Review: Air France HOP Business Class (Embraer 170)

This review details my experience on an Air France HOP flight from Prague (PRG) to Paris (CDG) on an Embraer 170 in business class.

Air France HOP

After a short visit to the decent Erste Premier Lounge at Terminal 2 of Prague Airport, it was time to catch my flight to Paris.

This morning’s flight from Prague to Paris would be operated by HOP, the regional subsidiary of Air France.

Air France HOP (previously stylised as HOP! with an exclamation mark) operates a fleet of Embraer aircraft, using both the Embraer 170 and Embraer 190 to operate flights within France and some lower-demand international routes.

When I left the lounge and headed down towards the C gates from where my flight would depart, I already bumped into the Air France crew that would operate the morning flight to Paris.

business lounge prague airport erste premier
The Erste Premier Lounge at Prague Airport Terminal 2. ©Paliparan
prague airport business lounge
Enjoying a coffee, orange juice and some sandwiches before my flight. ©Paliparan
air france crew
By coincidence, I ended up walking right behind the Air France crew on the way to the departure gate. ©Paliparan
gate prague airport
C gates at Prague Airport. ©Paliparan

Prague (PRG) to Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG)
Flight AF1883 – Embraer 170 – Seat 1A
Plane registration number: F-HBXE
Departure: 7am
 – Arrival: 8.45am
Flight time: 1h45m – Distance: 531 miles

prague paris flight map
The flight from Prague to Paris takes around one-and-a-half hour. ©Great Circle Mapper


My flight to Paris departed from Gate C2, the first gate on the right-hand side of the C pier.

Priority boarding was neatly enforced and I was the first passenger to board the Air France HOP flight to Paris, which was operated by an Embraer 170.

prague airport boarding gate air france
The boarding gate of my Air France flight to Paris. ©Paliparan

Air France HOP Embraer 170

The Air France HOP Embraer 170 has 76 seats in total in a 2-2 configuration in both business and economy class.

The cabin divider between business and economy class can be moved up or down the cabin according to demand and on this flight only the first two rows were used as business class seating.

That means that you can expect the same seat in business class as in economy class when you fly on one of the Embraers of Air France HOP.

Unlike intra-European business class flights with Air France on their Airbus fleet (such as on the Airbus A320 or Airbus A220) the seat next to you doesn’t stay guaranteed empty either.

Although I was lucky and didn’t get a seatmate on my flight, it can get a bit snug in these seats if there is another passenger seating next to you.

Even though the seat is fairly comfortable and certainly acceptable for a short-haul flight, the lack of shoulder and elbow room is a disadvantage of Air France HOP business class.

Another disadvantage is that unlike (most of) the narrow-body Airbus fleet of Air France, there are no power sockets or USB charging ports on the Embraer 170 and these planes aren’t equipped with WiFi internet either.

air france hop embraer 170 business class
The cabin of the Air France HOP Embraer 170. ©Paliparan
embraer 170 business class air france hop paris prague
Bulkhead business class seats on the Embraer 170 of Air France HOP. ©Paliparan

Pre-departure service

Despite the early hour of today’s flight, the Air France crew operating the flight seemed well-rested and happy to work.

The flight attendant serving me and the 4 other passengers in business class came by to introduce herself and handed out pre-packaged refreshment towels.

No pre-departure drinks – not even bottled water – were served however, which seems to be the standard on HOP flights.

seat 1a bulkhead air france hop business class
I was seated in the bulkhead row on Seat 1A. ©Paliparan
refreshment towel
Pre-packaged refreshment towel. ©Paliparan


It turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous autumn morning to fly.

Already upon pushback from the gate the sky showed some beautiful pastel colours.

When the plane turned to line up for departure on the runway, the sun started to rise above the horizon behind us.

The sunrise departure views from the window were equally stunning, with some valleys between the hills being obscured by the morning fog.

I will let the pictures below do the talking!

prague airport
View of Prague Airport Terminal 2 while being pushed back from the gate. ©Paliparan
swiss airbus a220 prague airport
Swiss Airbus A220 at Prague Airport. ©Paliparan
prague airport taxiing
Taxiing towards the runway. ©Paliparan
runway departure
Lining up for departure on the runway. ©Paliparan
take-off sunrise air france hop business class prague
Gorgeous sunrise upon take-off. ©Paliparan
prague take-off embraer 170 air france hop
Take-off from Prague. ©Paliparan
prague czech republic flight departure
Gorgeous departure views over the Czech countryside. ©Paliparan
sunrise colours sky
Beautiful sunrise colours upon departure. ©Paliparan
misty valley
Misty valley. ©Paliparan
embraer 170 air france hop business class prague
Air France HOP Embraer 170 climbing to cruising altitude after departure from Prague. ©Paliparan
mist valley czech republic fog
I loved the views of the mist in between the hills. ©Paliparan
low-hanging clouds
More wonderful views of the misty valleys ©Paliparan
clouds ground hop business class
Beautiful clouds. ©Paliparan
embraer 170 air france hop business class prague
Climbing higher into the skies. ©Paliparan
clouds flight air france prague paris
At cruising altitude above the clouds. ©Paliparan

Air France HOP in-flight service

Once we reached cruising altitude, the in-flight service kicked in almost immediately.

There is no real difference in meal service between a mainline Air France flight within Europe or a flight operated by HOP.

