase nile cruise ship m/s princess sarah
The wonderful staircase in the lobby of the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan
glass ceiling artwork
Glass ceiling in the lobby. ©Paliparan

Princess Sarah cabin

My cabin on the M/S Princess Sarah certainly matched with the images I saw of it before so it didn’t disappoint.

I had a twin cabin for private use and the room certainly looked neat and stylish and was perfectly clean.

The bed itself was comfortable and all three nights on board I managed to get some good quality sleep.

At the far end of the cabin next to the sliding glass doors is a small sofa with table as well as a small cabinet with a flat-screen TV on top.

Inside this cabinet you can find a little fridge – which was perfect to store some of the booze I had brought along for the cruise.

Opposite the two beds is a small desk with mirror, while in the hallway you can find a large closet with plenty of storage space.

The cabin also featured individually controlled air-conditioning and a safe box inside the room where you can store your valuables.

The only slight negative of the cabin was the lack of a power socket next to the bedside table.

nile river boat cruise cabin
Twin cabin on the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan
twin cabin m/s princess sarah
My cabin on board the ship. ©Paliparan
sitting corner cabin m/s princess sarah
Small sitting corner with flat-screen TV in front of the large sliding glass doors. ©Paliparan
fridge tv
Flat screen TV and a small fridge inside the cabinet. ©Paliparan
Desk inside my cabin. ©Paliparan
Closet inside the hallway. ©Paliparan


My cabin had its own en-suite bathroom and although it was a bit on the narrow side, it was fully equipped with a shower, bathtub, toilet, sink, hairdryer and basic toiletries.

Both cold and warm water were readily available from the taps inside the bathroom.

bathroom cabin
En-suite bathroom in my cabin on the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan

Nile views

What I liked best about my cabin on board the M/S Princess Sarah were the big sliding glass doors.

This was a major reason why I opted for this ship in the first place and I was happy to see that the sitting corner in my cabin was indeed a perfect place to wind down during the sailing.

Although the views from the top deck of the ship are arguably much better as you are higher up and can admire the scenery on both banks of the River Nile, the seating corner in my cabin wasn’t bad either.

Fortunately, the sofa and table could easily be moved so I was able to place it right in front of the open doors for some fresh air and unobstructed views.

It allowed for a private little area to sip some drinks in all quietness while still being able to photograph the scenery and enjoy the views.

gin tonic nile cruise egypt
I absolutely loved the sitting corner in my cabin as the large sliding glass doors allowed me to enjoy the scenery from the comfort of my own room. ©Paliparan
gin tonic nile cruise
Book, Gin and Tonic and some great views over the banks of the River Nile. ©Paliparan
m/s princess sarah nile river cruise view
View over the Nile from my cabin on board the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan
nile river view egypt
Nile view. ©Paliparan
sunset nile river cruise
Sunset over the Nile as seen from my cabin. ©Paliparan

Lounge and bar

On the first floor of the M/S Princess Sarah you can find the lovely lounge bar of the ship, which just like the lobby oozes the old world charm of Nile river boat from the early 1900s.

The bar menu features all kinds of hot and cold drinks, including beer, wine, cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.

lounge bar m/s princess sarah nile river cruise
The beautiful lounge bar on board the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan
lounge bar m/s princess sarah nile river cruise
The M/S Princess Sarah had a magnificent old world charm. ©Paliparan
The actual bar. ©Paliparan
lounge bar
The lounge bar is a vast space and can also be used for lectures, dancing or other events. ©Paliparan
koen m/s princess sarah lounge bar wine
Sipping a glass of wine in the lovely lounge bar of the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan

Top deck

Another nice place to hang out on the M/S Princess Sarah is its open-air top deck, which features a small swimming pool, sun loungers, a bar and also plenty of covered seating for those who want to sit in the shade.

Needless to say, the top deck is a popular place among cruise passengers at scenic points of the journey along the River Nile.

