Review: Palace Derossi, Trogir, Croatia

In this review we stay at Palace Derossi, a charming family-run hotel in the old town of Trogir, Croatia.

Trogir arrival

After a truly wonderful flight across Croatia on a Let L-410 Turbolet, I had arrived at the airport of Split.

On final approach towards Split Airport I already enjoyed some stunning views over the walled old town of Trogir from my plane window.

Split Airport is located roughly halfway between the cities of Split and Trogir and although most arriving tourists head straight to the better-known city of Split, Trogir is a more quiet but equally beautiful alternative.

To get from Split Airport to Trogir, you simply walk out of the terminal towards the bus stop on the main road where you hop on bus 37 for the short ride to Trogir.

trogir old town trade air let l-410 turbolet
Flying over the old town of Trogir. ©Paliparan
let l-410 turbolet trade air split
The Let L-410 Turbolet on which I flew from Zagreb to Osijek, Pula and Split all across Croatia. ©Paliparan
split airport
You simply walk out of the airport terminal towards the bus stop on the main road to catch the Split-Trogir bus. ©Paliparan
trogir bus station
Trogir bus station. ©Paliparan

Palace Derossi check-in

Trogir’s old town is located on an island right across from the bus station.

When you cross the bridge from the bus station to the island, you will find yourself standing in front of the North Gate, the point where most of Trogir’s visitors will likely enter the walled old town.

From this point, Palace Derossi is just a few feet away, so the hotel’s location really couldn’t be more central and convenient.

Upon entering the building I was warmly greeted and swiftly checked in by one of the owners of this family-run hotel.

As the Palace Derossi is actually an accommodation complex of adjacent historical houses set around a central courtyard, I was escorted through the premises to my room.

canal trogir
From Trogir’s bus station, you only have to cross a small canal to reach the walled old town. ©Paliparan
bridge canal trogir
Crossing the bridge over the canal which links the bus station with the North Gate of the old town. ©Paliparan
trogir old town palace derossi
When you walk through the North Gate of Trogir’s old town, you are just a few feet away from the entrance to Palace Derossi. ©Paliparan
The rooms at Palace Derossi are located in different houses around a central courtyard. ©Paliparan

Palace Derossi room

For my stay at the Palace Derossi I had booked a superior double room for 60 euro per night, a rate which included breakfast.

With its orange-and-pink colours and original stone walls, the room felt warm and charming and was certainly quite large.

Besides a comfortable double bed the room also featured a large sofa and a couple of closets and small bedside tables, although a desk was somehow lacking.

There were however plenty of power sockets throughout the room, WiFi internet was fast and the air-conditioning worked fine.

Although Palace Derossi is located in the heart of Trogir’s old town there were zero street noise issues throughout my stay as the rooms aren’t directly located on one of the main thoroughfares and the isolation is good.

palace derossi superior double room
Palace Derossi superior double room. ©Paliparan
palace derossi room
Room at the Palace Derossi. ©Paliparan


Just like the room itself, the bathroom of my superior double room was spacious as well.

Although it lacked charm and was rather non-descript in comparison to the rest of my room, it did have all the necessary facilities and came with a good-quality shower.

Palace Derossi bathroom. ©Paliparan
Palace Derossi bathroom. ©Paliparan

Rooftop terrace

Palace Derossi has a communal rooftop terrace overlooking the old town of Trogir.

Standing here you really have a good impression on how centrally located this hotel is as the Cathedral’s spire is just a stone throw away.

The rooftop terrace also features a Jacuzzi, which unfortunately was closed when I visited in early May of 2021.

This wasn’t a big surprise as due to the COVID pandemic it still felt like low tourism season in Trogir, which also reflected in the hotel’s occupancy rate as besides me there was only one other guest.

According to the hotel owner, the Jacuzzi would be reactivated for use later in May, so if you visit in high season you can look forward to a really nice place to relax with a drink while admiring the Trogir skyline.

trogir rooftop view palace derossi
View over Trogir from Palace Derossi’s rooftop terrace. ©Paliparan


Perhaps the biggest highlight of my stay at Palace Derossi was the excellent breakfast.

As the morning weather was lovely, I opted to eat breakfast outdoors on the lovely patio.

Breakfast at Palace Derossi is served at your table and consists of a typical European spread of bread, cheese, cold cuts, croissants, fruits and yoghurt.

Your choice of coffee or tea is also served with the breakfast and a bottle of homemade apple juice was provided as well.

The breakfast was certainly sufficient in quantity and all food items – from the bread and croissant to the cold cuts – were of high quality.

The outdoor breakfast was a lovely way to start the morning and the cute house cat roaming through the courtyard and reception area made it even better.

palace derossi breakfast
Breakfast at Palace Derossi. ©Paliparan
Palace Derossi cat. ©Paliparan
house cat
The fluffy house cat. ©Paliparan


The service throughout my stay at the Palace Derossi was impeccable.

The friendly owner of this family-run hotel was extremely helpful as well when it came to giving some local advice in terms of restaurants to eat and placing some phone calls to check which bike rental shops were open in town.


If you are looking for historical accommodation in the heart of the old town of Trogir, Palace Derossi is a great option.

With charming and comfortable rooms, a good price-quality ratio, friendly service and a perfect location in Trogir, this hotel ticks off all the important boxes.

Best of all was perhaps the high-quality breakfast served individually at your table as it was such a joy to sit on the lovely courtyard in the morning with a coffee and some good food.

Overall, I can certainly recommend Palace Derossi and would love to come back if I would revisit Trogir.

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