Review: Ibis Kyiv Railway Station Hotel

This review details a stay at the ibis Railway Station Hotel in Kyiv (Kiev), which is located directly outside the city’s main train station.

Train to Kiev

After a long train journey from Mariupol, I had arrived in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev in the early hours of morning.

According to my original plan, I had a full day to visit the city before I had to return to the railway station to catch my onward train to the Hungarian border.

It was a great opportunity to revisit the wonderful city of Kiev some 8 years after my last visit.

However, my plans were thwarted by some serious food poisoning from some mussels which I ate in Mariupol.

On the train to Kiev I started to feel quite ill and after a rough night of sleep I knew that I badly needed a proper bed to recuperate.

I had a quick look on Google Maps and saw that there was an ibis hotel right next to Kiev’s railway station, so I decided to walk there and check if they had a room available.

mariupol kiev train
The train from Mariupol to Kiev. ©Paliparan
mariupol kiev train
Travelling in Platzkart on the train between Mariupol and Kiev. ©Paliparan

Kiev train station

Kiev’s main railway station (Kyiv-Pasazhyrskyi, often abbreviated at Kyiv-Pass) has two exits.

The main exit is the beautiful historic main station hall on the north-eastern side.

This is the exit which you would normally take to reach the adjacent metro station or to walk towards the city centre.

There is also an exit on the south-western side of the railway station in a modern, multi-storey building.

If you want to reach the Ibis Kyiv Railway Station Hotel this is the exit you need to take.

Once you reach the street outside the modern station hall, you simply turn to the right and walk for two minutes to reach the hotel, which you can already see the very moment you exit the station.

kyiv kiev station
The beautiful main hall of Kiev’s main railway station. ©Paliparan
station hall
The south-west side of the station is more modern. ©Paliparan
kiev train station
The south-west entrance of Kiev’s main train station. ©Paliparan

Ibis Kyiv Railway Station

As there were a couple of persons in front of me in the queue who were checking out, I had to wait for five minutes until it was finally my turn.

The friendly receptionist confirmed that they had day rooms available at the ibis Kyiv Railway Station Hotel.

Although I forgot the exact amount which I paid, the room rate was more or less around 40 to 50 euro.

This got me a standard queen room and a late evening check-out which was perfectly timed for my train departure.

I received the key card to my room and quickly took the lift up so I could go to sleep (and hopefully recover) as fast as possible.

ibis kyiv railway station hotel
The ibis Kyiv Railway Station Hotel is located right next to the train station. ©Paliparan
ibis kyiv railway station hotel
It takes just two minutes to reach the entrance of the ibis hotel on foot. ©Paliparan
ibis kyiv railway station hotel reception
The reception desk of the ibis Kyiv Railway Station Hotel. ©Paliparan


Although ibis hotels can hardly be described as special, their uniformity makes them a reliable choice in my opinion as you know exactly what you will get for your money.

My queen room at the ibis Kyiv Railway Station Hotel didn’t disappoint in this regard.

It had a decent room size, was perfectly clean and had most of the amenities I expect from a mid-range hotel.

My room had a comfortable double bed, a flatscreen TV, a clothes rack, safe, fridge, plenty of storage space and a desk.

There were conveniently placed power sockets at the desk as well as at both sides of the bed.

Moreover, Wi-Fi internet at the hotel was fast and reliable.

My only minor complaint is that there was no kettle with tea and coffee inside the room.

Ibis Kyiv Railway Station Hotel
My room at the ibis Kyiv Railway Station Hotel. ©Paliparan
hotel room
Comfortable double bed in my hotel room. ©Paliparan
TV and storage closet. ©Paliparan


The en-suite bathroom of my room at the ibis Kyiv Railway Station Hotel had a decent-quality shower.

Basic toiletries (from dispensers), a hairdryer and slippers are provided.

hotel bathroom
Bathroom. ©Paliparan


Rail enthusiasts will love the fact that many rooms at the ibis Kyiv Railway Station have perfect views over the tracks, allowing you to see all the train movements in and out of the station.

From my room I also had a decent side view over the street next to the railway station.

Ibis Kyiv Railway Station Hotel
View from my room at the ibis Kyiv Railway Station Hotel over the tracks and station. ©Paliparan
room view
View from my room towards the boulevard. ©Paliparan


The ibis Kyiv Railway Station Hotel has an on-site bar and restaurant and meeting rooms.

Although the restaurant had a decent-looking menu, I unfortunately wasn’t in the position to try it out feeling sick during my entire stay.

Right next to the ibis hotel there is also a McDonalds and KFC restaurant if you want to eat some fast food.

Opposite the hotel you can also find a supermarket in a small shopping centre if you need to buy some drinks or other supplies during your stay.

hotel bar restaurant
The hotel has an on-site bar and restaurant. ©Paliparan


Of course, the primary reason to stay at the ibis Kyiv Railway Station Hotel is its prime location right next to the station.

You can be out of the door and make it to the platform in 5 to 10 minutes, making it an ideal hotel if you need to catch an early morning train.

However, if I would choose a hotel as a base to visit Kiev, I would personally opt for a more centrally located hotel in a more lively part of the city.

That said, the Kyiv Railway Station Hotel does have a metro stop close by (the Vokzalna metro station), although you have to walk to the other side of the railway tracks to access it.


My stay at the ibis Kyiv Railway Station Hotel didn’t disappoint as the hotel had clean and comfortable rooms overlooking the magnificent main train station of the city.

The ibis Kyiv Railway Station Hotel is an especially good choice if you have an early morning train departure as you can be on the platform within minutes.

However, I would personally book another, more centrally located hotel if the main purpose of my stay would be tourism and sightseeing around the city centre of Kiev.

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