Review: Hotel Casa Wagner, Sighisoara, Romania

In this review we will stay one night at Hotel Casa Wagner, a historic budget hotel located in the old town citadel of Sighisoara, Romania.

Sighisoara hotel

After an intensive day driving around Transylvania and seeing multiple Saxon fortified churches, it was time to rest for the night.

Sighisoara has a great choice of hotels and no matter your style or budget you will always find something in this city.

Unsurprisingly, as a medieval Saxon city Sighisoara has plenty of boutique hotels in historic buildings.

I’d certainly recommend you to stay in a hotel within the walled old town (citadel) when visiting Sighisoara.

The best historic Sighisoara hotels are in my opinion Taschler Haus, Casa Savri and Casa Krauss, the latter even having a highly unique and fabulous room with original frescoes from the 1600s on the walls.

sighisoara old town citadel
An early morning walk through the atmospheric old town streets of Sighisoara. ©Paliparan
sighisoara old town
The historic city of Sighisoara is one of Transylvania’s most beautiful destinations. ©Paliparan
clock tower sighisoara citadel
Sighisoara at night. ©Paliparan

Casa Wagner

Even if you are travelling on a budget it is still possible to stay in a historic old town hotel in Sighisoara.

One of the budget hotels in the old town citadel of Sighisoara is Casa Wagner.

For my one-night stay at Casa Wagner, I paid just 144 lei (30 euro) for a double room, a rate which however excluded breakfast (an optional 25 lei – or 5 euro).

Check-in was fast and with the keys of my room in my hand I walked up the wooden stairs towards my room on the second floor.

Do note that there is no lift as Casa Wagner is located in a medieval building, so if you have mobility issues you might be better off staying in a more modern hotel outside the old town.

reception casa wagner
Casa Wagner reception. ©Paliparan
casa wagner staircase
Hotel staircase. ©Paliparan
hotel piano
Piano in one of the public areas of the hotel next to the staircase. ©Paliparan

Casa Wagner room

My double room was relatively large and decorated in the traditional, sober style characteristic of old Saxon households.

Although the heavy wooden furniture made the room a bit dark, I thought it was still nicely decorated.

The room featured a double bed, plenty of storage space in a large closet, a desk and flats screen TV.

Although the room has heating, it does not feature air-conditioning and had no fridge.

However, I don’t think the lack of aircon is an issue as the thick white walls keep such old buildings cool from the inside in a natural way, even in the middle of summer.

There were plenty of power sockets throughout the room – including at the bedside – although WiFi internet was a bit erratic.

casa wagner sighisoara budget hotel
My room at Casa Wagner. ©Paliparan
casa wagner double room budget hotel sighisoara
Casa Wagner double room. ©Paliparan
casa wagner room budget hotel sighisoara
Double room at Casa Wagner. ©Paliparan
Room detail. ©Paliparan


My double room had a basic en-suite bathroom with a simple shower.

Apart from soap, there were no toiletries provided, so make sure you bring your own. A hairdryer was lacking as well in the bathroom.

casa wagner budget hotel
Bathroom at Casa Wagner. ©Paliparan


Casa Wagner features an on-site restaurant serving decent quality, hearty Transylvanian fare.

As I only arrived late at night in Sighisoara, I opted to eat at the hotel restaurant to save time and be able to go to bed as soon as possible.

The mixed grill which I ordered was affordably priced tasted fine, although I would still recommend to eat elsewhere if you have the time as there are certainly more exciting and better quality places to dine in Sighisoara.

mixed grill
Mixed grill and a pint of beer at the hotel restaurant. ©Paliparan


Overall, I thought the double room was nice and relatively comfortable.

However, there was once slight issue as when I went to sleep, a strange rattling sound suddenly emerged.

Although the noise (probably from the pipes?) kept me awake for an hour, it fortunately disappeared right at the moment I was about to walk to the reception to inquire about it.

Fortunately, the sound didn’t re-emerge and I had a solid night of sleep in the end.


Casa Wagner is a fine budget hotel option in the heart of the old town citadel of Sighisoara.

Although I was generally pleased with the comfort, there were a few small issues during my stay at Casa Wagner as you will have read in the review above.

The bathroom is relatively simple and lacks toiletries and a hairdryer, while the hotel’s WiFi internet coverage is a bit erratic.

However, I do think that Casa Wagner is great value for money as most other historic hotels in the old town citadel of Sighisoara start at twice the price for a room.

If you are looking for a characterful budget hotel in the old town centre of Sighisoara, then Casa Wagner will certainly do the trick.

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