New Greece to Cyprus Ferry to Start on 19th June

A new seasonal ferry route between Greece and Cyprus will commence on 19th June, reviving an old link which has not been in operation since the year 2000.

Ferry to Cyprus

According to the Cyprus Mail, the first ferry will depart the port of Limassol in Cyprus on 19th June for the 30-hour crossing to Piraeus in Greece.

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades said: “After 21 years, our fellow citizens will be able to travel to Greece and Europe by sea, transporting their private vehicles as well.”

limassol cyprus ferry
Limassol, Cyprus. ©Paliparan


The Greek and Cypriot governments have been actively looking for a shipping company to revive the ferry link in the past few years.

Last year, the Government of Cyprus opened a public tender process and offered a multi-million euro subsidy to companies willing to operate the ferry link.

In the end, three companies submitted a bid, with Scandro Holding Ltd. eventually awarded the tender after they placed a 15.59 million euro bid.

port of piraeus ferry greece
Ferry ships in the Port of Piraeus, located just a few miles away from downtown Athens. ©Paliparan

Scandro Holding

Scandro Holding is a joint venture between shipping company Acheon Akti Navigation and a Cypriot travel agency called Top Kinisis Travel.

Details about the new ferry link such as the schedule and prices have already been published on the website of Top Kinisis Travel.

The crossing will be operated by a Ro-Ro (roll on, roll off) passenger and cargo ship with a maximum capacity of 400 passengers and over 100 vehicles.

The first ferry is set to depart Limassol, Cyprus at noon on Sunday 19th June, arriving in 30 hours later in Piraeus at 6pm on Monday 20th June.

The first ferry from Greece to Cyprus will depart Piraeus at 8am on Tuesday 21st June, arriving in Limassol at 2pm on 22nd June.

However, on other dates, the Greece to Cyprus ferry will depart Piraeus at less convenient hours (either 1am or 6am).

There are two ferry departures per week in each direction, with the last ferry of the season departing Piraeus for Limassol on 16th September.

blue star ferries amorgos
The island of Amorgos as seen from a Greek ferry. ©Paliparan


As the new Greece to Cyprus ferry link is subsidised, prices are very reasonable.

A bed in a “VIP cabin” only costs 80.21 euro for a one-way crossing while a double cabin is jut 55.21 euro per person with all taxes and port fees included.

Taking a car (of up to 5 metres in length) on board will cost 101.72 euro per one-way crossing.

Online reservations for the new Greece to Cyprus ferry will be possible from May 7th.

serifos island arrival
View from the deck of a ferry sailing between some Cycladic Islands. ©Paliparan

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