Review: Ibis Casa Voyageurs Hotel, Casablanca

This review covers my two-night stay at ibis Casa Voyageurs, a hotel located right next to Casablanca’s main train station.

Ibis Casa Voyageurs

After a quick and comfortable ride on the Casablanca airport train, I found myself at Casa Voyageurs, which serves as the city’s main railway station.

Considering my late arrival in the city, I had decided that it would be most convenient to have a hotel near the railway station, as this would save me the trouble of taking a taxi.

The ibis Casa Voyageurs therefore made for the perfect choice, as the hotel is located right across the square from the train station.

casablanca airport train casa voyageurs
Taking the Casablanca Airport train to Casa Voyageurs station is a quick way to reach the city. ©Paliparan
ibis casa voyageurs casablanca
The ibis Casa Voyageurs hotel is located right next to the train station. ©Paliparan


The lobby of ibis Casa Voyageurs appeared bright and inviting, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and plentiful seating.

As there were no other guests, I was immediately helped by a friendly hotel employee at the reception desk.

I paid €52 per night for a standard double room at the hotel, a price I considered to be reasonably fair.

hotel reception ibis casa voyageurs casablanca
The hotel reception of ibis Casa Voyageurs is bright and inviting. ©Paliparan


Staying at an ibis may not be particularly luxurious or special, but at the very least, you always know what to expect from this hotel chain, and in my opinion, they always meet those expectations.

This ibis hotel in Casablanca was no exception.

Although my room basically looked like that of any other ibis in the world, it was perfectly clean, comfortable and had all the amenities I could possibly want.

The room included air-conditioning, a TV, a desk, a clothes rack, and a practical wooden bench for storing your bags.

However, there was no fridge and no kettle in the room to make coffee or tea.

The Wi-Fi internet was fast and reliable, and there were plenty of power sockets conveniently placed next to the bed and desk.

double room ibis casa voyageurs casablanca
My double room at ibis Casa Voyageurs. ©Paliparan
double bed
Double bed. ©Paliparan
flatscreen tv
Flatscreen TV. ©Paliparan
bathroom door
View towards the bathroom door. ©Paliparan
hotel room
Next to the bed you can find a desk and coat rack. ©Paliparan
coat rack
Coat rack. ©Paliparan
Desk and window overlooking the station square. ©Paliparan
luggage storage
Wooden bench to store luggage. ©Paliparan


I did really like the view from my room at the ibis over Casa Voyageurs station and the train station square in front of it.

Although my room was overlooking the main street, square and railway tracks, there was no noise pollution at all and I couldn’t hear any sound from the street.

train station casa voyageurs ibis hotel view casablanca
My room at the ibis Casa Voyageurs hotel directly overlooked the railway station. ©Paliparan
ibis casa voyageurs hotel casablanca train station
View from my room over the station and square. ©Paliparan
casablanca ibis hotel train station square
Room view over the square in front of Casa Voyageurs railway station. ©Paliparan


The bathroom consisted of a shower, toilet, and washbasin, all of which were impeccably clean just like the rest of my room.

Basic toiletries are supplied through refillable dispensers, and naturally, a hairdryer is available in the bathroom.

ibis casa voyageur hotel bathroom casablanca station
Ibis Casa Voyageurs bathroom. ©Paliparan
hotel bathroom
Hotel bathroom. ©Paliparan
Shower. ©Paliparan


Although my room rate didn’t include breakfast, I decided to pay for it on my last morning at the hotel.

If I recall correctly, the additional surcharge was approximately 7 euro, a price I considered reasonable.

The breakfast restaurant feels bright and airy and is a nice place to get your day started.

The breakfast at ibis Casa Voyageurs is served buffet style, and there is a decent selection of bread, cold cuts, veggies and cereals.

Furthermore, a variety of pastries is available, and I found the freshly baked croissants and pain-au-chocolat to be of high quality, reminiscent of those found in France.

There is also some cooked food available such as eggs, sausages as well as some kind of Moroccan bean stew similar to fuul.

The coffee machine made a decent espresso, and there is a good selection of Moroccan teas and juices available as well.

ibis casa voyageurs hotel casablanca breakfast room
The breakfast restaurant at ibis Casa Voyageurs. ©Paliparan
ibis hotel train station square view casa voyageurs
View from the restaurant over the train station square. ©Paliparan
breakfast buffet
Breakfast buffet. ©Paliparan
breakfast buffet ibis casa voyageurs hotel casablanca
Selection of croissants and pastries at the breakfast buffet. ©Paliparan
Moroccan bread
Moroccan-style bread. ©Paliparan
breakfast cereals
Breakfast cereals. ©Paliparan
breakfast buffet
Cold cuts, cheeses and desserts. ©Paliparan
olives vegetables
Olives and vegetables. ©Paliparan
cooked dishes
Cooked dishes. ©Paliparan
coffee machines
Coffee machines. ©Paliparan
moroccan tea selection
Moroccan tea selection. ©Paliparan
breakfast buffet ibis casa voyageurs hotel casablanca station
I managed to get a filling breakfast at the buffet. ©Paliparan


In terms of my needs, I found the location of the ibis Casa Voyageurs hotel to be excellent.

It enabled me to swiftly settle in upon my late evening arrival, and it was equally convenient during my morning departure as I could directly board the airport train to Casablanca Airport.

If like me you have a late flight arrival or early flight departure from Casablanca Airport, then ibis Casa Voyageurs could be a great hotel for you if you are planning to take the airport train.

Of course, the ibis Casa Voyageurs hotel is just as convenient for those who are departing early by train to other destinations in Morocco or those who are arriving late by train.

Given that the ibis Casa Voyageurs is located right next to Casablanca’s main railway station, it only requires a 5-minute walk to access any of the train station platforms from the hotel.

Even for sightseeing purposes in Casablanca I don’t think the hotel is a bad choice location-wise, as there is a tram stop right in front of the hotel on the square and even on foot, most of the city centre sights aren’t more than a leisurely 30 minute walk away.

casablanca casa voyageurs station
The entrance to Casa Voyageurs station is located right next to the ibis hotel. ©Paliparan


If you’re seeking a reasonably-priced hotel in Casablanca that’s conveniently situated near the main train station, ibis Casa Voyageurs would be a good choice.

In terms of cleanliness, comfort, and consistency, I consistently find ibis hotels to be a reliable option.

Although ibis hotels are hardly ever exciting, their predictability ensures you know what to expect, and they consistently meet those expectations.

That was certainly the case with ibis Casa Voyageurs, as my room was perfectly clean and comfortable and directly overlooked the train station and railway tracks.

Moreover, the service was friendly throughout my stay, the breakfast buffet was quite good, and the hotel also made for a good base to explore around Casablanca.

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