Italo Discount Deal: 40% Off High Speed Train Tickets in Italy

High-speed train operator Italo has a promo code giving you a 40% discount on train tickets, a great way to score some sweet deals on trips to Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence or another city in Italy.

What is Italo?

Italo is the brand name of high-speed trains run by a private company called Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV).

From Turin in the west and Venice in the east, from Bolzano in the north all the way to Reggio Calabria in the south, Italo trains cover pretty much the entire length of the Italian peninsula.

Italo is the direct competitor of state-owned railway company Trenitalia.

italo trenitalia train milano centrale
An Italo train (right) next to a Trenitalia train at Milano Centrale railway station. ©Paliparan

Italo discount code

To get your train ticket discount, you simply go to the Italo website and enter the coupon ‘MAGIC’ in the ‘promo code’ field.

When you search for tickets with this promo code, the discount code will be automatically applied.

However, take note that the discount is only valid on trains from 29th April onward.

The promo code is valid until 26th April, so make sure you book your discounted Italo ticket in time!

promo code
On the Italo website, you need to enter the promo code ‘MAGIC’ here. ©Paliparan
promo ticket
Type ‘MAGIC’ in the field, make sure you have selected your preferred destination and the right number of passengers, and press search. ©Paliparan


Although the 40% discount seems to be available across a wide variety of dates and departures, it is not valid for all travel and booking classes.

In the example below, you can see two screenshots of a Rome to Milan train, with the first screenshot showing the prices without the discount applied and the second image showing the same train with the promo code activated.

The 40% discount code seems to apply to the ‘Smart’ and ‘Prima’ travel classes on Italo trains, but not in the fancier ‘Club Executive’ and ‘Salotto’ class.

Fully flexible tickets seem to be excluded as well from the discount what I’ve gathered from my quick search.

The biggest 40% discount seems to apply to the more restrictive ‘extra’ (non-refundable) and ‘low cost’ (non-refundable, but modifiable for an additional charge) tariffs.

Tickets labelled as ‘economy’ (which again refers to a tariff – and not the travel class!) seem to have a 20% discount only. These are tickets which are refundable and modifiable for a fee.

italo website promo code
Ticket options on non-stop Rome to Milan high-speed train before the discount. ©Paliparan
italo discount promo code
The same train with the promo code activated, with discounted tickets being clearly visible. ©Paliparan

Italo travel classes

As you probably saw in the example above, there are four travel classes on Italo trains.

Generally speaking, ‘Smart’ refers to 2nd class, ‘Prima’ to 1st class, while ‘Club Executive’ is more of a premium 1st class.

As always, Seat61 has all the information you need about Italo trains.

italo prima 1st class train
Seat in ‘prima’ class on an Italo train. ©Paliparan
turin porta nuova station italo promo code
An Italo train at Turin Porta Nuova station. ©Paliparan

Trenitalia discount

Not to be outdone, Trenitalia currently has a discount action as well for their trains.

With the promo code ‘APRILE22’ you can get a 30% discount on ‘Super Economy’ tickets on Trenitalia high-speed trains.

Again, ‘Super Economy’ refers to a discounted, non-refundable tariff and not to the travel class on board the train.

You can find ‘Super Economy’ tariffs for all travel classes – unless they are booked out of course!

That means you can get the discount on normal second or first class tickets, but also on Trenitalia’s luxurious ‘Executive Class’ on board its premium Frecciarossa trains.

The Trenitalia discount code is only valid for high-speed  trains labelled as ‘Frecciarossa’, ‘Frecciargento’ and ‘Frecciabianca’.

Tickets must be booked before 10pm CET on Monday 25th April, while travel must take place between 30th April and 30th July 2022.

executive class trenitalia
Executive Class on a Trenitalia ‘Freciarossa’ high-speed train. ©Paliparan

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