Besides the departure from Aswan with its stunning backdrop of high sand dunes and the final arrival at Luxor, also the passage through the Esna Locks is popular among passengers so make sure you arrive on deck in time.

nile cruise ship egypt luxor
The top deck of the M/S Princess Sarah features a small pool and plenty of loungers to soak up some sunlight. ©Paliparan
m/s princess sarah nile river cruise
Sun loungers on the top deck of the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan
top deck nile ship
The open-air top deck is a great place from where to view the beautiful scenery along the Nile or to enjoy a poolside beer. ©Paliparan
outdoor bar m/s princess sarah
Towards the bow of the ship you can find an outdoor bar and some covered seats. ©Paliparan
m/s princess sarah nile river cruise
There is also plenty of shade on the top deck of the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan
aswan nile cruise departure
Make sure you are standing on the top deck when the ship departs (or arrives in) Aswan. ©Paliparan
aswan felucca
A traditional felucca sailing boat on the Nile in Aswan. ©Paliparan
esna locks
Passing through the Esna Locks. ©Paliparan

Swimming pool

The M/S Princess Sarah also features a small outdoor pool, another reason why I chose for this particular river cruise ship.

However, the swimming pool looked like it has seen better days and could certainly do with some renovation.

More importantly, the water inside the pool was ice cold, which made it impossible to take a dip.

Unsurprisingly, I never saw a single person inside the pool during my cruise.

Although I can imagine the pool is more attractive in late spring, summer or early autumn when the temperature soars to extreme levels, you should note that in winter (high tourist season for Egypt!) it will most likely not be that comfortable.

What I gathered, most Nile cruise ships have unheated pools, so this is likely an issue for many other river boats as well.

If a swimming pool is important to you, I would therefore recommend that you check in advance whether your preferred ship has a heated pool.

Although the pool was a minor disappointment at first, in reality it was something which didn’t matter much at all to me in the grand scheme of things as I could easily do without.

m/s princess sarah swimming pool nile river cruise
The pool on the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan
pool nile river cruise
Although the pool looked inviting on a sunny winter day, the water was way too cold for a dip. ©Paliparan
m/s princess sarah nile river cruise boat
The swimming pool on the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan

Other facilities

Other noteworthy facilities on the board of the M/S Princess Sarah are a small gift shop and children’s play area.

On the lower floor of the ship in the anteroom before the main dining hall you can also find a pool table and another small bar.

children's play area
Children’s play area. ©Paliparan
billiard table
Pool billiard table. ©Paliparan
pool table bar
Small bar on the lower deck next to the pool table. ©Paliparan


Although there was a wireless internet network on the M/S Princess Sarah, the WiFi signal only covered the reception area of the ship and even there it seemed impossible to get it working.

I would highly suggest you to buy an Egyptian SIM card before you embark on your cruise.

A SIM card and a couple of gigabyte of mobile data doesn’t cost much in Egypt and 4G coverage along most of the Nile is good.


Each morning, breakfast is served in the main dining hall on the lower deck of the M/S Princess Sarah.

Typically, all meals on board your Nile river boat will be buffet style and included in your cruise package, although some high-end cruise ships may offer à la carte dining.

Breakfast on the M/S Princess Sarah was buffet style and had tea and coffee included, although other drinks like orange juice were an optional extra which you had to order with one of the waiters.

I found the quality and choice at the breakfast buffet to be very good and you can expect both European and Egyptian fare.

Besides different pastries, cheese, cold cuts, fresh fruit, jams and cereals there were also warm options such as sausages, fuul (mashed fava beans cooked with oil) as well as made-to-order eggs.

