Travelling From Bergamo to Milan by Train

This article details how you can travel by train between Bergamo and Milan in Italy and how the actual journey is like.

From Bergamo to Milan

After a great couple of hours exploring the wonderful city of Bergamo, it was time to start my trip in earnest.

With my 3-month Interrail pass activated I was ready to start the first of my trips, which would take me through northern Italy and Switzerland.

My first train ride would take me from Bergamo to Milan.

It was a short train journey on a railway line that I had travelled on many times before.

koen bergamo railway station
Yours truly in front of the railway station in Bergamo. ©Paliparan


There are several regional trains per hour that connect Bergamo to Milan, with the journey typically taking between 50 to 70 minutes depending on the exact departure.

These trains are operated by Trenord, the company which runs all regional passenger trains in the northern Italian region of Lombardy.

As these trains have a fixed price, don’t require a seat reservation and thus never sell out, you can easily buy your ticket at the station before departure.

A second class ticket costs either €5 or €5.80 depending on the exact train you take.

If you have an Interrail or Eurail pass, the ride is free as you can just hop on any train you want without the need to buy any ticket supplement or reservation.

Bergamo station

Bergamo’s main railway station is located some 10 minutes away on foot from the heart of the Lower Town, the modern-day heart of the city.

Even the Upper Town, the most beautiful part of Bergamo where most of the city’s sights are located, is just a short walk or bus ride away.

If you’re arriving at Bergamo Airport and wish to go to Milan, you can conveniently take one of the frequent city buses to the railway station for just €2.60 and catch a train, which is a much nicer way to travel than the direct buses that link Bergamo Airport with Milan.

Bergamo station has a station café and a newspaper shop selling drinks and basic snacks.

Before boarding my train to Milan, I stopped at Bergamo’s station café to enjoy a quick espresso.

bergamo train station
Bergamo train station. ©Paliparan
bergamo station cafe train milan
Drinking a coffee at the station bar. ©Paliparan

Trains to Milan

All the regional trains from Bergamo to Milan offer similar levels of comfort, duration and speed.

However, it is worth noting that not all trains departing from Bergamo and heading to Milan terminate at Milano Centrale, the city’s main railway station.

About half of the trains do not call and Milano Centrale and instead terminate at the city’s secondary Porta Garibaldi station.

The choice of train service between Bergamo and Milan therefore depends on your onward travel plans or the area in Milan where you are staying.

When connecting to other Italian destinations by train, Milano Centrale is a much more convenient station and a better place to spend time during layovers.

However, some services such as TGV trains to France require travellers to go to Porta Garibaldi station instead.

The specific railway line that you will travel on also depends on the particular train that you choose to take.

Trains between Bergamo and Milano Centrale use the rather boring railway line via Verdello-Dalmine, Pioltello-Limito and Milano Lambrate, as do some of the services to Milano Porta Garibaldi.

However, some trains from Bergamo to Milano Porta Garibaldi take a different route and use the railway line via Monza and Ponte San Pietro, which is a bit more interesting and scenic.

The best way to look up timetables is through the website of the German Railways as its search engine is much easier to use than the clunky website of Trenitalia.

bergamo milan train
The route which I would take between Bergamo and Milan’s main railway station. ©Openstreetmap/Paliparan
monza train map
Some trains between Bergamo and Milan take an alternative route via Monza. ©Openstreetmap/Paliparan

On board the Milan to Bergamo train

Most of the services between Milan and Bergamo are operated by Trenord double deck trains.

This was also the case when I travelled between Milan and Bergamo.

While these trains are about two decades old and may sometimes show their age, they still offer a comfortable journey.

Luckily, the train unit that I took for my departure was in good condition, with functioning air-conditioning and a clean interior.

trenord double deck train milan bergamo
The double deck train of Trenord which operates the route between Bergamo and Milano Centrale. ©Paliparan
trenord double deck train
Second class seats on a Trenord double deck train. ©Paliparan

Journey to Milan

The actual train journey from Bergamo to Milan was rather uneventful.

The scenery along the main railway line between Bergamo and Milan is rather unremarkable, as the train mainly travels across the flat plains of Lombardy.

After a while, the train reaches the exurbs and suburbs of Milan and travels through a densely built-up area.

The approach to Milano Centrale is however interesting for train enthusiasts, as the train passes by some of the railway yards where numerous high-speed and regional trains are parked.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the historic traffic control buildings of Milano Centrale, which were constructed directly above the railway tracks.

scenery railway
View from the train between Bergamo and Milan. ©Paliparan
Pioltello-Limito station with another Trenord double deck train visible at the adjacent platform. ©Paliparan
milano lambrate station
Stop at Milano Lambrate station. ©Paliparan
railyard milano centrale
The railway yards outside of Milano Centrale, with both Trenitalia and Italo high speed trains visible. ©Paliparan
milano centrale old train traffic control tower
Old traffic control tower at Milano Centrale. ©Paliparan
milano centrale station bergamo train
Milano Centrale station – end of the line! ©Paliparan

Milano Centrale

It was a great feeling to have arrived back at Milano Centrale.

Milano Centrale is one of Europe’s most magnificent railway cathedrals and even on this repeat version the station did not fail to impress.

Whether you are changing trains or heading out to explore Milan, be sure to take some time to appreciate the magnificent architecture of Milano Centrale.

Milano Centrale has all the facilities you would expect of a station this size, including several cafés, restaurants, a supermarket and all kinds of shops.

milan main railway station
Passengers at Milan’s main railway station. ©Paliparan
milano centrale train departures board
Milano Centrale departures board. ©Paliparan
milano centrale station
Milano Centrale is one of Europe’s finest train stations. ©Paliparan
station exit milano centrale bergamo milan travel
Train departures board hanging over one of the station exits. ©Paliparan
grand staircase milano centrale
Grand staircases at Milano Centrale. ©Paliparan
milan bergamo travel
At Milano Centrale, you can easily connect from the train to Milan’s metro network. ©Paliparan
milano centrale
The impressive exterior of Milano Centrale station. ©Paliparan


Taking the train between Bergamo and Milan is a convenient and cost-effective way to travel between these two cities.

Although the actual journey is rather unremarkable, the trains are comfortable, reliable and fast.

The approach to Milano Centrale is however more impressive, with fine views of all the railway yards and the magnificent station architecture.

Before heading out to the city centre of Milan or boarding your onward train, be sure to take a moment to appreciate the grandeur and beauty of this magnificent station.

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