As a frequent Air France flyer I can say that the airline usually serves some quality meals in short-haul business class, although the food on my Air France HOP flight from Prague to Paris was a big disappointment.

There was no choice of food as everyone received the same breakfast, which included some ham and melon, cheese sandwiches, a small fruit bowl and a pre-packaged bun with some butter and jam.

To drink, I had some coffee and orange juice with my meal.

Although the ham and melon was tasty, the pre-packaged bread was rock-hard and the cheese sandwiches rather dry.

Leaving aside the meal quality, I do think that serving two small and simple sandwiches as the breakfast main is disappointing for Air France business class even on a flight this short.

Having flown the exact same Prague to Paris flight just weeks before around lunchtime, I thought the main I had on that flight was similarly lacklustre, although at least it included an excellent tarte Tatin as dessert to make up for it.

prague paris air france hop business class embraer 170
Breakfast on my Air France HOP flight from Prague to Paris. ©Paliparan
air france hop business class meal
Lunch on board on another Air France HOP flight I took between Prague and Paris, with a rather simple and bland main but a delicious tarte Tatin as dessert. ©Paliparan


After the meal, the flight attendant came by to inquire whether I wanted to have another cup of coffee or something else.

I couldn’t resist asking for some champagne and the flight attendant was happy to oblige and open a bottle.

Air France seems to change their champagne regularly and on this flight Pommery was served.

I certainly enjoyed my glass of champagne (or two as I might have had a refill..) while looking out over the endless blue skies.

champagne air france hop business class
Enjoying a glass of champagne on board. ©Paliparan

Landing in Paris

About an hour into the flight we started our descend towards Paris Charles de Gaulle.

The weather in Northern France was quite gloomy today.

Only minutes before landing I could finally spot some bits of the French countryside through the thick cloud cover.

We landed some 15 minutes late on one of the faraway runways of Paris Charles de Gaulle and it took quite a while more to taxi to our final parking position.

As I had the time I didn’t mind too much as Charles de Gaulle Airport is always great for some plane spotting from the window.

We passed by multiple Air France widebody planes, a WestJet Boeing 787 and the heritage Concorde among others.

air france hop embraer 170
Descending towards Paris. ©Paliparan
paris cdg arrival
The French countryside around Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport appears through the cloud cover. ©Paliparan
paris charles de gaulle runway landing embraer 170 air france
Touchdown at Paris Charles de Gaulle. ©Paliparan
boeing 777 air france
Air France Boeing 777 at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. ©Paliparan
terminal 1 paris charles de gaulle airport
Taxiing by the brutalist Terminal 1 of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. ©Paliparan
westjet boeing 787 paris
WestJet Boeing 787. ©Paliparan
air france concorde paris charles de gaulle airport
An old Air France Concorde plane being displayed on the premises of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. ©Paliparan
air france hop embraer 190 paris charles de gaulle
Air France HOP Embraer 190. ©Paliparan

Remote stand

Unfortunately, we ended up being assigned at a remote stand in an equally distant corner of the airport next to a bunch of other Embraers of Air France HOP and a Luxair Dash 8.

Because of the slight delay and the eternity it took to reach our remote stand, some people were visibly worried about their flight connections.

This was not helped by the fact that our bus to Terminal 2F ended up being stuck behind a slow-moving baggage train.

Although I don’t think Paris Charles de Gaulle deserves its bad reputation it has for connections as the situation has significantly improved over the years, you can get unlucky at times at this airport.

luxair air france hop
A Luxair turboprop and some Air France Embraers. ©Paliparan
luxair dash 8
Luxair Dash 8. ©Paliparan
remote stand paris charles de gaulle airport
Taxiing towards our remote stand. ©Paliparan
air france hop embraer 190 paris charles de gaulle business class
Another Air France HOP Embraer 190. ©Paliparan
remote stand bus paris cdg
The remote stand meant we all had to take a bus to reach the terminal. ©Paliparan
embraer 170 air france hop business class paris prague
The Air France HOP Embraer 170 on which I travelled from Prague to Paris. ©Paliparan
plane spotting paris cdg hop business class
Plane spotting from the bus to the terminal. ©Paliparan
baggage train airport
Being stuck behind a slow-moving baggage train. ©Paliparan


Even though the breakfast was a bit disappointing, I had a perfectly enjoyable flight with Air France HOP.

The on-board service was friendly, the champagne was flowing freely and the views from the window upon departure from Prague were fantastic.

Although the business class soft product is not much different whether you take a short-haul flight on Air France or its regional subsidiary HOP, there is a big difference in hard product.

When you fly short-haul on a mainline Air France flight in business class you will get an empty middle seat and on-board charging outlets, while you won’t find any of this on the Embraers used by HOP.

Some destinations in the Air France network are served by both mainline Air France flights and by its regional subsidiary HOP.

If this is the case and you have the scheduling freedom to choose your exact departure, I would go out of my way to ensure I’m on a mainline Air France flight in an Airbus when flying business class instead of one of the Embraers of HOP.

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    Another one of your great reviews Koen!

    Seating on these aircraft is about the only area in which the Lufthansa group has the edge in so far as you do get an empty seat next to you, otherwise I would always say AIr France was the winner on service – but that empty seat counts for a lot.

    Have you any idea what they are doing in business on the A220? Is it the same as Swiss or are they occupying more of the seats?


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