Interrail Black Friday Sale: 20% Discount on Rail Pass

Interrail has a special Black Friday sale, giving a 20% discount on rail passes for unlimited train travel through Europe. 

Black Friday sale

Interrail, the rail pass for European citizens and residents giving unlimited train travel throughout Europe, is having another sale.

During the special Black Friday sale you can now get an Interrail pass with a 20% discount.

Although not as good as the 50% discount sale Interrail had last spring, it is still a great deal for those who were planning to make a train journey across Europe.

stresa italy train interrail black friday sale discount
A regional train is approaching the station of Stresa in Italy. ©Paliparan

Sale details

You can get a 20% discount on three different Interrail passes during the Black Friday sale.

These train passes are:

– 15 Days Continuous Interrail Pass
– 22 Days Continuous Interrail Pass
– 1 Month Continuous Interrail Pass

The passes can be bought for both second and first class travel.

For example, a 1 Month Interrail pass for second class train travel is normally €670 but is now discounted to €536, saving you €134.

A 15-day first class Interrail pass would normally cost you €590 but can now be bought for €472 in this Black Friday sale, saving you €118.

Do note that these are the prices for an adult (28 to 59 years old) and that rail passes for children (4 to 11 years old), youths (12 to 27 years old) and seniors (60+) are cheaper.

berlin hbf eurocity warsaw
The EuroCity train from Berlin to Warsaw waits for departure at Berlin Hbf. ©Paliparan

Sale terms and conditions

The Interrail passes are on sale until the 29th of November.

An Interrail pass bought during the Black Friday sale must be activated by 1st of May 2023 the latest.

That means that if you bought a 1-month Interrail pass and activate this on 1st of May, you can use it for unlimited train travel until the 31st of May 2023.

In practice, that means you can use the pass for travel in late autumn, winter and spring.

You can decide yourself when you will activate the pass and start travelling – you don’t need to commit to this yet when buying the pass.

It is possible to buy the pass now, ponder for a few weeks when and where you will travel, and only activate the pass when you have decided upon your plans.

Do note that Interrail passes bought during the Black Friday sale are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

The train passes can be bought at the Interrail website.

swiss train dining car interrail discount sale
Enjoying a Thai green curry in the dining car of a Swiss train while admiring the views on the railway line between Interlaken and Lucerne. ©Paliparan

About the Interrail pass

The Interrail pass gives you free and unlimited train travel on the days on which your pass is valid.

There are 33 countries in Europe that participate in Interrail.

You can use the pass for travel on almost every national and private railway company in these countries.

However, do note that surcharges may apply for high speed trains as well as for couchette and sleeper berths on night trains.

Depending on the country you are travelling in, seat reservations might be compulsory and must be booked separately for a small fee.

As always, do check whether an Interrail pass makes economic sense as sometimes it can be cheaper to buy standard tickets in advance than to use a rail pass.

landwasser viaduct switzerland interrail black friday sale discount rail pass
A train crossing the famous Landwasser Viaduct in Switzerland. ©Paliparan


If you are not from Europe, you can still enjoy unlimited train travel through Europe, although you have to buy an Eurail Pass for this.

Eurail Passes also come at a 20% Black Friday discount with similar terms and conditions.

train douro valley portugal interrail discount rail pass
Travelling by train through Portugal’s Douro river valley. ©Paliparan


Interrail has a special Black Friday sale, with rail passes for 15 days, 22 days and 1 month being discounted by 20%.

If you are planning to travel through Europe by train this autumn, winter or spring, this could be an excellent deal for you!

Do however note that the discount on the rail passes of Interrail is only valid until 29th November.

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2 thoughts on “Interrail Black Friday Sale: 20% Discount on Rail Pass

  • November 25, 2022 at 9:00 pm

    Personally I’ve always found Interrail to be a rip-off that takes advantage of less experienced travellers – I can’t think of any situation where it works out cheaper than just planning ahead the cities you want to go to or looking at deals with specific operators. Saying that I bet the 50% off in Spring was great for some people and I would be happy to here if anyone thinks my point of view is moot!

    • Avatar photo
      November 25, 2022 at 9:11 pm

      It really depends on the itinerary! I certainly got my value out of my 3-month-long 1st class rail pass which I bought in the 50% discount offer. And I didn’t even travel full-time over three months for that, just one to two weeks each month.

      When travelling in countries like Germany, Switzerland or the UK it can be brilliant value. When travelling in Eastern Europe (low train fares generally) or Italy/Spain/France (compulsory reservation, higher supplements) it pays off to do make a comparison between Interrail and point-to-point tickets. Especially when booked in advance, the latter can be much cheaper.

      You are also right that you need to be prepared for Interrail in these days, knowing how it works with supplements/reservations and where to make them (and when it’s necessary to do so in advance and when it’s not).


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