In case you have an early excursion planned at one of the stops along the route (such as Abu Simbel) the personnel on board the M/S Princess Sarah is happy to provide you with a packed breakfast to take with you if you let them know the night before.

m/s princess sarah dining room nile river cruise
The lower deck dining room on the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan
breakfast buffet
Breakfast buffet on the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan
breakfast buffet
Plenty of bread, pastries and sweets were available at the breakfast buffet. ©Paliparan
eggs buffet
There was also a live cooking station at the breakfast buffet where you could get made-to-order eggs. ©Paliparan
breakfast buffet
Breakfast buffet. ©Paliparan
breakfast buffet
Warm food items at the breakfast buffet. ©Paliparan
breakfast m/s princess sarah
Enjoying some breakfast on the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan

Lunch and dinner

I was impressed with the quality and quantity of the food at the lunch and dinner buffet on board the M/S Princess Sarah.

Each seating, there would be completely new dishes available at the buffet, so the food was certainly varied enough throughout the cruise.

When it comes to cooked food, you could always expect a couple of different meats, one fish dish, two vegetarian dishes, rice or potatoes and pasta.

Options for children like chicken nuggets and chips were available too.

Besides this, there was a large salad bar, plenty of fruit and some quality breads as well.

Also the desserts changed frequently and often featured different kinds of sweets and pies, cake, ice cream and baklava.

Although all the food was included in my cruise package, drinks were not so if you want anything to drink with your meal (whether it’s a simple bottle of water or an alcoholic drink) you had to order this from one of the waiters.

food nile cruise
Dinner buffet at the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan
meat buffet m/s princess sarah
Succulent grilled meat being prepared by the chefs on board the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan
food buffet m/s princess sarah
Staff at the food buffet were friendly. ©Paliparan
lunch buffet
Baklava and other sweets at the lunch buffet. ©Paliparan
salad bar
Salad bar. ©Paliparan
lunch buffet m/s princess sarah nile river cruise
Fresh fruits and desserts at the lunch buffet. ©Paliparan
bread buffet
Different kinds of bread were available at both the lunch and dinner buffet. ©Paliparan
lunch m/s princess sarah buffet nile river cruise
Lunch at the M/S Princess Sarah. ©Paliparan
food ship
Food on board the ship. ©Paliparan
food nile river cruise
Overall, I certainly enjoyed the food on board my cruise ship. ©Paliparan


The service by the staff on the M/S Princess Sarah was perfectly fine, with especially the cooks and waiters in the restaurant being a friendly an jolly bunch.

Overall, I had the impression that the Nile river cruise ship was professionally run.

Everything you order during the cruise, whether it’s a drink during lunch or a nightcap at the lounge bar, is added to your account.

You simply give your room number to the waiter or barkeep when you order your drink and pay for everything at the reception desk when you check out from the cruise ship.

Note that on Egyptian river cruises it is customary to tip the personnel, although this usually happens at the end of your cruise and not individually at each and every order.

On the last night of the cruise, you will receive an envelope in which you will put your tip for the staff.

This envelope is then collected upon check-out, after which the tips from all the passengers will be added up and divided among each and every staff member of the cruise ship, from the waiters to the cleaners and cooks.

However, do note that these tips only go towards the staff who are directly employed on the river boat and that you will need to tip your guide and drivers for shore excursions separately.


The M/S Princess Sarah turned out to be a great ship to cruise along the River Nile and generally left me with good impressions.

To start with the positive aspects, I found the cabin to be comfortable and clean.

I certainly loved the little seating corner and the large sliding glass doors as it allowed me to absorb the scenery from the comfort of my own cabin.

The public areas on the M/S Princess Sarah are certainly beautiful, with especially the lobby and the lounge bar having lots of style and charm.

The quality and quantity of the food buffets were another strong point of the M/S Princess Sarah and staff was generally friendly and helpful.

However, there were a few negative points as well, as the top-deck pool was way too cold to swim or take a dip and the WiFi internet on board the ship didn’t work.

In practice, these points however turned out to be minor inconveniences.

Overall, I had a great experience on board the M/S Princess Sarah and can certainly recommend this ship if you are planning a Nile cruise between Aswan and Luxor.

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** rest of the chapters to follow soon **

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