British Airways: East Midlands Passengers Best, Scots Slowest

According to a British Airways survey, passengers from the East Midlands are the best prepared when they arrive at the airport, while Scottish travellers are the slowest and frequently hold up other passengers.

British Airways passengers

British Airways conducted a survey among their passengers to profile their behaviour when they go through the airport before the start of their holiday.

According to the survey, which was carried out by Dynata with figures representative of all UK adults, 49% of all British Airways passengers see themselves as “true airport aces” being fully organised and prepared for their flight.

They tend to have their pre-packed liquid bags perfectly prepared and quickly out of their carry-on luggage when going through the security check and know their way around the airport well.

British Airways passengers from the East Midlands are most likely to see themselves as a a highly prepared “airport ace”, as 59% of travellers from this English region would classify themselves in this category.

british airways passengers
BA passengers in Terminal 5 of London Heathrow Airport. ©British Airways

Airport athletes

The survey results also revealed that 15% of holidaymakers consider themselves “airport athletes.”

This means that they try to be the first on board the plane and try to disembark as soon as possible as well.

Airport athletes are inclined to minimise their time at the airport, often rushing directly through security toward their departure gate, keenly observing the shortest queues and finding the quickest paths through crowds.

Travellers from Northern Ireland are more likely than others to identify as airport athletes, as 22 percent of Northern Irish passengers said this profile describes their behaviour the best.

british airways airbus a321 lonodon heathrow
A British Airways Airbus A321 at London Heathrow Airport. ©Paliparan


On the other hand, Scottish travellers are more likely to be among the slowest passengers you will encounter at the airport.

The British Airways survey identified Scots as “the biggest airport amblers” as 10% of all Scottish passengers self-identified with this passenger category, more than travellers from any other geographical area in the United Kingdom.

Scottish passengers tend not to rush and are more likely to be among the last to board, sometimes even holding up other passengers at the airport or on the plane.

scottish highlander scotland
Life in Scotland is not as rushed as elsewhere on the British Isles. ©Paliparan

Other findings

According to the survey, 55% of Brits regularly check their e-mail in the days before they are set to fly, in case there are any last-minute changes or other important updates.

British women are however more likely to do so than men.

Another significant finding from the survey was that a whopping 19% of British passengers are unsure about what they are actually allowed to pack in their hand luggage.

london heathrow airport british airways boarding gate
Boarding gate for a British Airways flight from London Heathrow to Venice. ©Paliparan


According to a British Airways survey, passengers from the East Midlands are more likely than others to arrive well-prepared at the airport, handling check-in and security in a fast and organised manner.

Travellers from Northern Ireland are more likely than others to sprint through the airport, usually aiming to board the plane among the first upon departure and disembark as soon as possible on arrival.

On the other hand, Scottish passengers were identified by British Airways as being more likely to be among the slowest at the airport, taking a more leisurely approach to air travel.

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